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Spring 2000

Bush vs Gore
And the winner is....

By Carole Devine

George Bush appears to have the edge over Al Gore astrologically. The Eclipse in late July was conjunct his Ascendant whereas, it was too wide to affect Al Gore's (they have ascendants only 3 degrees apart). The eclipse just before that in mid-July aspected Bush's Midheaven and Saturn, both connected to career. Eclipses affect a chart for at least six months and indicate where the emphasis will be for at least that period of time.

The progressed MC is trine his natal Moon/Jupiter conjunction, and that trine is being super energized by transiting Uranus trining both, making a grand trine! Progressed Jupiter is separating from an opposition to the Midheaven which is, remember, energized already by the eclipse. The Moon/Jupiter conjunction, meanwhile, has moved by solar arc to trine the natal Mercury, which rules three houses, including the 11th (goals) and the 2nd (self worth). And it is being triggered by transiting Jupiter on Nov. 8th at a position very close to being sextile the midpoint of his ascendant and Mercury and opposing solar arc Moon. And last, Progressed Uranus is only four minutes from an exact sextile to Venus, co-ruler of the tenth (career). Although, it has been in that aspect all his life, this is important because it is almost exact.

Al Gore's chart, on the other hand, brought forward to November 8th, the day after the election, is not as active. Transiting Uranus is opposite his Saturn/Mars conjunction (not noted for wild happiness), which is more of an indication of a sudden change of plans than winning an election.

Further, solar arc Neptune is only a little over a degree from opposing the Ascendant, which is a strong indication of a personal lack of direction. We wouldn't want that happening to a president. I would say his is not the chart of a happy camper that day.

Since people who run for president are at the peak of their careers, it is hard to pick a winner. One can only hope that the charts are timed accurately, which was the problem with Dole's chart in the last election, and that the indications actually pertain to the election.

For instance, many years ago a friend of mine was running for a legislative seat from New York in Congress. Although I had no time of birth for either candidate, the incumbent's solar chart showed a deep depression the day after the election. It turned out my friend lost, but the incumbent's wife was suddenly gravely ill. The depression had nothing to do with the election.

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George W. Bush - Natal Chart, Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions
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Al Gore - Natal Chart, Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Directions
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