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A wonderful book to open new windows of our minds. Carole Devine helps us break through the narrow limits of our understanding to reveal truths she has discovered and now willingly shares with us. This is a book that can be relished by the reader whether or not they are Star Trek fans.

MaryAlice Warren

This book give a fresh and new way to look at a show that is part of our culture. You do not have to be a fan of the show to appreciate the insightful way Ms. Devine dealt with this familiar subject. It gives one a whole new persective on the series. Well written and entertaining.

By B. Baney, Maryland

As a fan of the original Star Trek series, I was impressed with the author's insight into the spiritual themes of the episodes. This is a must read for a Trekkie.

J. Treat, Clarence Center, NY

About the Book

The first section of this book begins by showing us Star Trek’s vision of a truly evolved society, to set an ideal toward which we are all hopefully moving. Within this context, we then review some of the misguided attitudes presented in various episodes, because any book about the original series would be remiss to exclude them. They are so much a part of the spirit of the series.

The second section examines episodes in which the characters could make a higher choice—not fully enlightened, but certainly awakening. Here are moral dilemmas where a fork in the road points to a higher or lower path. This section is the bridge between what we have been and what we may become.

The last section is a vision of the future. What are we capable of becoming? It has been said that we use only a small fraction of our potential, and developments in the study of quantum mechanics suggest that mind and emotion are actually the root of everything. The two together mold our future, whether we try to control it or not. This law of physics will operate by default, like a car on cruise control.

When Star Trek first aired, not many people had heard of or understood quantum mechanics, parallel universes, time travel, dematerialization of the body into pure energy, or manifesting it in other forms. Later, many other writers and spiritual leaders built upon these ideas, and it is accepted that these uncommon abilities are now possible for the average person. It paints an attractive future in which we have some personal control over events instead of the events controlling us. It is a future where kindness and peace prevail and are the stronger forces. It is what we all hunger for. No wonder we love Star Trek!
What Readers are Saying...

"Fascinating! Climb aboard the Starship Enterprise to venture into the world of profound wisdom and astonishing vision encoded in the Star Trek series… Carole’s book is in-depth and thought-provoking as she weaves the spell of the tales of Star Trek into the issues of today."

Charlotte Abell, Co-Chairman, For Purpose, Inc.

Carole Devine’s book is a true joy, not only for bringing the adventures of Star Trek back to life, but also for showing us how the original series seeded the spiritual truths so much with us today: The power of the mind to affect reality… the reach of human consciousness… the idea of parallel lives… and more – Carole shows us the spirit of Star Trek. It’s a great book!

Stuart Dean, contributing writer to the
A.R.E. publication, Personal Spirituality
Miss Devine presents an absorbing and in-depth examination of elements from the original 1960's Star Trek TV series and how it presaged fantastic notions about reality that have been validated by modern physics and popularized by "new-age" science of the mind. She probes the reasons that Star Trek, and its creator Gene Roddenberry, grasped the popular mind and continues to spawn Star Trek series generation after generation. Fascinating read, so step into the world of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and the entire crew of the Enterprise for an enjoyable introduction into the alternative and possible realities that may co-exist with our reality or be discovered in some not-so-distant future. The appendix offers in one place a list of many Resources for further exploration of current new-age thought and concepts.

KK German, Virginia Beach, VA

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