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As a result of the evaluation form I sent out last time, the main message I got was that you all wanted more, more often. That was a surprise, but also a difficult thing to do. Not only is it too costly, but it is too time-consuming to stuff, address and stamp all those envelopes.

But, I have found a compromise! Due to the ease and economy of the internet, I can send interim short commentaries via a bi-weekly E-Zine.

The first was launched June 11th and featured Timothy McVeigh, since that was the day he was executed. The second, two weeks later, was a more detailed commentary about these two eclipses.

Advantage E-Zine is sent every other Monday and will feature whatever is most interesting or prominent in current events. It is available by e-mail only. To subscribe or to download back issues, please see the E-Zine page.


Happy Birthday, America!

And this one is a doozy! There are two eclipses affecting the US chart mightily; one on June 21st and the other on July 5th.

On June 21st, the eclipse was at 0 degrees Cancer, a point very near the US Venus. More importantly, however, it is a critical degree (as Barbara May reminded me) and the summer solstice. It points to an emphasis on economics.

Eclipses energize where ever they make contacts and shine a spotlight on the houses in which they fall. If you can distinguish houses and signs in your chart, look at where 0 Cancer falls, and that will be the area of emphasis for the next year for you. Most of the time I allow a six month window for eclipse effects, but this one is so important, it could easily affect us for a year.

The second eclipse on July 5th is at 13 degrees Cancer—another critical degree—and further, it is conjunct the US Sun. In both eclipse charts there is also a major alignment of Mars and Pluto in Sagittarius opposite Mercury and Jupiter in Gemini all activating the US Mars/Neptune square. There are many other contacts, as well, which makes this even more significant.

With so much going on, it is impossible to predict what will happen, but whatever does should be extremely interesting to watch and most important to our history. There is more detail about these eclipses in the June 25th issue of Advantage E-Zine. —Carole Devine

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