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Winter 2001

Happy 2001!!
The View Ahead for Humanity, the USA and Dubya

By Carole Devine

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The Metaphysical Overview

Our evolution as a species is especially apparent in the ongoing cycles of the outer planets. Every year it is a good exercise to assess what the current patterns are and what they mean in terms of our growth and development as a whole. Not only is it important to observe what signs are being occupied by which planets, but also where various pairs are in their phase development.

It is a metaphysical law that the slower the planet is, the more impact it has on mass consciousness. Pluto is the slowest (albeit, that changes when it is inside of Neptune's orbit), and Saturn is the fastest of the outer planets. Jupiter, in a sign for only a year, is too fast to be a generational indicator, but too slow to be all that personal either. However, it is interesting to assess his sign each year. This year, Jupiter is in Gemini until July when it then enters Cancer. It will stimulate mass attention to the things these signs signify. We can expect increased interest and pleasure in communications and travel (possibly loads of e-mail traffic and upgrades of same), and from July onward, mass attention will be stimulated by anything smacking of "domestic". It can manifest as an interest in larger homes, increased demand for domestic appliances, decorating materials and techniques, etc., but let us hope it also stimulates mass consciousness about the homeless and the basic rights of shelter and sustenance. Jupiter is noted for generosity, increase and justice.

Just before Jupiter enters Cancer, he will be in gibbous phase to Neptune. These two together represent spiritual/religious philosophical concepts, and the gibbous phase represents analysis, perfection and adjustment toward these. Therefore, mass consciousness should literally be more introspective and desirous of spiritual perfection. We may even see literature, music, and theater reflecting this.

Saturn, in a sign for two and a half years, is leaving Taurus in April and beginning a sojourn in Gemini. Saturn has gotten a reputation over the years for being a "bad guy" bringing loss and disappointment to the people of the sign it's traversing. That may seem true, but if you dig a little deeper, it is usually the result of choices the person has made and/or an out-picturing of the fear thinking the person held in his consciousness. Always, Saturn is a teacher. Strict, but effective. Saturn (and any planet for that matter) affects the sign it is in and strongly sends the same message to the other three signs of the same mode. It has been in Taurus for a while, and the other three fixed signs are Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. If any of you suffered any conflict, pain and doubt over the last couple years, then there were lessons to be learned regarding the affairs to which your attention was turned. After April, the signs affected by Saturn will be Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Saturn draws mass consciousness to take seriously the affairs of the sign it is transiting. In Taurus, we took income and money seriously. Some may have "cleaned up their act" in this department; others may have had a lesson imposed about the need for it. In Gemini, we will have to be responsible for our words and anything dealing with communication. Say what you mean, communicate fully, and be responsible for what you say. If anyone finds that s/he has suffered a disappointment or loss during this time, it may very well have been because of a lack of clear communication, lack of negotiating through that means, not hearing or ignoring what another significant person is saying or not doing enough to educate oneself in the choices to be made.

Although all planets are always in some kind of phase relationship to every other planet, and it would be a formidable task to analyze them all, some are more significant than others during specific years. In 2001, I believe the transition from gibbous to full phase of Saturn to Pluto will be most significant. These two are the most powerful of all planets for profound "lesson material". The most interesting thing about phases is that they start a cycle at the conjunction, and until the next conjunction, the development of the phase relationship will always have that first conjunction as a reference regarding the meaning of the entire cycle. The conjunction for this cycle was in 1982 in Libra. This tells us that the theme for the entire cycle, which will last until 2020, is diplomacy, fairness, justice, and relationships in general. This year marks the halfway point, the opposition.

To review what has happened at the previous two critical stages of this cycle, at the conjunction in 1982-83, the major events were: the Falkland Islands incident with Britain, Israel's invasion of Labanon, equal rights amendment failing ratification, first U.S. spacewalk in nine years, Korean Boeing jet 747 shot down by Russia, terrorist explosion killing 237 Marines in Bierut, and we invaded Grenada.

The second critical time in a phase cycle is the square aspect, when the faster planet has moved to a position where it is now 90 degrees from the slower planet. In 1993 at the square aspect, we had a flurry of dramatic events such as the Waco incident, the bombing of the World Trade Center, Vincent Foster's suicide, and the mid-west flood reaching $10 billion in damage. Some could argue that there are always disasters every year, but if you review an almanac, you will see that the years when Pluto/Saturn phases are at conjunction, waxing or waning square and opposition, the events are much more extreme, and they continue for a year or slightly more. In 2001, we reach the opposition (full phase) in July and it continues to be operable until July 2002. If we as a species have not learned yet how to do the "Libran" things of negotiation, diplomacy, etc., then perhaps there will be more opportunities to excel in that lesson area.

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U.S.A. chart, Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions and Transits
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The USA Chart

There is an ongoing controversy about the exact time of day on July 4th that the USA was born. Some even use different dates, such as the swearing in of George Washington as president. I've worked with several speculative charts and have come to favor the one on July 4, 1776 at 4:20 pm in Philadelphia. One of the reasons I favor the chart is because it has a Sagittarius ascendant with the ruler, Jupiter, in the 8th conjunct the Sun. This is a signature of a country that is run by big business and the media (Sun rules the 9th), which is the case. If this is the right chart, then this will be a significant year.

Recently the drama of the stock market has been echoed by transiting Saturn being square the USA Moon which rules the intercepted 8th house (investments). This will continue to be a background influence until spring. Actually, for over a year there has been a tension about the market that was just waiting for the transiting Saturn to catch up. Solar arc Saturn was square the Moon (much more intense) about 11 months ago. Transiting Saturn just triggered it.

More importantly, the progressed Sun will conjunct the country's Moon in about 7 months, and just about that time the progressed Moon will square that point. This is about the same time that the Saturn/Pluto phase reaches the opposition just discussed. (Refer to Dubya's chart for July/August as well.) It looks like the country is having a very important "new beginning". It will most likely take the form of legislation regarding taxes and investments (social security?), since the Sun and Moon are connected to the country's 8th and 9th sectors having to do with those things. This is also reflected in the MC's sign change by solar arc, which occurred around mid-November, going from Aries to Taurus, which is money-oriented. Even though it's almost two years away, there is a dramatic solar arc square approaching of Mercury to Uranus, which will indicate a very innovative time of fast paced changes across the board from breakthroughs in technology to a very volatile market.

Meanwhile, solar arc Uranus is about to trine Neptune in about 8 months, showing a more public awareness of the "spiritualizing of America". We are growing in leaps and bounds in this area as reflected by mainstream publishers re-producing best sellers like The Seat of the Soul and talk shows like Oprah featuring spiritual themes of a metaphysical nature, which is pure Uranus energy. I think we are entering a far better time for us all.

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George W. Bush - Natal Chart, Secondary Progressions, Solar Arc Directions and Transits
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George W. Bush

What is in store for our intrepid leader in the year ahead? Well, looking at Dubya's chart, Neptune will be hovering on his seventh cusp for the next entire year. Since that is opposite the ascendant, I believe he'll have trouble with his identity. How that will manifest is anyone's guess, but it could be confusion over what is expected from him. Neptune rules his 8th and 9th houses, which are concerned with others' values and communications but also legislation, taxes, etc. He may say one thing, believing it is clear, and then find it reported in such a way that he is left baffled. Or he may believe he is complying with someone's requests (expectations, requirements, etc.), and find out that he missed the mark through some misunderstanding. I think it will take him a year just to get his bearings in the White House and to get used to the enormity of his position.

In three months, he will have solar arc Jupiter trine natal Pluto. This is great for being loved and appreciated, appearing to be an instrument of change and being in control. Then, one of his best months will be late May, early June when he will be confident and seem to have his act together, but in reality, for some reason, he is also very angry at that time. In late April his progressed Moon will be conjunct natal Jupiter, but a month later solar arc Moon will be square Mars. Looks like a hidden conflict we may never know about, since Moon rules the 12th, which is usually indicating things out of sight. If it does come out, it can be "private issues made public." Mars rules the 10th, public image.

He is on the verge of a major personality change. Solar arc ascendant will change signs in about eight months. At that time, he should begin to appear much more cagey and more of a "fence sitter." But, throughout the first couple years of this administration, he should possess a golden tongue and be able to explain anything. Solar arc Moon is in range of trining his Mercury for quite awhile.

During the year, the months to watch are not only the above, but also mid-June through early July, which are frustrating for him, August, when he may feel a bit weak and ineffective and December which will be not only full of surprises, but confusing. He is rather depressed at year's end and starts 2002 with a frustrated attitude. But, being the actor that he is, these reactions will probably not be publicly all that obvious.

And what of the 20-year, Saturn/Jupiter curse? It has been a fact that whenever a president has been elected in a year when there is a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in an earth sign, the president dies in office. When Reagan was elected, there was a conjunction of these two, but in an air sign. There was an attempt on Reagan's life, but remember, he used the services of an Astrologer! Perhaps the sign's element in which the conjunction occurs is not critical.

At any rate, there was such a conjunction in earth (Taurus) this year, and Bush should not leave office alive, if this historical legacy holds true. When will it happen? Barring midpoints and minor aspects, the most significant indication of violence (if, indeed, this is violent) is roughly three years and four months (give or take a month) away from now (Christmas, 2000). This is when solar arc Sun conjuncts Mars. Sun rules the Ascendant (the body) and Mars the Midheaven (public). So the body could suffer violence (Mars) in a public place. We shall see. It can also be a public display of temper reminiscent of Kruschev banging his shoe on the podium, which I think occurred in 1959, or thereabouts.

Other dangerous times for Bush are in 5 months (solar arc Moon square Mars), 6 months (solar arc Saturn and progressed Ascendant square Uranus), 2 years and 9 months (Midheaven conjunct Uranus), and about 5 1/2 years (solar arc Mars square Ascendant), should he be re-elected. These will be significant times anyway, but are especially sensitive to unexpected sudden turns of events. Let us hope the Jupiter/Saturn historical legacy is over now.

"If you knew who walks beside you, fear would be impossible."
—A Course in Miracles

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