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Spring 2003

The Republic of Iraq

A Chart Analysis
By Carole Devine

Nick Campion’s The Book of World Horoscopes gives the Republic of Iraq a birth date and time of July 14, 1958 at 4:00 GMT placed, of course, in Baghdad. The chart shows Leo rising with Uranus and Mercury straddling the ascendant and square the MC...a strong indication of a very independent, non-conforming persona. It also speaks of the suddenness of change in that domain. Neptune opposing the MC is indicative of a deceptive leader (possibly with this chart, all leaders would be), and with Saturn opposing the Moon, a very unhappy and impoverished populace. Jupiter and Neptune in the third would indicate that rhetoric in the media would influence the populace with exaggeration and deception as well.. especially with Jupiter opposing Mars in the 9th. These are in a T square with the Sun, ruler of the ascendant. It’s an interesting chart and astoundingly reflective of what we know about Iraq from experience.
Saddam Hussein took over the country and established his regime on July 16, 1979. It is amazingly indicated in the country’s chart. The progressed/solar arc Sun was just past the natal Uranus and applying to conjoining the progressed Uranus. Upheaval, surprise, shock and anarchy. Further the progressed Mars was separating from conjoining the MC by only 10 minutes, speaking of the violence that had just occured. And, solar arc Uranus was separating by one minute from conjoining Pluto, one of the most reliable indications of total change and sudden upheaval, and progressed Ascendant was just minutes past a conjunction with progressed Pluto.

Transits show the deception and violence to come. Transit Neptune was poised to then transit over Saturn and oppose the Moon as Mars was to conjoin the moon and oppose Saturn. The Moon is the populace in a country’s chart. The hardship began. There is much more here, but this is the main story. Now, Venus is approaching the Ascendant and Mercury by minutes, showing peace and harmony possibly on the horizon. Why possibly? Well, the infamous Saturn/Pluto opposition that we have been feeling so deeply over the last year or more is aligning now with Iraq’s Venus/Moon opposition to Saturn. That is forced change on the populace that they definitely will find hard to bear. Further, the progressed MC is just separating from this same opposition (fear of leaders/authority). Neptune is coming to a long term opposition to the country’s ascendant and Mercury, and in only a couple months the solar arc Moon will square the natal Neptune. This can be indicative of chemical damage to the populace, deceptive practices related to oil interests and confusion in general. Nothing will be clear or solid. But, it’s not anywhere near as brutal as the coup of Hussein was in 1979. Perhaps what Iraq needs is a rebirth into a new kind of government and hence, a new chart – but, hopefully, a government of their own choosing.

Jupiter is in Leo now making a station square the Iraqi MC. The leader is over-optimistic. High hopes and maybe exaggerated benefits are being expected by the country. It will transit over Uranus, Ascendant and Mercury through May and early June... a release of tension and things getting better rapidly for the country. By late September, when Jupiter enters Virgo and conjoins the Iraqi Pluto, a new foundation for the country should be in place. (Pluto rules the fourth.) Saturn will be in Cancer in early June, so is not affecting the Moon, etc., anymore, but remember this is a Cancer country with Leo rising and planets in Leo. When Saturn goes over the Sun and ascendant a few years hence, further changes will be in store.

Seven Years of Uranus in Pisces

On March 10th at 3:54 p.m. EST Uranus entered Pisces for a seven year sojourn for the first time since April 1, 1919. Any time an outer planet changes signs it ushers in a new perspective in mass consciousness and marks an initiation into new experience. Uranus has about an 84 year cycle...i.e. it orbits the sun once every 84 years. Eighty four divided by 12 (signs) equals 7 – the approximate length of time it spends in a sign. Actually, all the outer planets have orbits divisible by seven, making it a significant number. The first year of a sign change is usually a transitional time when the planet retrogrades back into its last sign placement and then back into the new one again. That happened in 1919-20 and this year it will not be solidly in Pisces until around Christmas, retrograding back into Aquarius in late September until late December.
There are several ways of looking at this, and we’ll look at each one for some perspective of what this means. One, is by setting up a chart for the moment of the first ingress, and that can be done by using any city. The chart will affect the location for which the chart is cast. For an idea of how this will affect a country, we would want to set it up for the capital city accounting for appropriate time zones. I’ve prepared one for Washington DC at 3:54 pm on March 10, 2003. I’m just going to tell you what’s in the chart and what these aspects mean. It isn’t necessarily my personal opinion.. just what the chart shows. Also keep in mind that there are other players in the drama (i.e. the other outer planets) so this is a very focused view and not the whole picture. And, it only applies to the US. We’ll look at more universal meanings next.
Leo is rising in the chart, and the ruler of Leo, the Sun, is in the 8th at 19:52 Pisces in a tight square with Pluto at 19:55 Sagittarius. Pluto is in and rules the fourth. This is probably the most significant thing about the chart and indicates (barring other considerations) that this particular transit of Uranus through Pisces could bring some thorough, revolutionary changes to the grass roots American people. The square is not the only thing showing this. Sun in the 8th is like an honorary Plutonian influence too, and indicates very deep emotions and concern about taxes, the economy, social security, insurance and the stock market. Something will have to be done that is innovative (Uranus) and transforming (Pluto) concerning these things. This can be good if you consider that we could use some improvement on various fronts, but Pluto change is usually rather thorough with strong resistance and power struggle, and the square aspect is often indicative of projection. ("It’s not us who need to change; it’s them!")

Added to the drama is the Moon which is in opposition to Pluto an d square the Sun. In this case, the Moon would represent the collective unconscious of the country since it rules the 12th...also under pressure to change. The Moon trines Neptune, and I think that is an indication that we are becoming more spiritually sensitive. Heightening this is a conjunction of Neptune to Venus, both opposite Jupiter. The combination is compassionate and kind, but with the Jupiter opposition, judgment is not the best. There could be too much idealism leading to ill-conceived decisions. Since Venus rules the MC (the country’s leader) it indicates that he may not be seeing things as clearly as he thinks. (We’ve already discussed Bush’s Neptunian contacts in his natal chart.) Idealism is a good thing, but too much of a good thing can lead to a negative result. The only aspect helping this is the trine to the Moon in the tenth, which would indicate that the people are in agreement and instincts are good.

Saturn is involved in the Sun/Pluto configuration. It is square the Sun and opposing Pluto. In this chart Saturn represents the job situation, health care, and the general corps of service people in the country .. including the military. Besides Mars and Aries, 6th house and Virgo have to do with our servicemen and women. (Rex Bill’s Rulership Book) It looks like a very disciplined time for them, but with the Neptune/Venus/Jupiter configuration involving the 6th, I’d wonder about clarity of purpose (next 7 years). I’ve often been curious about the role of the nodes in these kinds of charts since they are so indicative of karma in individuals’ charts. There is such a thing as group karma. In this case, they are square the ingressing Uranus, so there is a direct involvement. Since the south node is in the fourth in Sagittarius, there could be some collective lessons about the importance of the family, ideals and education. The nodes are also the environment, so with the square to Uranus, there can be some innovation in environmental issues that we initiate very quickly. I’d say about 2 and 1/3 years from now.
There is, of course, a lot more to this chart, but those are the most important elements. Let’s go on to another way of observing this, which is the symbolic meanings of the planet and sign. When Uranus enters a sign, it initiates awakening and change to the things the sign represents. Uranus has been called "the great awakener". Wherever it is in a chart, there is rebellion, inventiveness or innovation connected to its placement. It is associated with surprise and sudden change. Pisces is symbolic of compassion, sensitivity, spirituality, music, dance, the arts in general and an inclination to "oneness" with humanity. On a negative note (all signs have a negative side), it is associated with drugs (alcohol), chemicals, pollution, gases, oil, deception, confusion and dissolution. Putting this together, over the next seven years humanity (global) can expect awakening and sudden innovation or change connected to all these things, both negative and positive. One possibility, for instance, is a viable alternative to oil as a fuel.
A third way of looking at this is reviewing history during the last time Uranus traversed this sign. That was between 1919 and 1927. (In those two specific years, it was in and out of two signs, but Uranus tenants a sign for seven on average. Remember the 84 divided by 12 formula.) Prohibition started in 1919. Pisces is associated with alcohol. Prohibition started as a way for the more religious (Pisces involves spirituality too) of the population to curb the influence of alcohol. It was a form of rebellion (Uranus). There was retaliatory rebellion in true Uranus fashion... speakeasies and bootlegging. There was change in the arts with a new appreciation for abstraction. Fashion radically changed suddenly as did the dances and music of the time. Many were ‘rebelling’ against the straight-laced religious morals of the time, and it is looked upon as a decadent period of history. Most of all, science began to accept the theory of quantum mechanics (starting in 1913 when Uranus was in inventive Aquarius, it’s own sign) and the uncertainty principle, both of which lead to a marriage of science and religion. (see The Spiritual Universe by Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.) I believe that those concepts, first introduced over 80 years ago, will come into their own and be widely accepted over the next 7 years. These seven years should be a spiritual renaissance.

I also think we will wake up to what our pollution of the environment has done, and suddenly there will be more responsibility and innovation in that department. We can expect further innovation in music and the arts. By innovation, I’m not talking about just a little creativity, but change that is reminiscent of going from parlor music to the Charleston.
To take this a step further, lets look at the time before that when Uranus was in Pisces – 1835 to 1842. The Opium War was from 1839 to 1842 (remember prohibition?). Wild gardens replaced the previously favored formal French variety (Pisces defuses boundaries). Clothing became more casual with the discarding of hoops, wigs and ruffles. Music changed from classical to an appreciation of folk melodies. Artists expressed more of the wild side of nature with renditions of storms and mountainous landscapes. Bottom line: When Uranus changes signs, there is change!

This is a fascinating facet of astrology, but it’s hard to separate the various cycles in their operations since they are occurring simultaneously and overlapping at varying times. However, when you understand what each planet’s function is and then compare it to historical events, it is clear that our evolution is being gently guided.
"As we receive God’s love and impart it to others, we are given the power to repair the world." ~ Marianne Williamson

What Does Uranus In Pisces Mean to YOU?

Uranus, when it affects individuals, brings in an "awakening" that change must occur. It will be in the part of your chart where Uranus was at birth and whatever Uranus is affecting from its current location by house and planet. It would take a personal analysis to determine how it affects a specific individual in total, after all, it affects far more than the Sun, but in general, those with the Sun in Pisces (naturally), Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius, would be most prone to change. It would be impatient, abrupt and possibly irresponsible change, depending on individual factors. It affects a specific point in the chart every 21 years by fourth harmonic aspects. So, if you were born in the early part of these signs just remember what happened 21 years ago. This will be similar. The later in the signs above you were born, the later in the 7 year sojourn you will feel its influence.
Whatever house it is transiting, you will find things moving very quickly taking you into untried territory regarding anything that house represents. You would have to live to 84 years old to have Uranus transit the same house twice. In the first house, it’s an urge to change appearance and mannerisms, in the second, a financial whirlwind, third is innovative ideas, fourth – instability leading to change in the home, fifth (fun!) – freeing of inhibition in either love life or creativity, although it can be rebellious children, sixth would be innovation and change in the job or health picture, seventh applies to legal relationships like marriage, eighth to investments, taxes, insurance, and others’ evaluation of you, ninth is legal affairs, travel, education, etc., tenth the career and public image, eleventh would be awakening to new long-term goals and even new friends, while the twelfth is an internal restlessness leading to an awakening on an unconscious or subconscious level.

The houses rely on an exact time of birth to determine.
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