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Inspired Art

A Painted Interpretation of your Chart

Before I was an astrologer, I was an artist — trained in that discipline for many years. For a long time, I’ve noticed that when I was examining a chart, I would have an impression, or a picture in my mind, that was a visual representation of that person’s character. I realized that it was symbolic, not a portrait, but when I mentioned it to some people, they suggested that many may want that vision painted.

Prices starting at $150 for 11"X 14" unframed painting. Add $100 for each additional 2 inches on shortest side. All sizes must be proportional to these rectangles.


~ Please click the painting for a larger view ~

Sun/Jupiter conjunction in the second, Capricorn moon in the fifth and Leo rising…very generous, lovingly supplying the necessities of life.

Capricorn Sun and Pisces Moon: This gentleman takes care of the less fortunate in a practical way: feeding and sheltering them, literally.

Virgo with Libra rising: A lady who loves beauty and the finer things in life and is willing to work tirelessly for them.

Scorpio rising, Pisces Moon: I thought this vision I “saw” was the twilight of his years being guided home by his guardian angel; he said he’d always felt danger all around him but always felt the presence of a guardian angel who helped him stay on course.



Moon conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius in the 8th house: A lady who is born sensitive to the collective unconscious and appreciates deeper understanding—here symbolized by a spirit guide in a grotto handing her a “book of knowledge.”

Uranus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Venus rising in Capricorn: She needs physical movement, beauty and unique expression, but hesitates to push herself forward until she feels perfectly prepared.



Third house emphasis, angular Saturn: From the left to right is a progression from the past to the present symbolized by communication and lighting devices. I saw an appreciation for history but also technology. He said it captured his avid interest in time travel.

Stellium in Pisces in the third house—“compassionate teaching”



Sagittarius Sun and Ascendant, Scorpio Moon: A need to retreat and love of nature. She said “rocks and rivers and trees — can't get better
than that.”

South Node in Pisces, Taurus rising. A deep need for peace, appreciation for music and
feeling ill at ease in the negative emotional throes of planet Earth.




A Taurus and Leo emphasis. Appreciation for luxury and abundance.



This service is a very personalized visual interpretation of your chart and your essential spirit

This is not meant to be a portrait, but will be, instead, a portrayal of your essential energy. It may not always be represented by a human being — or spiritual symbol — but could be a landscape or an abstract impression. It will be what comes to mind when meditating on the chart. Just call, write or email for details.

These take a bit of time to do…roughly two to three months and require extensive drying time. They are not framed.

Prices start at $150 plus shipping cost for a 11" x 14" unframed painting. Add $100 for each additional 2 inches on shortest side. All sizes must be proportional to these rectangles.
Makes a great gift!

Email Carole to discuss your personalized Art Order Today!

  Carole Devine


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