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Welcomes 2000!

Fractal image by HappyfracIt's a new year, new decade, new century, and new millennium! Even if you are a purist and opt for 2001 being the beginning of the new millennium, just remember that numerology alone, makes this a special year. It's time for a new look. This little newsletter has been published since 1988, and its first two-page issue was about the upcoming presidential election at that time.

Here we are again in an election year. So, as usual, we'll take a look at some of the candidates.....Al Gore, George W. Bush, and Bill Bradley. In the pages following will be a forecast for the first third of 2000, and a little inspiration. I had a request to re-publish Lionel Day's very special "miracle power" affirmations. There have been several people who have called to tell me how much these simple words helped them.

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Al Gore
"The environmentalist"


Born on March 31, 1948 at 12:53 PM EST in Washington, DC, Al Gore has Sun in Aries, Moon in Capricorn and Leo rising. The combination of these signs alone, speaks of integrity, ambition and high ideals. With Jupiter conjunct the Moon, Mr. Gore is a missionary spirit who would like to see a "chicken in every pot" and "a car in every driveway."

At first glance, a first house conjunction of Pluto, Saturn, and Mars in Leo, would seem to indicate a very strong-willed, intensely focused leader. Indeed, he has enormous stamina, ambition and control. However, his Sun and Moon are in a t-square with idealist dreamer. The combination could indicate a strong person who is able to take charge and make those ideals come true. However, used negatively, it can indicate deception, coupled with a strong will bordering on dictatorship. It depends on how it's used.

Mercury in this chart is square Uranus without much support from other contacts. That can be a "know it all" and/ or an original, innovative mind...probably a combination of both. He understands abstractions, is quite brilliant, but is also extremely sure of himself, which can lead to ignoring good advice and making hasty decisions. There is a marvelous opposition of Uranus and Jupiter, showing more of a sense of fun and humor than appearances would lead us to believe. Jupiter trines the MC (success indicator) and Uranus is in sextile to it. Even Mars trines the MC. All indicating a fine reputation and clean image, which is certainly apparent.


Over the next year, Saturn and Uranus will be activating Mr. Gore's Mars in a way that would produce frustration. The campaign will not be easy for him. Neptune has been transiting his seventh cusp over the last year, which would lead me to believe that his wife may not be clearly in support of his ambitions, and that he, himself, is not sure of what stand to take on many issues. He's a good actor, however, so this would be carefully hidden. He has Mercury in the 8th house, as well, which is very secretive.

The eclipse on July 1st will square his natal Sun from the 12th house, and can be indicative of some private matters coming to the surface within the six months following. There is far more to Mr. Gore than meets the eye.

Behind all this, like background music, is Pluto trine his Sun and Jupiter transiting his 10th house of career. Both are wonderful assets to have for a contest like this. When all is weighed, he is a hard-working, strongly idealistic person. He just may have some avant garde ideas that are not carefully researched enough, and he may be too hasty to implement them against the better judgment of more prudent minds.

George W. Bush
"The straight-shooter"


Another Leo rising candidate, George Bush was born on July 6, 1946 at 7:26 AM EDT in New Haven, CT. This chart also has a first house Pluto....strong personality. He also has the missionary-spirited, Moon/Jupiter conjunction, this time in Libra.

Mr. Bush is a deep, imaginative thinker. His humor and way of dealing with people is relaxed and natural. It's interesting that he has been regarded as being a person who clearly states where he stands, since his Moon in Libra would most likely be inclined to tell people what they want to hear. However, the Jupiter conjunction adds candor which would bring out the positive Libran qualities of fairness and diplomacy. He is definitely a communicator with that quality a strong plus, especially for his marriage. In addition he has a strong eye for detail (Mars in Virgo).

Interestingly, Saturn is square the MC, which usually indicates obstacles to the career, many heavy responsibilities or, at it's worst, fear of success. He did use his own money to start his oil business, and there is no indication that he has taken advantage of his position inordinately. This aspect can easily indicate a person who pursues his career on his own merits.


Earlier, there was a reputation for being a party person, and with Jupiter sextile Venus, this is true. His fun-loving, indulgent nature is augmented by a Uranus/Jupiter trine....a true "life of the party." But, these are positive attributes that would indicate his being a popular, fun-to-be-with person. However, with Sun Square Jupiter there is a slight tendency to promise more than he can deliver, to need assistance with scheduling more things than he has time for and prudent judgment in general.

However, his many assets far outweigh this relatively minor problem.

He has a heavy Libra/Leo emphasis as does Bill Clinton. That combination can lead to being a people-pleasing actor with great charisma. In this case, I think the Saturn square to the MC is a wonderful check on these tendencies, keeping him ever aware of his sense of responsibility. He's a hard worker.

Bill Bradley
"The sports star"


He has been called "plodding", "dogged" and "too pure." Born on July 28, 1943 at 11:37 AM CWT in St. Louis, MO, Mr. Bradley was considered too slow while playing college ball, but he ended up in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Apparently, he gets the job done in his "plodding" fashion. With double indicators of focus and conservative carefulness (Sun conjunct Pluto and Moon conjunct Saturn), this man cannot be pushed. If he did not fulfill a promise, he would feel the guilt keenly. Plus, with Mars in Taurus square (widely) Pluto, the determination of this man is formidable.

He pays careful attention to detail, has a keen sense of compassion, but may at times grow pessimistic and feel sorry for himself. Even though Libra rising is, on the surface, very agreeable and diplomatic, his Mars square to Mercury, tells of a sharp tongue and quick temper. It is very hidden, though, and well-guarded. After all, this man is discipline personified.


Moon is in Gemini, which adds keen intelligence, wit and a measure of flexibility. However, since this Moon/Saturn conjunction squares Neptune, there is a quality of confusion that comes into play when things move to fast and flexibility is needed. It is great to be determined, but a strong leader needs to be decisive and follow through quickly in a crisis. He is quite proud and would not admit to being unsure of himself. Further, with Libra rising, he could waffle on decisions, once they are made.

Jupiter (judgment) rules his third house (thought processes), and it is being transited by Neptune most of this year. This quality may either be in evidence or it will privately plague him much of the time.

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I've always been amazed at the synchronicity of candidates' charts. There is usually a theme of one or two signs that repeat in all their charts. In this case, Bill Bradley's Leo Sun is conjunct both George Bush's and Al Gore's Leo ascendants. All of them have Jupiter conjunctions to either the Sun or Moon. All have very strong, prominent placements of Pluto. Libra is strong with Bradley and Bush. This makes it very difficult to tell the outcome of the race since all of them have shared planetary positions.

Furthermore, the upcoming eclipses strongly affect all of them. Naturally, being in a presidential race, in itself, is the highlight of a career, so all are showing prominence in career right now. George Bush will not find the race as difficult as the other two. He does not share the frustration of having positions strongly affected by the on-going Saturn/Uranus square that has been active over the last few months and into the first half of 2000.

General Forecast

January 2000: The new moon is Jan. 6th. The full moon of Jan 20th is an eclipse at 0 degrees of Leo, affecting anyone who has points, angles or planets at that degree of a fixed sign...i.e. Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio. Saturn is stationary at 10 degrees Taurus all month, going direct on January 12th. This is very important to people born around the end of January/first of February, first of May, and the first few days of August and November. These people would not find this to be new, particularly, since Saturn and Uranus have been affecting them for quite some time. The affect is to be under pressure to make much-needed changes in their lives. Make the changes. Take a leap of faith out of your comfort zone. These are what we call "fixed" signs and change, therefore, is more difficult for them.

On January 3rd, Mars enters Pisces, quickly moving to square Pluto on the 19th. This is a formidable aspect, endowing most of us with more will power and less inclination to compromise. You would be well-advised to try a little harder to do so for the week before and after that date. Usually, global acts of violence occur when an aspect like this is active. On average, they contact each other stressfully about every six months.

January 28/29 will be highly creative days when Mercury conjoins Uranus. If not used creatively, it can just manifest as restless, erratic behavior. We always have a choice about how we use these energies.

The eclipse on the 20th has an interesting combination. Neptune is conjunct the south node (involved in the eclipse) along with Mercury. Together these can indicate difficulty in clarity with communication with associates of any kind. Good idea to make yourself very clear and don't assume you understand what another is saying to you. Ask for clarification, just to make sure -- especially if it's important.

February 2000: The first ten days the Sun is involved with Saturn and Uranus, bringing that ongoing square into prominence again. On the 5th, the new moon conjuncts Uranus, which emphasizes it even more! Frustrating situations should come to a head and burst out into the open. Use a little restraint. The temptation will be to go too far in a show of independence.

Mercury goes retrograde on the 21st at 7:47 AM EST. By this time, you should know what that means....but to review: Try to avoid starting anything of importance, read everything very, very carefully, double check all plans and allow time for unexpected delays and mistakes. You may find you have to re-do things if you are not careful the first time.

Jupiter re-enters Taurus on the 15th after a short retrograde period back in Aries. Now Taurus people (or those strongly influenced by that sign) will find things breaking for them a little -- after all, Saturn is still there. By the end of the month, Jupiter is in range of squaring Neptune, though, and that is confusion of judgment. That will be in effect well into April.

Venus and Mars will not conjunct until late in June, but right now they are in the third quarter phase (since Dec. 23, 1999). For the most part, romantic energy will be a little rebellious. In a general sense most people are not giving in as much, and have a need to be recognized as individuals. Romantic energy has cycles just as anything else does. After mid June, you'll see a lot of new beginnings and spontaneous activity. Currently, the boundaries are being tested for weak spots.

March 2000: The most notable configuration for the month is a t-square of Jupiter with the nodes and Neptune. The background energy is confusion (or deception) with anyone. Choices will probably be hard to make, especially if these interact with anything in your own chart. Mercury is retrograde in "imaginative" Pisces and doesn't go direct until the 14th at 3:40 PM EST. This marks the first half of the month as risky for decision making. It doesn't emerge from it's shadow until April 4th. This means that it doesn't pass the point where it first started to retrograde until that date.

Four times a year the Sun will conflict with Pluto. This time it is March 2nd, late in the evening. Since the Moon is conjoining Venus the next day and both activating the Uranus/Saturn square, that time frame can be full of unexpected, intense emotional reactions. Be especially diplomatic during that time and even give a few days either way.

Mars enters Taurus the 24th and joins the Jupiter/Neptune square still in orb. This gives the added energy of impulse. People will be more likely to act on their confusion well into April. Do your homework, check facts, don't believe anything that is "too good to be true" and be especially wary of doing anything just to be doing something.

Mercury squares Pluto on the 30th....strong-willed minds. There is a temptation to force ideas on people, so, knowing that, try to wait to tell off someone whom you are sure "deserves it." You may find out later that you had been wearing blinders and didn't see evidence that was right in front of you! These aspects are in effect several days.

April 2000: Jupiter is in range of conjoining Saturn, although it won't be exact until May 28th. This is a very potent aspect occurring every 20 years and is the source of the "assassination of presidents" prediction. The only time in recent history that this didn't happen was with Reagan, who did get shot. He, however, had the services of an Astrologer! The prediction is that every 20 years when a president is elected in a year when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn, the president dies in office. This conjunction is also an economic indicator heralding the beginning of ten years of prosperity. We're out of the "downsizing" nineties and entering a booming new decade.

During this month, Mars enters Taurus and joins Saturn and Jupiter all squaring Uranus. That's quite a configuration, but it gets more dramatic in May (more about that next time). We would have to see where on a world map this configuration would be effective to be able to say where it will manifest, but it will be felt! Usually, these titans in such stress portend conflict of wills. It will manifest both on global and personal levels. After all, major world affairs start with individuals.

Another important factor in April is the passing of the North Node on the 6th over the eclipse point of January 20th and the Sun squaring it on April 20th. There will probably be an association between these dates.

A Word to the Wise......

Remember that the above general forecast is just a synopsis of trends. They affect the whole planet. Nothing replaces a personal forecast based on your exactly timed natal chart. Please do not make important personal decisions on this type of forecast. It is founded on transits only, and you are equally, if not more so, affected by Progressions, Solar Arcs and other mathematical calculations.

How To Set Into Motion Your Own Miracle Power

By Lionel E.I. Day

All through the course of history mankind's greatest teachers have told us repeatedly that each has a miracle-worker within him. Jesus Christ referred to this as the Spirit of God within. The wonderful truth is that if you will set this force in motion, it will shape the course of your life in a most miraculous way, and you will find that painful events and ugly incidents simply do not occur. What is more, you will become healthy, happy and fulfilled in direct proportion to how willing you are to set this miracle-working force into operation in your life.

The technique is simple - but the results are unbelievable, until you have experienced them yourself. The repetition of certain words and phrases, said with feeling, faith and conviction, are all that is needed to set into operation the powerful metaphysical forces of the universe. The following are examples of what we call "affirmations" that have produced miracles in literally hundreds of lives. They will do the same for you, if you use them!


The all-powerful Spirit of God within me gives me the power to forgive

all who have brought me suffering past and present.


That simple statement, if said with conviction and repeated nightly until there is no shred of anger or resentment or hate within you, is enough by itself to prevent illness and bring about the necessary conditions for future happiness. But, if you add the following to it, said at least once a day with feeling, you will witness an even more dramatic change for the better in your life.


The all-powerful Spirit of God in me now leads me swiftly to a wonderful new

life filled with perfect health, happiness, love, abundant wealth and other

blessings more wonderful than I can imagine.


Cosmic Views

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Worry is one of the most difficult of human problems, and we are all inclined to do it sometimes. However, worry is generally futile, because our plans never really work out, and our life unfolds as a series of "seemingly" lucky accidents. This is the way of life, and if you will realize it, you will give up scheming and planning. Next time you find yourself worrying and fretting over the future, say the following words over and over again until the worry disappears.


I have absolute faith that the all-wise Spirit of God within me will reveal the

answer to this problem at exactly the right time for my greatest good.


If you will use these three little affirmations faithfully, and simply teach yourself to do the job of the moment - whatever that is - to the utmost of your ability, the future will take care of itself - and with it will come fulfillment, happiness and the best things of life.

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