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Winter 1999

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Millennium 2000

By Carole Devine

It seems every publication out there is jumping on the bandwagon about the millennium. Never mind that calendars are man's invention, and if we were still using the Julian calendar, dates would be different! There is something mystical about numbers. I really don't believe that the turn of the millennium is going to bring a sunrise any different from any other New Year. In fact, there are those who believe that 2001 is the real new millennium. I think that 2000 is the beginning because in Astrology the first degree of signs is from 0 to 1. The first degree of Aries is 00:00 to 00:59. At 1:00 we are at the second degree which lasts until 1:59.

Every new beginning of anything has a chart. (Remember the inauguration chart from last issue?) So, I thought that it would be fun to interpret the chart for the first minute of the new millennium to see what the "birth" shows us in terms of the "personality" of that thousand years.

I used Greenwich, England as the birth place because it is on the 00:00 degree of longitude and therefore in keeping with our "beginning" theme. The first thing you might say about this chart is that Libra is rising and the Sun is in Capricorn on the fourth cusp. But keep in mind that at every new year these are a constant because it takes place at the same time of year. Not anything to comment about. Everything else, however, is different.

Chart for January 1, 2000We enter the new millennium with some serious lessons as a group. The south node in Aquarius in the fourth would indicate there has been too much detachment about the human family and, being conjunct Neptune, too much escapism from responsibility (Neptune square Saturn). Moon in the second in Scorpio is a good indication of greed. It is square Neptune and opposite Saturn. This configuration would point to a mass consciousness of intrenched materialism — especially with Saturn being in Taurus in the 8th and retrograde. The opposition of Moon/Saturn in the money houses in money signs is the boundary opposition of a bowl pattern. We are bound up tightly with this limiting view that is in conflict with Neptune and Uranus, which are the spiritual and intuitive planets. Therefore, it looks like the theme of the next thousand years is a continuation of the Material versus Spiritual dilemma.

Another way this can be interpreted is that our freedoms (Uranus) are being limited (Saturn) by other people's will (Saturn in the 8th) being forced on us — particularly in the economics department. Perhaps it is not far-fetched that our governments are slowly getting a firm control over knowing what we get and where it goes by slowing introducing a paperless financial system (Moon, the masses, in Scorpio in the second opposite Saturn in the 8th — both square Uranus, which represents individuality). Venus, ruler of the 8th and in the second (this theme goes on and on) is square Mars in Aquarius which shows non-compromise on this issue which ignites anger and rebellion. Creative ways to get around it will be rampant since Mars is quintile Saturn. Mars is also sextile Jupiter in Aries. We will once again highly prize individuality. There should be some pioneering in literature and education since Jupiter rules the third. This is further borne out by a sesquiquadrate to Pluto in the third house — total re-structuring of education as we know now. More attention will be given to education regarding relating to each other while preserving our individuality.

The Pluto conjunction to Chiron shows the deep wound we are bringing into the millennium as a mass consciousness. We are feeling that the individual is not being heard, and that we are being regimented according to philosophical belief systems imposed on us.

All of this sounds pretty ominous, but I don't think it is. In a person's chart, Saturn in the 8th is one who will not be comfortable in debt. It is also one who does not like to give power away to others. So, even though we start the millennium with these issues, I believe we are not going to let it get far. Saturn trines the Sun, so there is a grass roots process that slowly erodes others' undue control over the masses. Mercury trines Jupiter. The answer is in education and individual responsibility.

What are we to develop in this time-frame? The north node is in Leo in the tenth. Leo is love — unconditional love as we have for our children. In the tenth house, it is taking responsibility. So, it looks like we are building in a more loving consciousness with the ability to take responsibility for recognizing detachment about the needs of our brothers. Aquarius is receiving love; Leo is giving love. We have been doing a lot of getting and not enough giving. With Neptune conjunct the south node, it is something we hide our heads in the sand about, but in the next thousand years, it will not be comfortable anymore since Saturn and the Moon square them. I believe we are entering into a time of development in loving each other responsibly.

Of course, we don't know if it is valid to see this as a chart of a whole thousand year period. There may not be such a chart. However, if we do look at it that way, it is a bit overwhelming to imagine that it could encompass such a span. Some things remain constant, though. I remember standing in the ruins of Chaco Canyon a few years ago and thinking about how some things do NOT change. The ruins date from about a thousand years ago at the dawn of the last millennium. They built structures that had more than one floor. They traded with their neighbors. Europe was in ways ahead of the Anasazi Indians, but the basics are still the basics. In place of Cathedrals the Anasazi had Kivas. There was a huge one for the whole community to participate in religious rituals, and smaller ones for family gatherings. We still need our community rituals and family gatherings. Just the outer structures change.

Keeping that in mind, note that the Venus in this chart is in the first degree of Sagittarius, the sign that rules community and it's collective mentality concerning rituals, rules and laws. It is in the second house of personal values. Perhaps as we enter this new millennium, we will also be revising our values and laws to reflect a more idealistic view. It is square Mars, the planet representing defensiveness and conflict. Force, maybe? Anarchy? It would not be done without a fight. Venus square Mars is an indication of non-compromise.

Other than that, the Venus is well-aspected. Particularly, it is great that it is quintile Uranus in the fifth, showing ingenious ideas stemming from love of humanity (Uranus in Aquarius). Since Uranus is sextile Pluto, there is a good chance that these ideas will revolutionize thinking and be in effect for a long time.

Other than that, the Venus is well-aspected. Particularly, it is great that it is quintile Uranus in the fifth, showing ingenious ideas stemming from love of humanity (Uranus in Aquarius). Since Uranus is sextile Pluto, there is a good chance that these ideas will revolutionize thinking and be in effect for a long time.

Since all the planets except Saturn and Jupiter are in the lower half of the chart, we would be entering a time of individual appreciation....the development of the person... especially regarding education, the family and love. (Third, fourth and fifth house emphasis.)

I particularly think this is reflected secondarily in the placement of Jupiter. In Aries and the seventh house, it would show our highest ideal and hope for achievement when all is said and done, would be the appreciation of the individual (Aries), fairness and focus on marriage, co-operation, and partnership (seventh).

The Moon/Saturn opposition is a very tough obstacle in getting our materialistic act together on a global level, but the other indications show we have plenty of ability to grow beyond that if we can collectively revise our values to reflect true caring for our brothers.

Chart for January 1, 1000Millennium 1000

As a comparison, let's look at the start of the last millennium. This helps to validate the previous chart. This one shows the Moon rising — very emotional. However, the most striking thing to me is the Mars in Cancer, which is disposited by the Moon. Mars is elevated and stressfully aspected to the nodes. This would promise emotionally charged wars and violence — especially since the north node is in Aries. Jupiter conjunct Neptune is an indicator of religious-based thinking (in the third), but Jupiter is in Capricorn, so there would be a rather authoritarian tone to it. The Jupiter is sesquiquadrate Saturn in a disseminating phase relationship. This can indicate the struggle we have had all this millennium to make wise judgements regarding labor and work for the masses. Note too, the square between Saturn and Venus, which indicates fear of poverty.

All through this millennium the theme of poverty and rebellion against authority who impoverished the masses, has been with us and is clearly shown here. Above all, the Sun/Moon square (not present in the 2000 chart) indicates our basic separateness and inner turmoil. With the Moon so prominent, most of our actions have been inordinately based on pure emotion and personal interests.


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