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We all recognize the almost Aesop-like parables in Star Trek that laid down a philosophy of moral rectitude. For that reason alone, it is highly valued. However, it went a step beyond this by giving us a positive vision of a future we thought was science fiction and unattainable in the 60s, such as existing as non-corporal beings and being able to manifest whatever we wanted with mind power alone. We had astounding new possibilities to consider.

Now, over 40 years later, we realize we can achieve these things, and it has been easier to accept current concepts evolving over these years because Star Trek paved the way.

Also during the 60s A Course in Miracles was being scribed, and it espoused the same principles essential to Star Trek: we create our own reality; love is stronger than force of will; and all our reality is an illusion based on our perception. As we have become more acquainted with the laws of quantum mechanics, it is now becoming clear that particle physics explains many phenomena as being part of nature, not "miraculous" at all.

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