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 Solar Arc Directions

 Cover illustration by Kenneth DeMott.

Solar Arc Directions
How to Read Life's Roadmap

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A thorough textbook about one of Astrology's most accurate forecasting tools. Included in this one-of-a-kind book. . . .

Mathematics and theory of Solar Arc
Indications of childhood auto-response triggers and resulting adult dramas
Carole's original discovery of reverse repetition of solar arc fourth harmonic aspects after 45 degrees—meaning, some lessons of life repeat after age 45 in reverse order!

(previously published in The Mountain Astrologer, Nov. 1994)

Rectification using Solar Arc. . . . and more!

Praise for Solar Arc Directions

"Carole Devine's astrological expertise quickly surfaces in this most readable book. Her years of counseling, teaching, and providing guidance to new, intermediate, and professional clients permeates the content and brings a new perspective to the topic "Solar Arcs." This book is a must for all those interested in the discipline of astrology."
- JoeAnne Bridge, Ph.D.

"It's been a very long time since I read a book that was so comprehensive. I like the student lessons at the end of each chapter. You do not insult the intelligence of the reader which is refreshing. By now, I think you realize I believe you've written a classic. Again, congratulations! You exceeded all the expectations I had about your book, and have given the world of astrology a precious gift."
- Barbara May, Professional Astrologer

"While the core of this book is a detailed, but highly readable explanation of Solar Arc directions, Carole Devine also does an excellent job addressing fundamental issues regarding forecasting and counseling. She brings together common sense, good intentions and practical experience to assist any astrologer in the analysis and delivery of helpful information to his or her clients."
- Jeff Jawer, CEO-Publisher, ||

"Carole Devine's skills as an astrologer and a teacher come through in her concise yet comprehensive book, Solar Arc Directions: How to Read Life's Roadmap. In this well-written book, Devine explains how life patterns can be revealed by using solar arc directions. Along with transits, secondary progressions and planetary cycles, solar arc direction is an imporant predictive technique that allows astrologers to track patterns in their clients' lives. In the introduction, Devine states, 'The main theme of this book is to explain these patterns and show examples from the lives of ordinary people so that we can use solar arcs more effectively in guiding our clients through a seemingly endless maze of events that seem to have no common thread. The thread is there, and not really so hard to discover!'

"Every chapter is loaded with useful information. Starting with an explanation of the basic principles and benefits of using solar arc directions, Devine discusses different ways to use solar arc directions. She suggests setting up a tri-wheel (three concentric charts) with the natal chart in the center, secondary progressions in the middle wheel, and solar arc directions in the outer wheel. I revisited some significant events in my life by setting up her suggested tri-wheel and I was amazed with what I saw. Aspects that solar arc directed planets make to natal planets can indicate significant turning points in one's life and are a useful predictive tool.

"Devine's book introduces the principles of cosmobiology, and explains how to use mid-point trees. This leads us into a fascinating chapter entitled 'The Mid-life Shift into Reverse.' According to Devine, '... after an increment of 45 degrees solar arc motion, which equals about 45 years of life, the planetary contacts reverse themselves and made the same contacts that were present in the first 45 years, but in reverse order!' This theory, which she explains in detail, is well worth exploring. In fact, it makes this book a must-read for serious astrologers!

"Devine also discusses using solar arc directions with historical charts, composite charts, and as an aid in birth time rectification. Example charts are spread thoughout the book and each chapter ends with suggested student exercises. Devine is an excellent teacher who knows how to present material clearly and then enhance it with examples and exercises. I loved this short book and gained new perspective on solar arc directions from reading it. I highly recommend it for intermediate and advanced students of astrology."

—Leda Blumberg, Considerations Magazine
Nov. 2001 - Jan. 2002 issue

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