Spring 2004

A Dramatic Spring/Summer Ahead
By Carole Devine

This June Saturn comes to conjoin the USA Sun and George Bush’s Sun, as well. Much has been written about this, including my own articles, so there is no need to re-hash what this means, in itself. However, there is more to add to this later on in this article. The last time it happened we had Watergate and the resignation of President Nixon. We vote for our leaders, so it is important to understand who these men are, what their characters are like and what their chart shows at this point in their lives. In this way we can make a more informed decision. This time I’ll put astrological references in parentheses and italics so that you can skip them if you’re not astrologically literate. This way, students can also benefit.

John Kerry was born on December 11, 1943 at 8:03 a.m. in Denver, CO. There had been a birth time of 7:10 a.m. prior to a report from a family member; this new time changes everything. (There is a different sign on the MC and all the movement to and from the angles are different.) A chart with as much Gemini and Sagittarius as this chart has could be a very flighty, insincere and superficial character, but it is grounded (Saturn conjunct the Moon and opposite Sun) enough to add qualities of responsibility and caution. There is a tendency to be analytical and detail oriented (Sun/Moon Gibbous phase and Mars/Uranus in the sixth house).

It is well-known that Kerry didn’t find his career direction immediately, which is common with Neptune on the MC, but he has the ability to be an inspiration to others when he has a clear direction. (Mars trine Neptune/MC) What would concern me is his dishonesty. Even with Sagittarius rising. (Mercury square Neptune is a very “creative” thinker who can deliberately confuse facts.) He absolutely can do one thing and say another. Plus there is evidence of keeping whatever he wants hidden. (Venus in Scorpio square Pluto)

Kerry's Life Now

Very hard work is ahead for Kerry all next year (Pluto opposite Saturn), and he is also confused and overwhelmed particularly around March 2005 (solar arc Neptune opposing natal Uranus, ruler of third). Election day looks good (Jupiter and Venus at the MC trine Uranus and Mars, and solar arc Pluto within a month of trining natal Mars, an indication of a move). Also, Saturn is moving toward the MC with a few years to go, an indication of a career that has not culminated yet. By contrast Saturn is in Bush’s 12th and moving toward the ascendant which is indicative of extreme self-search and entry soon into an obscure period. Right after the election, Kerry’s tertiary progressions show a change of direction, which would happen whether he wins or loses. (The tertiary angles change signs, and tertiary Sun is exactly square tert. Uranus.)

June is Most Critical for Bush

Bush is headed into a dangerous and dramatic time during the first three weeks of June but particularly around the 10th to 15th. (The progressed Sun is exactly conjoining natal Mars, transiting Saturn is conjunct the Sun, transiting Mars is square the MC on the 14th/15th and then goes on to square the progressed Venus/Jupiter conjunction, which can have a slight protective effect, transiting Pluto is on the south node with the trans. Sun having been opposite that point and conjunct Uranus on the 10th and 11th. Plus Mercury goes over those points the Sun occupied on the 15th and 16th. The progressed Sun to Mars is the most significant indication, but progressions need a trigger. We have that too. Jupiter is on that point – 9 Virgo – May 21st, and by the time Jupiter has moved to nearly 11 Virgo, Uranus is stationing opposite this at nearly 7 Pisces. They, Jupiter and Uranus would be equidistant from it, one being two degrees beyond and the other two degrees short of it. This is a powerful trigger and is happening when Saturn conjunct his Sun and the progressed Sun/Mars contact are almost exact. Also, the progressed Ascendant is very close to exactly squaring progressed Uranus, perfecting on the evening of election day. Solar arc Mercury and Pluto are straddling his natal Neptune, as well. The eclipse of May 4th was exactly square Bush’s solar arc Uranus which in turn is right on his natal Ascendant/Venus midpoint.)

Suffice to say, this is an enormous amount of energy culminating at once and points to significant sudden events that will impact the president potently. Since the USA chart is also reflecting many of these contacts in different ways, it also affects the whole country. If something doesn’t actually happen to him, events will certainly affect him in a most dramatic way. I wouldn’t be surprised if by election day, George Bush isn’t even in the race.

About Saturn Transiting the 12th House

Saturn cycles are most reliable and one can hang a lifetime’s scaffolding on them. The 12th house is the subconscious, but also indicates our most private thoughts and spiritual beliefs. George Bush was born with Saturn there, and later this year is about to experience his “Saturn return” which many of you have more than likely heard of. Karmically, Saturn in the 12th can show unresolved leadership issues from past lives and an unconscious dislike of being in that kind of position. Right now these ghosts are being revived in his psyche. I’m sure he is doing a lot of inward reflection and soul searching, but outwardly Leo rising and Mercury/Pluto on the ascendant cannot allow admission of a mistake. I believe he is feeling one thing privately, but maintaining an opposite stance publicly to save face.

Current Phenomena

We just had two eclipses, one on April 19th at 29:49 Aries and one on May 4th at 14:42 Scorpio. One of these, the 15th degree of Scorpio, is a critical degree and carries great weight. (Remember that when designating degrees, 0 to 1 is the first degree, 1 to 2 is the second, and so on.) The 15th degree of the fixed signs are said to rule the “Lords of Karma,” and are supposed to be of significant importance whenever activated. It is fascinating that Neptune stations at 15 Aquarius (another fixed sign) on May 17th triggering this eclipse, as well, and right now (May 7, 2004) as this is being written, we are seeing the breaking of the Rumsfeld scandal. (If anyone has his data, I’d really appreciate having it!) The eclipse and the Neptune station will affect mostly those born around February 1st to 6th, May 3rd to 8th, August 5th to 10th, and November 5th to 10th. These people will most likely feel a lack of direction and general discontent. It’s a good time to research options.

War and Mars/Neptune in the USA Chart

The USA chart has a square in it that has always been triggered significantly in times of war. It is Neptune square Mars (meaning they were 90 degrees apart with the USA was “born”), and I’ve written quite a bit about the historical events surrounding the aspects to this square. Right now, it is being activated by Pluto, and in March it stationed in a square to Neptune, retrograded and is now approaching another conjunction to Mars. Recently, we’ve seen quite an escalation of casualties. This square in any chart is an indication of scandal, secrecy and deception, and like it or not, it’s part of our national “personality” and character. It literally means to act in a confused and/or deceptive manner. Examples of this, as I’ve written before, are the way we bought and the way we treated slaves, when we, ourselves, had fled England for “freedom,” and in the forties, we fought to free the Jews from the tyranny of the Nazis, but back home we still had separate systems for our black population and treated them abysmally. We really do not practice what we preach.

Every time this square is triggered, historically we have had war. Each time it is a call for our collective consciousness to address this character trait and do something about healing it. How do we do that? Each of us is part of the collective. We each have a responsibility to work at being more honest and straightforward in all our affairs, and eventually, this trait would be transmuted in our collective unconscious.

Other Planetary Dramas

Jupiter stationed at 8:55 Virgo on May 5th. Uranus stations on June 10th at 6:47 Pisces. They are, therefore, opposing one another very near the 9 Virgo position of Bush’s Mars, which is holding a progressed Sun conjunction. Normally, this could be a great release of tension, but with Mars involved, it can be a sudden violent event. For the rest of us, this opposition will affect those born around Feb. 23rd to 28th, May 25th to 31st, August 27th to Sept. 3rd, and Nov. 25th to Dec. 1st. Rapid changes are occurring in those people’s lives, and probably for the better.
And last, Venus goes retrograde on May 17th, the day Neptune stations, and will remain retrograde until June 29th. Venus doesn’t retrograde that often, and since during this time, it will oppose Pluto and square Neptune on June 2nd to 3rd, activating the above mentioned square, it may be an indication of more war news.

It's Not Just Saturn Transiting the USA Sun, Folks

It’s also Saturn square Saturn in the USA chart! We were born with a Sun/Saturn square, too. Nothing is isolated in a chart. When our Sun is contacted by anything, so is the Saturn 90 degrees away at 14:48 Libra. This is the signature of the “responsible parent,” and that we are! We parent the whole world, showing them a better way and disciplining them if need be. I don’t think that needs elaboration, but consider that when Saturn contacts something, it brings conflict, pain and doubt about what one has done. This applies to George Bush’s Sun, too, since he shares the USA position, and it is all triggered simultaneously.

As I said last time, if we didn’t have to apply the planetary phenomenon to the USA and Bush charts, they would look pretty good. But the contacts with these two charts are serious. A turning point is just ahead of us, and in about six months, when the USA progressed Sun changes signs and goes into Pisces, our Aquarian sureness will soften to something a bit more sensitive. Let us pray that the positive side of Pisces, kindness, compassion and unconditional love, will prevail.



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Donald Rumsfeld

Illinois and Pennsylvania had a law before 1966 that required statistics like births and deaths to be recorded in standard time. Often it was ignored, making it very difficult to know whether or not a birth certificate time is standard or daylight savings time. Born on July 9, 1932 at 5:40 pm CDT in Chicago, IL, Mr. Rumsfeld’s chart depends on solving this dilemma. It’s a hard call. Looking at past events, though, the daylight time chart is much more dramatic in showing his life events than the standard time chart so I’m going to go with that one in this analysis.

Regarding his character, he looks like a natural military man (Mars opposite the Ascendant – i.e. angular) and with the ruler of the ascendant, Jupiter, in the ninth, a natural affinity for travel and interest in foreign cultures. Plus, Libra is the military sign, and it is at 00:00 on his Mid-heaven, a very significant degree! His vision is broad with an inborn dignity and grace that he wears easily. (Jupiter, conjunct Mercury in Leo in the ninth) Although a Cancer, noted for being nurturing and sensitive, his Sun is toughened and his personality steeled by being in the 8th and conjunct Pluto. He can keep secrets and even be ruthless when necessary.

The generation that was born around the time of the depression share a Saturn/Uranus square, and in this case his Sun is involved in it as well, showing a very independent, depend-on-oneself attitude, but also with a fear of sudden change or disaster. This generation had tough times, and they are forever vigilant for signs of a return engagement, so to speak. They are at their best when dealing with sudden responsibilities. With his Jupiter trine the Uranus in his chart, his judgment for the most part is excellent. Moon at 2 Libra trine Saturn at 2 Aquarius echo this cool, calm ability to assess a situation thoroughly before making decisions. Only Mars in Gemini on the seventh cusp would hint at being a bit reactive and hot-headed, but since it is sextile Mercury in the ninth, he still would most likely be able to think on his feet well enough to maintain composure.

However, he is still made of steel, and is able to be deceptive in his behavior no matter what he is saying. Neptune squares the Ascendant and Mars.
Uranus in transit lately has been activating the Neptune/Mars/Ascendant square and will continue to do so for quite some time. It has been opposite Neptune this year and for the next two years at least, he’ll be dealing with unpredictable events as a result of any deceptions or illusions he may have orchestrated.

Most importantly, (and I’m going to suspend italics for this) solar arc Pluto conjoined his MC nine months ago, it will square his natal Venus in six months, and you don’t need to know which chart is correct for this. Since Venus rules his MC, that indicates a total change in his career and goals. It can be a very serious blot on his reputation since Venus is also in the seventh (the public). Shortly thereafter, Pluto conjoins his Moon – roughly one and a quarter years from now. That is intense soul searching, but also can be a revelation regarding matters he was hiding. Moon rules secretive 8th.
Further, at this time now, progressed Jupiter and Neptune are just separating from a conjunction by only 6 minutes. The immediate past would indicate some idealistic illusions that he probably really believes. There is a great article about this by Bill Herbst on the Mountain Astrologer website (www.mountainastrologer.com) called “The Grand Cross of Illusions.” Right now, also, his progressed Moon is about to sextile natal Pluto, so this scandal that we are seeing will be weighing on him much more deeply in the weeks ahead, but he’ll most likely be quite prudent in what he reveals. Solar arc Mercury will square his natal Mercury in about eight months, so, again, we will see some more revelations around that time.

There are a couple of profound indications, though, that show this to be a life-altering event for him. Jupiter by solar arc is within 3 minutes (less than a month in time) from squaring his natal Saturn, which is an indication of looking to build new personal foundations regarding his finances and values. He is re-assessing the core of his life. Uranus by solar arc has been square his Moon for the last five months showing an emotional roller coaster ride, and it will go on to quincunx his Saturn, which will urge him to re-assess his decisions and to abandon some that were not working. That is about six weeks from now (this is May 13, 2004).

He was born with the generational Saturn/Uranus square mentioned before, but that is within two minutes of being exact right now. Hence, activation of sudden responsibility, and transiting Saturn will join it in August after traveling over his Sun at 17 Cancer around July 8th to 18th. This is just after Bush’s crescendo time in June.

And last, even though there are many more contacts, one of the most important indications is the solar arc Moon. He was born with the Moon conjunct the MC with the daylight time chart, and that conjunction is now straddling the ascendant. The MC is at 9:09 Sagittarius, the Ascendant is 10:23 and the Moon is 11:09. In about three months when they are exactly equidistant from the Ascendant, there can be very emotional public time for him. In a little over a year from now the solar arc Moon will oppose natal Mars, followed by the MC doing the same a couple years later. That can indicate anger coming to the foreground. Again, this is affecting the core of his life, since Mars rules the fourth and fifth.

In summation, I believe Mr. Rumsfeld is going through one of the most profound changes in his life with long-lasting repercussions. Maybe even more profound than the president. It will be extremely interesting to see how this drama unfolds.

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