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A Red Hot Summer For Clinton

By Carole Devine

I just took a look at Clinton's chart to see how much more time we have before Saturn squares his natal Saturn and Neptune opposes it, when I noticed another big phenomenon.  Mr. Clinton has a most interesting time ahead, and it might be a good idea to examine this more thoroughly!

For starters, keep in mind that Clinton's life lessons are about abuse of power, deception and responsibility for his words.  (Nodes are in the third/ninth axis and in Gemini and Sagittarius).  A little over a year ago, those nodes by solar arc where conjunct and opposite his Mercury, showing that he was "acting out" his potential use or misuse of this energy.  All this year, transiting Uranus has been going over that point showing that the scenario is setting him up for an "awakening." There is no one time this happens; it's a process going on all summer.

More interesting than that, however, is the strong, dramatic solar arc of Uranus coming to his natal Pluto. It will be exact on August 26th. However, that point is triggered by transiting Uranus on July 5th.  Today, as I write this, it is June 27th—not much time left. What does this mean? Well settle back and let me tell you!

I first noticed this particular solar arc pair when I was studying the life of Abraham Lincoln. It was exact at the time of his assassination. (Uranus means "sudden" and Pluto means "death.") Only at that time it was reversed and an opposition. i.e. Pluto was opposite Uranus and it also kicked in a month early, which is not uncommon. A solar arc or progression is like a "cocked gun" waiting for a little transit or lunation to trigger it. This particular conjunction is being triggered by Uranus on July 5th and by a lunation (actually an eclipse) on January 31, 1999. There are two other eclipses affecting his Sun—always significant.

Now, I'm not saying our notorious president is going to be assassinated, but get away with all he's been accused of, he will not. With all this happening, he might wish he'd been assassinated. I believe this sudden death is either a literal event, or a sudden death of power, since power is what pluto is all about. And, I think the "fat lady sings" by the end of February. When you add the transits of Saturn and Neptune to his natal Saturn, which means he's undisciplined and confused, to put it mildly, it is a pretty clear picture of a rude awakening.

Expect to see some fast-paced surprises in July that lead to a very uncomfortable summer for Bill. There will be an important development in late September over which he'll breathe a sigh of relief on September 30th, but it boils again in mid-November. After that, it's a matter of time. This is of course, if the worst case scenario (assassination) doesn't occur prior to that.

Those of you who have been reading my commentaries for years are probably wondering what happened to my usual "spiritual" view. It's still there, but this circus has gone on so long, I'm beginning to feel I'm looking at a soap opera instead of real people. Please forgive the lapse.

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