Cosmic Views

Spring 2005

In this Issue:
  • President Bush’s Chart Update

  • Major Changes

  • Saturn Enters Leo

  • Three Month General Forecast

    President Bush’sChart Update

    By Carole Devine


    George Bush has configurations that have been in place like a cocked gun ready for something to trigger them. I’ve mentioned them before, but one never knows when free will is going to speed things up ahead of the trigger, so I’ve written of them way ahead. This year there are several triggers, so it should be a most interesting time for Mr. Bush. In fact, it’s probably the most significant year in his entire life in terms of facing reality about himself. Even though this may be quite technical, which I have to do for my students, I hope you will take the time to try to understand it.

    There are two sensitive areas being activated this year. One is the ongoing progressed Sun to his Mars. Uranus has been hanging out opposite that for several months (indicating tendencies toward accidents or violence), but now in a few weeks, July 20th, to be exact, the progressed Moon will join all of that and will be halfway between the opposition, 90 degrees from both the Sun/Mars on one side and Uranus opposite on the other side of his chart. Add to that, Mars will be transiting Mr. Bush’s MC at that time, and there was an eclipse this last April at 19 Aries which was opposite his Jupiter and close to the MC. When Mars transits an eclipse point, it usually manifests the events associated with it. In this case, since Saturn is now finishing it’s return to his natal Saturn (and 90 degrees from the MC), it will have to do with insecurity in his professional life. This could be a dangerous time, but at the very least, he would be highly irritated.

    July is rather sensitive. Progressed Venus squares (90 degrees) Saturn on the 5th right after the progressed Moon is contra-parallel Saturn on July 1. It can be private, since Venus rules the 4th (home), but rest assured, he does not feel great approval or love coming his way. Then progressed Moon squares Mars on the 20th, and remember Uranus is closely opposing that too. He could be short tempered or attract those who are. Pluto sesqui-quadrates the ascendant on July 30, which is determination to get his way… very controlling. Early August he is over-confident. Keep in mind, that Uranus is not only opposing his Mars (exact on Aug. 18) and square the progressed Moon, but opposite the progressed Sun as well!! Since Mars in his chart is negatively aspecting the MC, so is Uranus in transit, too. And, as you learned in plane geometry, since Uranus is 90 degrees from the prog. Moon and 180 degrees from the prog. Sun, that means that the progressed Moon will soon be 90 degrees from the progressed Sun – actually, on August 26. All of this is too much energy to go unnoticed. The Sun/Moon configuration is a classic for shifting gears and going into another direction. So this is quite significant. This has not happened in his presidency before.

    The second area of sensitivity is the fact that he has early Leo rising with several planets in Leo as well, and Saturn will enter Leo on July 16. Characterwise, in the natal chart, this indicates supreme self-confidence, sometimes arrogance when carried to extremes, and since two of the adjoining planets are Mercury and Pluto, this also shows a one-track mind that never gives up on what it believes to be true. In Leo, one could feel he is divinely inspired. Leo is also a fixed sign, and although not usually emphasized, Leo is just as stubborn and “fixed” in attitude as Taurus or Scorpio. However, as my teacher once said, Leo smiles while saying “no” and tries to be charming about it.

    Saturn represents conflict, pain and doubt. We can look at this transit over his ascendant and Leo planets in a couple ways. First, as a cycle, Saturn coming to the ascendant is a new beginning where one feels his or her own inadequacies and, if consciously aware, does some self-analysis. Saturn has been in the 12th house just before it passes over the ascendant, and in eveyone’s life, when this planet is traversing the 12th, there is far more self-doubt and insecurity than any one else knows. Some people feel as though the world is passing them by, and they experience more isolation than usual. Others may privately question themselves and secretly have doubts about their abilities or life path. When it leaves the twelfth and goes over the ascendant, then all this doubt is laid bare and is obvious to others, as well. Sometimes it can indicate a physical illness, but if not, fatigue is evident.

    This marks one of the most important cycles of anyone’s life, when Saturn enters the first house and moves through the first quadrant. It is often called the “obscure” period when one is building a new foundation. It’s a good time to study or start something that will have a lasting impact on one’s life. If someone is on the wrong path, then a correction is usually made at this time. Usually, we find life a little more difficult than usual as we search for a new way of doing things.

    The other way of looking at this is concerned with the planets that Saturn will cross over as it enters the first house. By the way, due to retrograde motion, Saturn will cross over Bush’s ascendant (which is the first house cusp, for those of you who are new at this) three times: Sept. 12, 2005, Feb.6, 2006 and June 1, 2006. Meanwhile, while occupying the first, it will contact Mercury and Pluto during this year long drama.

    The Mercury contact is on Oct. 12 which ushers in a very dynamic time. The eclipses in Oct. contact Bush’s Sun and MC. You can’t get much more dynamic than that. Emphasis is on the ego and public image, not to mention his career specifically. Saturn conjoining Mercury is not only fatigue, but also depression if one lets it go that far, and when you also include Saturn conjoining Pluto on Oct. 25th, and we really cannot separate these two, the whole period can be a sobering time for Bush to have to take responsibility for decisions he has made. Saturn stations on November 22 very near these two placements, so it is an ongoing state of mind for several months.

    There is a lot more to this and things look better for him around the end of next March for awhile, but I’ll wait for later issues to get into it. Let’s see what results this summer brings.

    Major Changes

    I’ve done it again. Moved and started a new venture. This time it is for family reasons and to start semi-retirement. I’ll be doing a limited amount of astrological consulting here in Pasadena, MD. You can contact me at 757-581-5263 or to make appointments. I couldn’t get Cox cable here, so am using the website’s email option. I’m near Washington DC, Baltimore and Annapolis, so it’s convenient for those of you in those areas. Mail order is still available. Write to me at: 8110 Fanfair Lane, Pasadena, MD 21122.

    Saturn Enters Leo

    Approximately every two and a half years, Saturn changes signs. It is one of the classic signatures in astrology that our lives are built around the scaffolding of Saturn. It represents structure, discipline, organization and responsibility. Therefore, whenever Saturn goes through a sign, those who have planets or mathematical points in that sign will have attention drawn to what Saturn represents. After July 16, when Saturn enters Leo, it will be the Lion’s turn to straighten up and put life in order.

    Since astrology is built on geometric principles, the points in a circle that are 180 and 90 degrees away from a place, are also affected. The signs in these positions from Leo are Aquarius (opposite), Taurus and Scorpio (both 90 degrees). Those signs are also affected by the discipline of Saturn, but to a lesser degree.

    I like to think of Saturn as “the teacher” who corrects us when we are on the wrong path. It really is a blessing to have the cosmos let us know when a change is needed, and this is why Edgar Cayce called Saturn the planet of change. So, if you’re a Leo, you can expect to have to make some corrections or changes in the next couple years, if you’re not on purpose with your life. If you are, then in my teacher’s words, “Who’s gonna hassle you?” Saturn, being responsibility, as well, can indicate a time when you take on more responsibility through a promotion or achievement, so it is potentially change for the better and just as indicative of a reward, albeit an earned one.

    Mundanely, when Saturn goes through a sign, we expect to see mass consciousness turn seriously to things that the sign represents. Leo rules children. We are already seriously concerned with the state of our schools. Gambling and speculation are other areas. Recreational facilities, upscale luxury vendors, cruise lines, fashion, decorating, etc. may see some need to restructure, discipline or streamline they way they do business. We’ll see how it all unfolds.


    General Forecast

    June: Jupiter, after four months of retrograde motion, goes direct on June 5th. If you have felt it like I have, judgments were hard to make with a lot of second guessing. You should find things moving forward again more confidently after the fifth. On the other hand, Uranus starts retrograde motion on June 14th. Uranus has been in the first third of Pisces for the last couple years, so people with positions in the first third of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius should have been riding a roller coaster to some degree. If you have positions at 9 to 11 degrees of those signs, the station is right on it, and it is especially hectic. (President Bush has Mars at 9 Virgo and the progressed Sun at 10 Virgo.) Mars enters Aries on June 13th. People in general may be a bit more impatient, but Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn will be especially so.

    July: This is an important month. The most significant thing is Saturn entering Leo on the 16th. Secondly, Mercury retrogrades on the 23rd and does not go direct until August 16th. Remember the rules… double check everything during that period and don’t start anything important. If you were born with a retrograde Mercury, it doesn’t seem to affect you as much. July 29th, Mars enters Taurus where it will stay until Feb. 17, 2006. Although Mars zips around the zodiac every two years, it stays in one sign for a long time every other year. This is Taurus’ turn, so that sign (plus Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius) will have periods of irritation or increased energy more than normal during that period. One way to use it is to get to work and be productive.

    August: The first couple days of August Mercury (retrograde) will be square Neptune (also retrograde) so it would be a good idea to check everything you hear or read. These two in that aspect tend to exaggeration or out right deception. If you have to have surgery at that time, it might be a good idea to pick a different date if you can. It leads to errors, neurological and anesthetic problems.

    The last few days of July and first half of August Mars is square Saturn. You’ll find it a frustrating time with delays and an increase in people digging in their heels and refusing to budge. You’ll need your best diplomatic manner! The last half of the month Mars is square Neptune where the same advice would apply as stated above with Mercury square that planet, only with Mars, it’s action rather than words and information.


    Save Trees, Energy, Money, & Time

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