Cosmic Views

Summer 2003

In this issue:

1. The USA Gets a Report Card!

2. The Spiritual Dimension of Politics

3. This Summer's Mars/Uranus Conjunction

The USA Gets a Report Card!

© Carole Devine

One of my favorite comparisons about transits and their effects is the one concerning Saturn conjoining a chart’s Sun – any chart. I call it "Cosmic report card time." Whenever this happens, it marks a period of finding out how well you have been doing. If all that happens is that you get more responsibility (I’ve seen people promoted under this.), or time just slows down for you introducing a little boredom, then I’d say you got an A. If you find that life seems to be coming to a halt with some blockages in your path, and nothing you do seems to be working, then the message would seem to be that a D or less has been earned. One is not going to get much further on the path s/he has chosen, so the key is to change direction. Even though classic astrology teaches that Saturn is conflict, pain, doubt, stagnation and crystallization, Edgar Cayce said it was the planet of change. Actually, both are right, and it makes sense. What would you do if you found yourself in doubt, stagnation and pain? Don’t know about you, but I’d change something! Many times this marks change imposed on you.

Saturn moved into Cancer on June 3rd. Our country is a Cancer nation, born on July 4th at 13 degrees of Cancer. Therefore, when Saturn gets to that degree, we will have our report card time. Interestingly, it will not only get to that degree in October, but will station there, turning retrograde on Oct. 25th. Then it returns again next June. It is interesting to note, that although we are powerful, rich, and the undisputed world leader, we have in our birth chart a square of the Sun to Saturn. Saturn occupies 14 degrees Libra, and no matter which time you use for the chart, it is still in effect. There is a rule that when a planet makes an aspect by any predictive method to another planet, it doesn’t matter what the aspect is in transit, the one that will manifest is the natal configuration if those two are in aspect in the natal chart. Therefore, we can expect to see the natal square manifest. That’s one of the reasons wonderful things don’t always happen when one experiences a trine by any predictive method. Another reason is unconscious expectations.

In the Sibley chart for the USA, natal Saturn in the tenth rules the second house, and the eighth house Sun rules the ninth. A square is also conflict and a challenge to growth, as is Saturn. So, we were born, collectively, with a lesson involving our philosophical attitudes and laws (9th) about money (2nd house), sharing, taxes, insurance and being concerned about others’ welfare (8th house). Tenth house brings in the leader of the country and big business. It is very clear. We are about to witness the universe issuing a pronouncement about the way we have been doing things. Make no mistake, it is a "collective" chart. It includes all of us because we are the country, not our leaders. We only elected them; they don’t replace us.

The last time Saturn conjoined our Sun started in August 1974. It was exact to the minute between August 8th and 9th. Nixon resigned on the 8th, and Ford took over on the 9th. Is that a "change" or what!? That is yet another reason I lean toward the Sibley chart. It retrograded back over this point early in 1975 exactly when prosecuting proceedings got under way for Nixon’s aides, and investigations got under way regarding illegal CIA and FBI activities. The final pass was

in late April/ early May when South Vietnam fell and the last Americans were evacuated from Saigon.

Additionally, the solar arc Moon in the USA chart is one degree from forming a square with the USA natal Sun, which, as we have said, is about to be joined by transiting Saturn. One year from now, that will be exact. It is a classic indication of shifting gears and going in a new direction. Solar arc Saturn (this is different from transiting Saturn) just changed signs one month ago in May, so there has been a recent shift in our collective consciousness about our values (Saturn rules the 2nd) It left Taurus after a visit of 30 years (very materialistic) and entered Gemini, an indication that perhaps we will become more informed, better educated about what is going on and communicate better with our leaders and each other. Our values will switch collectively over the next few months to less emphasis on material things and more on mental, intellectual focus, and I would expect over the next few years that our educational system will get a lot more attention.

Saturn is about to enter the USA’s 8th house. Wherever Saturn traverses, there is an opportunity to discipline that area of one’s life. However, the universe is undeviating justice. No one has things happen that they didn’t put into motion themselves, either now, by choices that were made, or in a past life. If the right choices have been made, nothing will happen except that events slow down a bit, and you are required to perhaps be a bit more conservative. Even A Course in Miracles says if you don’t like what you have chosen, "choose again." The 8th house is one of the most mysterious and hard to decipher terrains of the chart because it deals with subversive, hidden motives and the collective unconscious. Anyone with an emphasis on that house usually operates from more of an unconscious level than the norm. There is a tendency to be more secretive and private. Or, in the case of a country, it can indicate much more likelihood of subversive, unknown activity than the populace would imagine regarding the mundane affairs of the 8th. Those are taxes, insurance, all collective reservoirs of finance, like the stock market and other investments. It is a financial house. We are about to literally be "graded" about the way we have used our collective resources. If we don’t like our grade, we need to change things.

The Spiritual Dimension of Politics

Every time I send out a discourse about current events, I get a myriad assortment of comments from people with religious/spiritual views. Particularly, there are messages from New Age followers quoting A Course in Miracles, and amazingly, they contradict each other most of the time. Since I consider myself spiritually oriented and am a student of A Course in Miracles, I think it’s time to explain my position concerning that and politics and how I mix it all with astrology. Please understand this isn’t a call for an open forum or discussion. I wish I had time to just discuss things all the time, but unfortunately, that’s a luxury I’ll have to put off until I retire. :-) What I’m trying to do is to limit having to explain my views to individuals one at a time.

Most of the dissenting email I get is about A Course in Miracles’s message concerning "I need do nothing." The common opinion is that if one is on the spiritual path, then holding all discord, difficulty etc. in light and love is all that is necessary. Ultimately, that is true, and it would work if enough people would actually do it. However, most average people I’ve talked to have never heard of that nor the Course. A lot of "teaching" needs to be done, apparently, before we collectively evolve to that point. Why is it that the common opinion I hear is that one must do one or the other... i.e. hold discord in light and love or write to congressmen, vote and participate in the process? Why can’t we do both? Marianne Williamson, the foremost recognized authority on A Course in Miracles, wrote an excellent book, The Healing of America, in which she addresses some of these issues...i.e. how much involvement we should have in politics. In the last E-zine, I mentioned that we should write our representatives about the obvious atrocities being perpetrated by credit card vendors. On a subject akin to this in her book she says, "Economic injustice doesn’t always violate the letter of the law, but it violates the spirit of the law. It might not subvert the constitution, but it subverts the principles on which the constitution rests. We must be as vigilant in our repudiation of economic injustice as we are toward any other form of oppression." (Pg. 157) And, "To dissent is noble. It does not mean to attack, to judge, or to whine. It is the role of a true patriot to dissent if the direction of one’s country goes against his or her conscience. If the choice is between dissent or acquiescence, dissent is the moral option." (Pg. 158) There is a lot more to the book’s message than this, but it gets my point across. Remember, even Jesus overturned the money changers’ table in the temple. That was a position of dissent.

A Course in Miracles is a very complicated book with three central themes: (1) we are one (2) all this is an illusion, and anything that is not real can be destroyed (3) we are teaching either love or fear by our behavior. When I am faced with a dilemma, I always go back to these themes and try to find an answer that will promote healing rather than further separation. Injustices and judgments cause separation, whether it’s between countries, romantic partners or the powerful taking advantage of the powerless. Ignoring injustices, as though they aren’t there, is another way of preventing healing from taking place. We elect people to represent us in government. If we do not tell them what we want, they will decide for themselves or, in order to get re-elected, for the view that is most expressed, whether it’s ours or someone else’s. If we don’t communicate, then our views are not going to be known at all. It is true that the world can be healed if there is a massive consciousness shift, but that consciousness shift will come out of dialog, prayer, teaching through our actions and unity of purpose. Marianne Williamson believes we are, as a society, leaving a materialistic orientation and entering a spiritual one, but we aren’t there yet. Therefore, old methods still need to be utilized until we are there.

Looking at it another way, if you believe that the government is "them" and less valuable than "us," that is another way of perpetuating separation. You are, in effect, judging "them" as not being on a spiritual level with "us", and therefore, separate and apart. This will not promote healing. But, there is a difference between seeing another’s action as wrong and seeing God in the person. We often say to our children, "I love you, but I don’t love what you’re doing." Attitude is everything. Our government is made up of regular people like you and me. They are not aliens. They may be under pressure to do certain things, they may have values that don’t agree with ours, but if we elected them, they are extensions of us. They represent the collective population from whence they came. Therefore, we are connected, not only in that way, but because we are one to begin with! We are our brother’s keeper.

Each of us is made of several "bodies" that are inter-connected even though only the physical body can usually be seen at this stage of our evolution. Perhaps when we are more evolved, we all will see auras and other evidence of more than the physical. In the meantime, we are still in physical bodies operating in a drama of our own creation. We ALL have bought into it or we wouldn’t be here. It is how we interact that determines our rate of evolvement. That interaction should always come from a place of love and union. Just keep in mind that the person in front of you is yourself in another form, and follow the golden rule.

Most importantly, we are each here with a job to do. Some of us are supposed to remind others that there is a purely spiritual way to heal the world. It is extremely important, in fact critical, that these harbingers express themselves clearly. It is the ultimate and true reality for which we are aiming as the end result of our sojourn here. We are evolving to that wonderful ideal. Each of our charts shows what our job is. In a community, each person fills a need. We can’t all be doing the same thing or imbalance would be the result. Therefore, it is a bit assumptive to presume to know what another should or should not believe or be doing – unless, of course, it is in violation of known spiritual law, such as the ten commandments. We have been given guidelines. A Course inMiracles is one of these, as is the Torah, the Bible, and other tomes around which people have formed belief systems. There are many paths to redemption.

Astrology is a tool that we have been given to help us on our evolutionary path. Every chart, whether it is for a person, country or your pet cat, spells out a potential destiny. It is supposed to be used to help people make better choices while they are in the physical realm. My job is to interpret these charts for others, and that is all I purport to do. Just because the message in the chart may not be potentially pleasant (remember, you can "choose again"), doesn’t mean I don’t know about or believe in our ultimate spiritual aim. Astrologically, the ninth house (and Sagittarius) represents both the community’s religious and philosophical collective mind as well as the political collective mind. In a chart, they are not separate. Why? Perhaps it’s because until we have evolved to a point where we can live in community peacefully using our collective sense of ethics and unconditional love voluntarily, we need our legal systems to do it for us. How will we ever evolve to that point where we don’t need courts and laws, if our laymen, philosophers and religious leaders do not teach how it should be done? A Course in Miracles says you are either teaching love or you are teaching fear by what you do. When we defend the powerless and give them a voice, we are teaching love. When we abandon our brothers on a practical level, we teach that we do not love and leave them in fear.

This Summer’s Uranus/Mars Conjunction

Usually, Mars zips along rather quickly staying about six weeks in a sign. Every other year, because of retrograde motion, it stays in one sign quite a bit longer, making it’s entire orbit through all the signs about two years rather than the hypothetical 18 months if it didn’t retrograde. It is not often that Mars lingers in orb of conjoining a planet like Uranus for a lengthy period. The last time I could find this happening was from November 1964 to June 1965, (around the beginning of the Vietnam War) and it was not in orb of a conjunction all of that time.

Mars and Uranus are just beginning a dance this month, never getting more than 8 or 9 degrees away from each other until late October. The farthest point is reached at Mars’ station at 10 Pisces in late July / early August, and that is the only time they are out of orb of conjoining. They begin to separate late in October just before Uranus stations at 28 Aquarius in early November. This is much more potent than the 1964/65 phenomenon.

These two together represent accidents, violence, abrupt, surprising, unpredictable behavior and impatience. It will affect us all on a global level — so keep it in mind and give people lots of room and patience — but it will especially affect anyone with planets or points in their chart between 28 degrees Aquarius and 10 degrees Pisces. Mars stations again at 0 degrees Pisces on September 27th. These specific degrees are very sensitive. The US chart has the moon at 27 Aquarius, the progressed Sun at 28, and the progressed Mercury at 29. I’d say we’ll be affected by some surprising events.

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