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When a person comes to an astrologer for the first time, it may seem like a confusing maze of options. There are so many things that can be done with a birth chart. One can have an analysis of the birth chart, itself, which could be compared to a psychological analysis revealing the set of circumstances you were born to experience. Or one could forecast the chart in many different ways depending on how detailed the forecast would be. Compatibility with anyone can be assessed, whether it's with a boss, child, parent, sibling or even a pet or city! We can tell you where in the world you would be most likely to find what you're looking for, whatever that might be.

" was wonderfully done. I had no idea there would be so much information on it. It was really, really in-depth & gave us great sight." -- E. Warner, Thomasboro, IL

These sessions can be done by phone, or I can record it alone on a CD and mail it to you. If you live in the Baltimore area or are visiting, it is best if you come in person. You would have a CD of the session housed in an attractive album in any of these cases.

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Lectures & Workshops

Lectures and workshops are available to groups on a wide range of topics from beginning to advanced levels. Write, e-mail or call for a complete list.

Audiences say. . .

"Thank you for such an enthralling program . . . I received excellent feedback from your presentation and many requests for a return program."
—Sue Addair, Women's Network of Hampton Roads
"..when travelling to England and Sweden for us to speak to Edgar Cayce groups, spite of the fact that the audiences knew little, if anything at all, about Astrology, you were able to make it understandable as well as being an excellent role model in representing the Cayce work."
—Jeanette Thomas,
Edgar Cayce Foundation

"Your enlightening and entertaining presentation introduced us to aspects of Astrology we had never considered and showed us how we could apply these principles..not only in understanding people's needs better, but also timing our efforts to bring better results."
—Jan Lowery, Century 21 Nachman Realty

Lectures on Tape

There are lectures on CD available that were recorded during seminars. Since this list is being expanded all the time, please call or write for the current available titles. [Order Now]

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