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Winter 2003

Winter 2003

The USA in 2003

By Carole Devine

Some years are far more potent in potential than others. This year is extremely so. If you consider that Pluto is synonymous with death and “mass destruction” (two words I’ve grown sick of hearing), and Mars is equated to war (remember we get the word, martial, from Mars), then this coming year is pregnant with it. Sibley’s chart for the USA is rife with Pluto/Mars activity. Even if you used some other July 4th chart for the USA, it would still be almost as active. We are on the verge of a major upheaval.

I apologize to the non-astrologers who are reading this, but I must tell students and other professionals where I’m drawing conclusions, so some technical language is always necessary. To start with, one of the most important aspects one can ever have to foretell a possible event is to have a slow-moving body aspect a fast-moving component of the chart. We have right now solar arc Pluto poised to square the USA ascendant in only a week or two, which is holding an eclipse from December 4, 2002. This is January 5th. Pluto was conjoining the ascendant by transit when the World Trade Center was attacked. And conversely, the solar arc ascendant is approaching an opposition to the chart’s Pluto in about four months. So any time now in the next six months (these things do not happen when they are exact, but wait for multiple triggers), we could very well have another attempt of the same sort of atrocity. Or we may initiate a similar event. The last time we had a similar mutual connection between Pluto and the Ascendant was in 1914 when we entered World War I. We will compare the similarities forthwith.

The USA natal chart promises problems with foreign countries. The co-rulers of the ninth are Mercury and the Sun. Mercury in the natal chart is opposite Pluto showing difficulty with communication because we are perceived as pushy, autocratic know-it-alls. Oppositions are what we attract, as well, so it shows we attract verbal power struggles. The Sun is square Saturn. Wow. Does that ever say it all! We are so over-committed to doing it all for everyone, we take on responsibility that doesn’t even belong to us. Since Saturn rules the second and Sun rules the ninth, it is through financial means that we assuage anything connected with foreign countries. These two configurations will be triggered throughout the next two and a half years by transiting Saturn, and when it conjoins the Sun next year, it will mark the end of a 30 year cycle.

"...what of the nodes and the
natal promise
about our karmic
as a nation? "

I have often said in several articles that whenever we have had a war, the Mars/Neptune square in this chart is a major player. It is about to be triggered. In February, Saturn will station at 22 Gemini which is square Neptune and within one degree of conjoining Mars. Solar arc nodes are 3 minutes separating (less than a month in time) from squaring Mars and about to conjoin Neptune in about a year. But, what of the nodes and the natal promise about our karmic responsibility as a nation? Since these two are coming together now, it is time to discuss that.

It is doubtful that a collection of people who are so connected that they form a nation would have been strangers in past lives. Collectively, we have something we are learning together. The south node in the second house speaks of past lives in comfort and plenty. (Old Rome? Atlantis?) One of the hallmarks of south node in either Taurus or the second house is a tendency to need excess comfort and to do things oneself without feeling a need to call on others for help. That certainly fits us as a group, doesn’t it? When it conjoins Pluto in the second, as well, it hints at this trait being very deeply embedded in the collective unconscious. It would be difficult to pry us out of our collective comforts.

Further, the south node is in Aquarius. Aquarius has often been called the “know it all” sign, and indeed, it seems that those with a strong emphasis on that sign and/or Uranus are hard to budge, as well, from strong individuality, opinionated attitudes and independence. Aquarians usually want to initiate reform, but alas, from their own perspective as to what they feel is the “right” way to do things. (I’m reminded of Aquarian, Rush Limbaugh.) Collectively, we’re intrenched in attitudes like that, as well, reinforced by a strong angular Uranus and Moon (another indicator of past habits) in Aquarius. We may mother the world and do a lot of good, but how much listening do we do about what people actually need versus what we insist on supplying?

The north node, which points to what we are supposed to be building into our collective consciousness, is in the 8th in Leo. The eighth house is a difficult one to assess since it has an old-fashioned connection with death, the underworld and other people’s money. However, if we look at it as other people’s values and power, we may be able to make some sense out of this. The 8th is joint ownership, or in other words, co-operation and sharing. When it is stressed, some of us give our power away; some of us usurp others’ rights and have boundary issues. With the north node there, we are learning how to balance this fine distinction. In Leo, love is the answer, not war. Love wants what is best for others, and in Leo fashion, it is warm and personal with the loved one’s best interest in mind, not the Aquarian method of imposing ideas that are possibly more in the best interests of the perpetrator than the one upon whom they are imposed.
The activity in the USA chart is considerable in the near future, and the nodes are players, as well, which highlights our attention being drawn to our karmic responsibilities. Mars stations at 10 Pisces in late July, and this activates the Uranus/Ascendant midpoint of the natal chart. That is violent. Around that time the transiting nodes are square the USA Moon. Later in September this is exacerbated when Mars stations again, but this time in conjunction with the current Uranus position within a half degree. Mars and Uranus are usually connected in accidents and sudden, violent events. But, they are also considered “great awakeners”. Sometimes it takes a bucket of cold water to wake us up.

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All the fourth harmonic aspects by solar arc that were active in 1914 – World War I -- are repeating now. Even Saturn is transiting the same place. Back then the solar arc nodes were conjunct natal Mars and square Neptune, whereas now they have moved to a position 90 degrees away activating the same square. Mars by solar arc is now conjunct the natal south node (!), and in 1914 it was square the nodal axis. In addition, the current position of transiting Pluto will move in to activate the Mars/Neptune square in a year or so, but since this activates within five degrees, it is being felt now. The last time Pluto transited this configuration was the last half of the sixties during the Vietnamese War, and if you include the five degree lead-in (out) time, it encompassed the whole thing.

Then there are sign changes. The Sun changes signs roughly every 30 years by solar arc. It did so two years after 1914, and will do so again in two years from now. It always signifies a shift in our collective consciousness as we approach life from a slightly different perspective. Solar arc Saturn will change signs in about four months, which is a shift in our values.

Uranus by solar arc will oppose Mercury in a little over five months. Another “know it all” indicator with forceful, independent thinking on the part of our decision makers.

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"...it is what I personally call ‘cosmic report card time.’ "

In 1914, it was in square aspect to Mercury. Not much careful deliberation is associated with this... in fact, quite the opposite. It’s a seat-of-your-pants style of decision making with much room for error. Both the USA and George Bush are Cancers. Saturn will enter Cancer on June 3rd. If Mr. Bush knew what this meant, it is doubtful that he’d be so gung-ho for war! The next 2 ½ years marks the end of a cycle for both, and it is what I personally call “cosmic report card time.” Things that have not been learned are presented for review; successes are rewarded, but setbacks occur if one’s evolutionary lessons are being failed. At least after one of these periods, one knows how well one is doing on a spiritual level. Additionally, solar arc Mercury just left a square to the natal Uranus less than two months ago which is the indicator of the public shock and outcry about the idea of war. This was also present as an opposition in 1914.

A Month at a Time

January is almost over as you are getting this, but the major contact is Uranus transiting the USA Moon on the 19th for the last time for awhile. The next fourth harmonic contact between those two will be in 21 years. This is nervousness on the part of the populace with expectation of upheaval. There will probably be an upsurge of erratic behavior in general.

The most important thing in February is the station of Saturn on the 22nd at 22:08 of Gemini. Also at 22 degrees of mutable signs are the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint and the Venus/Ascendant midpoint. These are mitigating and helpful in bringing out better circumstances than might otherwise occur. A station lasts a few weeks and requires something else as a trigger. On February 4th, Saturn crosses over a square to the USA Neptune in the ninth house. (Neptune there shows the total unreliability of our news media to give us straight, accurate information.) There is a lesson about that at this time... in fact, a lesson about deceptive behavior across the board. Saturn’s station is close to this aspect from February 4th until March 11th, so don’t be so sure you’re getting the straight scoop on anything well before and after those dates.

March ushers in a sign change for Uranus from Aquarius to Pisces on the 10th, but on the 7th, it is sesqui-quadrate natal Saturn, an indication of a bit of anarchy.

In April there is a strong trigger of the Mars/Neptune square which is still holding the energy of the Saturn station from February that acts like a cocked gun. Progressed Moon in Gemini will cross over natal Mars at 21:23 on April 6th, and go on to square Neptune on May 4th. That is a sensitive time when anything could happen, even if it is only covertly. Neptune square Mars in the natal chart means covert activity.

Besides the Progressed Moon square to Neptune in May, the solar arc ascendant finally exactly opposes Pluto on the 14th, an eclipse on the 15th at almost 25 Scorpio will square the natal Moon, solar arc Mars will exactly activate the natal nodes on the 23rd, and on May 30th there is an eclipse at 9:19 Gemini, within minutes of our natal Uranus which occupies 8:55 Gemini. This is a potent month wherein many decisions will be made whether we’re aware of it, as yet, or not. The “die is cast”, so to speak.

On June 3rd, Saturn enters Cancer (Sun sign of both our country, born July 4th, and Bush). For the next two and half years we’ll find out how well we are doing on our evolutionary path and Mr. Bush will, as well. On June 12th, Saturn will square the USA MC, and solar arc Uranus will oppose Mercury (the know-it-all aspect mentioned earlier). Our leaders will feel insecure, and this will lead to those seat-of-the-pants types of reactions. June 27th, Saturn will cross over the USA Venus, which was so active at the time of the WTC attack. 3/Cosmic Views
These two, Saturn and Venus, are also usually prominent when there is lack of confidence in prosperity. For instance, if a vote were held on the day of a Saturn/Venus contact, particularly a fourth harmonic one, referendums for increases financially would be voted down. Retail sales slump.

Saturn moves on to reach the USA Jupiter by July 20th, which is a serious, long hard look at our collective behavior. We are having to take responsibility for whatever we have been doing. We are also not enthralled with our public (world) image at that time. Earlier in July confidence was high, so this will be somewhat of a surprise. It doesn’t have much impact, however, and we, of course, rationalize everything and become much too over-confident by July 31st.

Energy, confidence and spirits are high in August when we think we can do no wrong. Jupiter by solar arc is trine natal Mars on the 11th and opposite the Moon on the 14th. The president will most likely have a high approval rating. However, disillusion sets in by the 23rd when the progressed Moon squares the progressed Neptune, reactivating the natal Neptune/Mars square. We are somber by the 27th when Saturn is contra- parallel the natal ascendant.

We are a bit confused in September when several turning points are reached. First a contra-parallel of Neptune to Mercury on Sept. 6th, well-hidden and glossed over so probably no one will hear about it, leads to independent behavior clothed in generous and confident behavior. Many important decisions are being made around the 12th when progressed Sun conjoins progressed Mercury and progressed Moon trines the natal lunar position. We feel a great weight has been lifted, but behind it is an apprehensive feeling of guilt or at least responsibility.

We’re downright arrogant in October unless we choose not to exercise the several energies showing this: Jupiter square Uranus, Jupiter square ascendant, Pluto bi-quintile Mercury (now that is good sense!), and Jupiter sesqui-quadrate Pluto.

This continues into November when the progressed Moon is trine the progressed Sun on the first and Jupiter trines the natal Sun on the second, and progressed Venus trines the ascendant on the 11th. These are great indicators of things going our way, but with Pluto parallel natal Moon, too, on the third, the temptation is to let things go to our heads and become fanatically justified in whatever our stand might be.... and of course, those would be varied. November’s eclipses are not as strongly affecting the USA chart, so I have reason to believe the current crisis would be in suspension or resolved by then. However, at the end of the month, Saturn is sesqui-quadrate the natal Moon,and the progressed Moon enters Cancer where it will join the activity of contacting all those USA Cancer planets along with Saturn.

In December 2003, we are ambivalent. Neptune is contra-parallel Mercury (confusion or lack of direction), but Pluto is transiting sextile the Sun. Saturn is contra-parallel the ascendant but also quintile Neptune. At Christmas a weight is lifted, but we’re still overly emotional. On December 30, Uranus enters Pisces for good and will continue there for the next six to seven years. I like that. It will trine the Cancer planets one after the other for the whole seven years, and this tells us that we will be intuitively correct in the way we see things.

In Conclusion

I think we’re on the verge of an upheaval, but one of spiritual awakening and growth that has not been seen for 84 years, which was the last time Uranus was in Pisces trining our Cancer planets. This is not the same as the solar arc positions repeating; there is always something new. Even though history does repeat itself on a grand cosmic scale unfolding a plan for us (whether we like it or not), there will always be new indicators offering different choices. Remember, the choices we make as a nation are the things that count. None of the worst needs to happen if we keep an idealistic vision in sight and live up to our highest potential.

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