1. Waffling Duo
2. Moon Wobble
3. Wiggletale

Waffling Duo
By Carole Devine

It has been a most interesting and dramatic Spring for sure -- beheadings on a regular basis, the Halliburton scandal, senate investigations putting Tony Blair on the defensive, and amazingly, Martha Stewart being taken to task! But, with the country more polarized than I can ever remember, the thing we are all concerned about is the coming election. We have seen how Bush and Cheney work together, but what is the potential for Kerry and Edwards? What kind of team will they make?

They both have strong Gemini influences, the most dual of signs. Kerry has Uranus, Mars, Moon and Saturn in Gemini, while Edwards has Moon, Jupiter, Sun and Mars there. Since Gemini is known for changing direction on a dime, this is not too encouraging. Kerry has Uranus conjunct Mars, while Edwards has Uranus conjunct the Ascendant, which is like an honorary Mars. That is further indication of being able to change direction in mid-stream. None of these influences is noted for deep thought or carefully considered action. Thankfully, they both have a little stabilizing influence from Saturn: Kerry has it conjoining his Moon and opposing Sun, while Edwards has Saturn square his Uranus/Ascendant conjunction and trining Sun. I think Kerry has the broader vision, with his Sagittarius Ascendant ruler in the ninth. But Edwards appears to have more compassion with Cancer rising and a well-teneted twelfth house. Their Venus positions are opposing within less than a degree -- Kerry’s in Scorpio and Edwards’ in Taurus.

Interestingly, those Venus positions both square their nodal axes. They are nine and a half years apart in birth so the nodes are near the same positions, but reversed. Edwards has the south node in Leo in the first, so his past life emphasis was on self and ego. He most likely did not follow through on values related to home and family… nodes square Venus ruler of the fourth intercepted. He is used to respect and applause which were readily forthcoming in past lives, and his Moon/Jupiter conjunction underlines this. Kerry, on the other hand, with south node in the second house in Aquarius, was used to comfort and independence, being able to overindulge if he chose to, and with the nodes square Venus, probably did so choose. Left undone was service and career success… Venus rules the sixth and tenth. With Venus square Pluto in fixed signs, he is most likely unconsciously fixated on succeeding in those areas in this lifetime. It makes sense that he would choose a career in service, but also that it took some time for him to find career direction.

The Composite Chart

I believe the real tale is in the composite chart in any relationship. The composite has 29:02 Virgo rising, a critical, often “fated” degree. Rudhyar says this degree requires total concentration to complete the task of “conquest of illusion” or any spiritual goal. But, Uranus, in the ninth and conjunct the MC, is square the Ascendant, which is not conducive to total concentration. The ruler of the composite and its ninth house intercepted, Mercury, is conjunct Neptune, which is square Jupiter. I cannot imagine a more overly optimistic combination with confused judgment.

If this pair should occupy the white house, we can expect to see some fast and furious innovation, mostly without a great deal of forethought. Optimism and idealism are high. That is great. But, these two will not really get along as a team. The Moon conjunct Mars in the ninth square the Sun in the twelfth shows that they unintentionally can irritate each other leading to lack of communication eventually. Not a great thing.
On the positive side, they will focus on goals and work hard for the good of the community without discrimination. The Saturn and Pluto placements are good, showing focus and dedication, which will go a long way to mitigate the other indications just mentioned. If we want a breath of fresh air in government and rapid change, these are the ones to do it. But, Gemini does waffle, just as the pundits are telling us, and these two have more than average Gemini influence.

The Composite Forecast

When Kerry selected John Edwards as a running mate on July 6, the composite solar arc Venus, which rules the composite ninth, was just five minutes past a conjunction with the composite seventh cusp. That is so close that only seconds of error from either person’s birth time would make it exact. In romantic couples’ charts, that can indicate a marriage or commitment. Mercury was transiting the composite Venus, as well. Transit Venus was applying closely to a conjunction with the composite Moon in the ninth. Saturn was going over the composite Jupiter only a week later, showing a new foundation being laid in the relationship. This is also shown by solar arc Saturn in trine aspect (separating by only 2 minutes) to the composite Jupiter. This was obviously a good choice and probably fated. By early August, transit Jupiter will be going over the composite Sun, which is 18:59 Virgo. Things should be going swimmingly around that time.

This last weekend, July 17/18, Mars went over the composite Pluto, which is holding a solar arc conjunction from Mars. There are several important solar arc configurations that are players in this drama. One is this Mars/Pluto conjunction, which in a composite can be either obsessive commitment to hard work, or a power struggle, depending on how the couple chooses to use the energy. With the transit Mars triggering it this past weekend, the energy took some shape, and choices between the two men had to have been made. It may have been a crucial time when these two men noticed where their differences lie. Besides the Mars conjoining Pluto by solar arc, the Sun is also squaring the same position. These two configurations will become exact shortly after the inauguration date.
A third solar arc contact is Uranus conjoining Saturn. That will be exact within a month before the election. That can show a burden lifted or a lucky break of some sort. Since Saturn rules the composite fourth house, it can be a great break-away time when polls are up for them.

The campaign should be a hard one for both men, since transit Pluto is opposing the composite Mars, but does not partile in its station on August 30. However, because the station is within minutes of opposing Mars, it will act as a powerful focus for many weeks.

There are two indicators that bode well for the democratic candidates. One is progressed MC trining composite Uranus which is conjunct the composite MC. It is only 13 minutes shy of being exact on Inauguration Day. That is a sudden change of occupation for the better, but who is to say what is better? Also, between Election Day and the Inauguration, the composite progressed Moon changes signs and conjoins the composite MC, another powerful indication of change in the lives of these two men. However, the day after the election, composite progressed Sun is square progressed Saturn within only 3 minutes. If you’re a democrat, let’s hope that is physical fatigue from campaigning, but if you’re a republican, you’d probably want to interpret it as losing. We’ll see. One thing is sure. These two had an appointment with destiny.

Moon Wobble
By Del Eckert
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A Moon Wobble is an astronomically calculated, astrologically significant cycle of natural and human instability that manifests in more chaos, catastrophe and upheaval, within and around our lives on many different levels. It is a time when there’s sure to be more violence and ungoverned, temperamental sorts of behavior. Emotions run high, and there are more accidents and mishaps at these times, while the geo-political realm is also intensified on a global level. Saddam Hussein marched into Kuwait during the Moon Wobble of August 1990, and we went to war with him during the subsequent January 1991 Moon Wobble that began the Gulf War. This is not to say that Moon Wobbles are invariably to be seen as war cycle psychologies, they simply externalize the already existent energy factors of the time in which they occur.

Moon Wobbles also have a lighter side – sometimes you may find yourself in a face-to-face situation with someone out of your past or hear from such a person. It is a time when things do not appear as they really are, and as they will appear later, after the Moon Wobble. So we obtain the part of personal wisdom at these intervals by not giving in to the reactionary impulses we’re likely to feel during these cycles. If at all possible, avoid major decisions on critical and personal matters, those that can have a lasting impact on your life. Be an observer, and wait until these periods have passed, as they are times of much illusion. Do not make important investments, financial or otherwise. It’s a bad time to step into or out of a major relationship, especially if it’s a Moon Wobble that triggers a sensitive point in your personal chart. Remember that life is a matter of cycles, and that Moon Wobble cycles are a time to calm down, lay low and take it easy whenever possible. People act like reactionary robots at these odd and troubled intervals, and thereby get swept up in a domino-like effect that they’re not even conscious of.

~ NOTE ~

For those of you who do not have or know how to use an ephemeris, here are the next few Moon Wobble periods. These dates cover about a 2 to 3 week time frame with the center being the exact contact and, therefore, the strongest period. The next one is roughly around now until August 7th ish... centering exactly on July 29th. Next after that is the last half of October centering on the 25th. Then it's January 9th ish (2005) through about the 26th with the center on January 17th and finally, April 3ish to about the 20th, centering on April 12, 2005. Like many of these contacts, this comes in slowly, gets stronger, is exact, and then recedes gradually. It's impossible to pinpoint exact dates when it starts to be effective.

Important Moon Wobble Tips

1. Avoid getting car repairs or repairs on appliances, as you may soon be returning them to the shop.
2. Don’t begin a new business or any important project.
3. Don’t get married or make a romantic commitment.
4. Don’t make any major investments, buy or sell property, negotiate matters of contract.
5. Get medical and dental work done before Moon Wobble.
6. Don’t go apartment or house hunting, and the reality of how something truly is will not be apparent.
7. Try not to make a residential move during a Moon Wobble, as it is so much more stressful to do so.
8. Many things do not go as planned, so be prepared to be flexible.
9. Some Moon Wobbles are dangerous for travel, while others will provide you with an unexpected bit of adventure on the plus side.

What is “Moon Wobble?”

“Moon Wobble” was discovered when the gifted mathematician and astrologer Carl Payne Tobey spent years researching the patterns of disaster cycles, and revealed that catastrophes and climatic events occur in rhythms which correspond to the motion of the lunar nodes as they move backwards through the heavens, intersecting the ecliptic or apparent path of the Sun. The ascending point of this intersection is called the North Lunar Node, and the descending point is called the South Lunar Node. Looking at it geometrically, two points of intersection occurring on the same plane are always in direct opposition to one another. So, for example, when the North (ascending) Lunar Node is in the sign of Taurus, the South (descending) Lunar Node is located in the opposite sign, Scorpio. Now, as the Earth rotates from west the east, the orbital planes of the Earth and the Moon intersect, with the nodes moving backwards, in a retrograde motion, always moving backwards along the ecliptic, a zodiacal sign at a time – from Taurus back into Aries, then into Pisces, etc. It takes approximately 19 years for the Lunar Nodes to move entirely around the Zodiac (or ecliptic).

Moon Wobbles occur as the transiting Sun makes contact with the axis of the Lunar Nodes during its yearly cycle. This powerful contact is activated when the Sun and either the North or South Lunar Nodes are in the same ecliptical degree, or when the Sun is “square” (90 degree angle) to the Lunar Nodes. As the Sun goes through the Zodiac in about a year, it will then make (approximately) four contacts with the Lunar Nodes during a calendar year. It was a student of Carl Payne Tobey who first nick-named these contacts “Moon Wobbles,” and the slang term stuck. The Moon doesn’t wobble, but people do.
The space shuttle Challenger disaster occurred (January 29, 1986) during a Moon Wobble, when the Sun was in Aquarius, square to the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. This was a cycle that hand also occurred 19 years in 1967 when another NASA spacecraft caught fire on the ground (January 17, 1967). Both disasters occurred when the Sun in Aquarius was squaring the North Lunar Node in Taurus and the South Lunar Node in Scorpio: a 19 year cycle that repeated a space program disaster; one complete Moon Wobble cycle.

Remember, we have about four Moon Wobbles per year, but it’ll take 19 (or so) years for another Moon Wobble to occur in the same sign again with the same configuration of the nodes. Each Moon Wobble is also different by virtue of the different aspects it makes to other planetary factors, which renders some of them comparatively benign, and others extremely violent and disruptive. For instance: in 1976, a three of that year’s Moon Wobbles there was a disastrous earthquake. (It’s easily seen that more earthquakes occur during those times than during any other time.) During that year, a well-known and accomplished astrological student of Carl Payne Tobey appeared on a TV talk show (in July 1976) and forecast that the next two weeks would give us one of the worst earthquakes in history as the transiting Sun approached the center of a Moon Wobble arc. What we witnessed was the devastating China earthquake of July 28, 1976. This was the second most horrible earthquake on record. A million people perished. This dramatic forecast was based upon the fact that the North Lunar Node was in the sign of Scorpio and conjoining Uranus, and in square (disruptive) aspect to the Sun in Leo (conjoining Saturn there), while Jupiter and the South Lunar Node were conjunct in Taurus. These individual aspects of extreme upheaval were then triggered by the Moon Wobble cycle.

During Moon Wobbles the instability factor is high, resulting in more tragic accidents, fires that take a lot of human life, plane crashes, shocking news events, freak occurrences of the kind that kill and injure, floods, bizarre and shocking weather patterns of the kind that include tornado outbreaks and heavier-than-average rain and snow. Mob actions, political and personal upheavals dominate the news. A few of the weakly-aspected Moon Wobbles are relatively calm, yet almost all of them mark off points in time during which the new reports approximate the weird and sensational. School shootings and the “postal” type of gun-play are very regular features of Moon Wobble cycles.

Obviously then, Moon Wobble is not the time to make a major, far-reaching decision that has an y possible chance of significantly impacting your life. It’s not the time to begin an important project, start up a business or negotiate an important deal. The Moon Wobble cycles are times when that which has been pushed out of sight, disowned and denied in both nature and people is suddenly released.
What we are speaking of, then, is a cycle of human instability to which the entire world resonates. You can easily notice that the most outstanding and pivotal events in world history occur in step with this predictable cycle. Many people get extremely jittery, angry and impatient, anxious to get on with new and different things…suddenly something just must be done with such-and-such situation, and upon such doubtful impulses many serious errors are committed. Not surprisingly then, a lot of new ventures are begun at these time, and a vast number of them ultimately fail. Usually due to a lack of real experience, coupled with an impatient initiative and poor foresight. These are times of trial and error, so caution is strongly advised at such times.

Following are a few examples of the many significant events that have taken place during past Moon Wobble periods…..

Jan. 12, 1861: the American Civil War gets under way.
April 12, 1865: president Abraham Lincoln is assassinated.
April 6, 1917: US declares war on Germany
Dec. 7, 1941: Japan attacks Pearl Harbor; Italy and Germany declare war on US.
June 25, 1950: the Korean War breaks out at a Moon Wobble center.
Nov. 28, 1942: famous Coconut Grove fire in Boston kills 491.
April 14, 1912: Titanic sinks, two days from a Moon Wobble center.
April 4, 1968: Martin Luther King is shot and killed.
June 25/26, 1967: rioters burn Detroit, Newark and other cities around the country.
March 27, 1964: terrible Alaskan earthquake occurs – worst yet in the US.
July 9, 1982: second worst air crash in US aviation history occurs as a Pan Am airliner goes down in a New Orleans residential neighborhood, killing more than 150.
Feb. 14, 1926: Al Capone orders the “St. Valentine’s Day massacre.”
Oct. 20, 1995: three American prisons erupt into riots in Alabama, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, while an earthquake rocks a densely populated Mexican city. Near this Moon Wobble center we also hear that Yitzhak Rabin has been murdered in Israel, while over in Japan Mt. Kushu erupts for the first time in 275 years.
April 26, 1986: nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Russia melts down and kills many.
Dec. 7, 1988: earthquake strikes in Armenia and kills 70,000.
June 3, 1989: Tiananmen Square massacre occurs in China.
Feb. 26, 1993: the World Trade Center in New York City is bombed by terrorists.
Jan. 17, 1995: earthquake in Japan kills over 5000.
April 19, 1995: Oklahoma Federal Building is bombed and destroyed.
Oct. 29, 1929: panic selling stalls the Wall Street markets, signaling the Great Depression.

The list is virtually endless. These are highly emotional times that shock and dismay. People will tend to panic so much more easily, making tragic errors in judgment, such as when the late Princess Diana’s limo driver decided to top 120 mph while DWI. Other Moon Wobble celebrities we know would include David Koresh and his Brand Davidian Church members whose tragic confrontation with FBI forces made news around the world, just as the fiery and mysterious crash of TWA flight 800 did.
Watch Congress! Members can argue for months, but let one of these compulsive cycles come along, and they’ll sign bills fast and furiously. If an election happens to be held at such a time, look for surprises in it, as the results may well be the opposite of what was anticipated.

Modern science has no such means of forecasting these sort of events. Their limited attempts at looking into the future have not fared will. This then makes it all the more vital that the public become aware of and understand these naturally occurring and predictable rhythms, that we may then experience less of their painful and costly consequences. The rigid and uncompromising materialism of western academia and its concomitant religion of ‘material scientism’ are ill-suited to comprehend the metaphysical design and mathematical energetic of our living universe.

Accordingly then, we walk into one tragic experience after another, many of which could have been easily avoided, such as the two NASA disasters previously mentioned. (Did you know that the word “disaster” literally means “dis” away from – the “aster” stars?) Apparently, some of our more conservative and orthodox beliefs are so strong that they prevent us from experiencing a more revealing and comprehensive view of life and its natural laws.

Forewarned is forearmed. Knowing when these unstable and temperamental times are approaching will enable us to pull the teeth out of many potential heartaches by just becoming the most passive of observers until the disturbances have passed. Sit back, pop some popcorn, and refuse to “buy into” any of the weird and bizarre impulses or people that come our way during these fitful times. Refuse to make sudden and rash decisions that you may regret, as things are almost certain to look differently after Moon Wobble has passed. The astrologically conditioned event need not include you!

By Kitty Brittell

Kitty is a member of a “Love Without End” group that has a weekly discipline. They kindly keep me informed.

I stumbled across the following the other day, which seems appropriate for this discipline of enjoying the week without negative stuff. It was a dream Edgar Cayce had:

Wed. morning, April 6, 1932 - Saw how a thought acts on the brain. It goes as a little wiggletale, and if you don't want it -- if it's repulsive and you shudder, it comes on in -- but, if you determine "I won't have it" and close yourself to it, it is pushed on down and slapped away. The brain should be so guarded with construction that destruction can't come in. (T0294 - 138M)

I interpreted the following, in that reading, to be its answer as to how to guard constructively: "Now then, the lesson O Priest, that as the purity, the virtue, the knowledge, the faith, the mercy, the kindnesses are shown, may the light break through from on high that makes the material things become naught..." (TO294 - 138M)

I love the name "wiggletale" - the story of a wiggle. It's not good for me to say I "don't" want a wiggle, or I will have one wiggle it's way into my subconscious and take up residence. To avoid this happening I call forth my "Won't Light/Life Guard". Whenever a wiggle thought is trying to pass from my conscious mind to my subconscious the guard stops it by saying: "I Won't have you wiggle! My Light Thoughts of what I do want prohibit your don't thoughts from entering and hiding in the darkness to attract negativity."
I have found Cayce's dream an incredible gift. I have just started working with the concept, (Thurs.) and find it as amusing as the name "wiggletale.” I have repeatedly caught myself this morning making such statements as, "I don't think that would be wise,” instead of saying, " I think it would be good to --------.” I've had to laugh at myself, (literally smiling) seeing how much of a habit this has become for me -- one that I haven't been aware of having. Examples: "I don't want to cut the grass from 10 - 3 as the sun is too hot," instead of "I'm going to cut the grass in the cool of the evening when I can enjoy it." The two thoughts feel so different - one pushing down energy, the other bringing it forth.

Even though I have been working with this all week, this morning I found myself saying, " Please don't leave these doors open with the air-conditioner on. It's expense," but was immediately aware that saying, " I want it to stay cool in here for us, so please close the doors." would have felt much better and accomplished the same thing.

I can testify that working with this wiggletale concept has been both fun and rewarding. Changing the habit is a challenge, however. I have to work at the reconstruction at this point, and it still takes me awhile to rearrange my thoughts so that "don'ts" change into constructive, happy expressions.
Blessings and Love to all, and may your wiggletales cease to wiggle!