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How to Order

To order services you can use your debit or credit card through PayPal online.

Click the "PayPal" link below for important instructions.


If you need to send any information, like birth data for astrological services, please
e-mail Carole with that information, or you can copy and paste this form to an email and fill it out.
* How to Copy & Paste *
1) highlight the form below with your mouse
2) right click - copy
3) open a new email, right click - paste the form into the new email and fill out the needed information.

If you would rather send a check, then Print this page, complete the form, and mail with payment to the address below. Please include $8 for shipping if you are ordering a CD.

Pickup: use this option if--
*You are not present for a reading but want to pick up a CD (or other product) at Carole's home in person.
*You are pre-paying by credit card for an in-person appointment. (No need to prepay for in-person appointments if you are using check or cash.)
*You want voice or PDF files sent electronically with no postage or CD involved at all.

Postage: Use this option if you wish a CD of your analysis burned and mailed to you.

Carole Devine
125 W. Government Ave
Norfolk, VA 23503


Service or item ordered ____________________________________

Price (includes postage)____________________________________

Total Enclosed _____________________
Name: _________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

Phone: __________________ E-mail:_________________________
Birth Data: Date_________ Time_______ Place_________________

Your Main Concern: _______________________________________________________



Thank you for your order.

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