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Spring 2002

The Phenomena of May 26th

By Carole Devine

We've spoken quite a bit about the long-lasting opposition of Saturn and Pluto that has been with us for nearly a year and will continue within range on and off until early 2003. This opposition is one of the most challenging for our global community and is associated with tremendous stress and change. I've described it more fully in previous articles. May 26th is the last time they will exactly oppose each other in this cycle, and it will be at 16 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini. Within hours of that phenomenon there will also be an eclipse at 5 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini. It is very rare to have two such heavy celestial events occurring on the same day. Naturally, it will most impact those who have angles, planets or points in their charts at these degrees.

As we might expect, the USA chart is one that will be impacted. Recent eclipses have been affecting us, too, and events have been life-altering. These two phenomena will add to and continue the transition we're all going through. The Pluto/Saturn opposition will affect the Ascendant / Descendant axis, and the eclipse will be opposite the USA Uranus. As I write this (May 2, 2002), the USA progressed Moon is only 5 minutes applying to a conjunction to the USA Uranus, and the USA progressed Sun is only 20 minutes separating from a conjunction to the USA natal Moon. By May 26th, these are both separating, but the progressed Moon is still inside one degree of conjuncting Uranus. Recently, the transiting Uranus went over the USA Moon, which is holding a conjunction by the progressed Sun. This echoes the erratic ups and downs we have been experiencing. Plus, it is fascinating that the tertiary progressed Jupiter is at 28 Aquarius, conjunct transit Uranus, and is retrograding to the USA natal Moon position. The eclipse of November 20th this year at 27 Taurus will be square this point, so there are going to be a phenomenal series of surprises over the next year.

Uranus is called the "great awakener", and usually its effects are totally unpredictable. Since it is so active, both by being triggered and doing the triggering, it is impossible to predict what will happen. All we can say is that it is a scheduled "great awakening" for our country and for any other country that is being affected by these celestial dynamics.

Keep in mind, as I've said many times before, that a country is an expression of mass consciousness showing the totality of the citizens' most dominant collective thought processes. What we as individuals choose to think and do is always going to impact the collective, so we are each one responsible for our reactions to every little daily event. Each mind matters. Especially now.

I'm in California but not for long.
After all the moves of the last year, you all probably think I'm a vagabond, but each move has been to do something for someone who was important to me. This time it was for my sister who was partially paralyzed. Her daughter needed help, and since I love San Diego and had wanted to return here for some time, it was an opportunity to fulfill that wish. (See next article for more on this.) But, unfortunately, my sister passed over on May 8th. I will be returning to Virginia Beach by May 22, and will have the same address, etc.

Those Amazing Tertiary Progressions

I'd heard of them for years. Zip Dobyns was using them on a regular basis when she was my house guest way back in 1986 or '87. But, being a firm believer that solar arc and secondary progressions will tell the story more than any other technique, I didn't see the point of "cluttering" up the chart with more detail. However, tertiary progressions is one of Solar Fire's features, so one day for a reason I can't remember, I decided to look at them for added information. I knew they were based on the daily lunar motion, so I started by looking at the Moon positions. It quickly became apparent, however, that the real story was in the other planets and their recurring interaction with the natal chart. Since it all moves so fast (a ratio of a day for a month roughly) it was possible to follow one's life because contacts repeated often compared to secondary progressions.

The first thing I noticed was that the MC moved about a degree a month, and the Ascendant was variable depending on whether one is born in the northern or southern hemisphere and the latitude of birth. However, whenever there was a sign change on either angle, there was a corresponding change in one's life. Ditto with the Sun's sign changes. BUT, the most important were the contacts of the planets to the natal chart. The contacts of the tertiary planets to each other had an effect, too.

Earlier this year I noticed that the tertiary Sun was coming to a conjunction to my natal Pluto. That looked very ominous and was scheduled for April 22nd. The Sun is ruler of my fourth house, and since I had just moved in September to what I thought would be my last residence, I sure didn't want to do it again. Pluto is in my third house, which represents siblings, among other things. Since the Sun moves roughly at a rate of one degree per month, and there are 360 degrees in a circle, it would have been around 360 months earlier that a conjunction of these two had previously occurred. That gave me an estimated time frame, but it ended up being exact in December, 1974. There are many variables when math is based on a lunar motion because the Moon speeds up and slows down considerably. Therefore, the 'day for a month' ratio is only an estimate. It will, however, get you to the "ballpark" as this did.

What happened in December 1974? It was December 3, 1974 that my divorce was final, and it was the day I packed only essentials in my car after a garage sale and drove from San Diego to Virginia Beach. History repeats itself. This March, I heard my sister needed help. She lives in San Diego. I had a garage sale and in April packed only the essentials and drove from Virginia Beach to San Diego. I arrived April 20th. Pluto represents purging. Amazing, isn't it?

From now on, all forecasting charts (except party charts) that I do for people will include tertiary progressions as well as the current or closest solar return. After experiencing the value of these progressions, I feel I'd be remiss in not including them.

I've tried several ways of integrating the tertiaries and am still experimenting, but as with anything new, there will eventually be a smooth technique that will enable me to relay as much as I can in as helpful a way as possible.

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MayMay 2002: This very important month, already discussed somewhat on page one, also features a retrograde Mercury which starts on May 15th at 9:58 Gemini starting at 1:44 pm est and ending June 8th at 10:08 am est. Don't forget the 'shadow' phenomenon. The shadow time starts on May 1st and extends to June 24th.

Neptune also retrogrades in May on the 13th at 10:58.9 of Aquarius. Anyone with fixed positions close to this degree may find life exceptionally confusing or nebulous concerning the issues connected with the affected planet or chart point.

The inferior conjunction of Mercury to the Sun (which just means that Mercury is retrograding while conjoining the Sun) coincides within a day of the eclipse. Most of us are more subjective at that time.

Also, it is worth noting that although Pluto will not actually conjunct the south node at this time, Saturn will conjoin the north node early in June, and they (Saturn, Pluto and the nodal axis) are just about a degree apart when these two giants oppose each other on the 26th. I'm not sure what that means exactly, but using logic, it should show major desire or effort to change and control our individual environments ... or it could be that it is done despite ourselves ... and with it a need to take full responsibility for any karma related to our choices at that time. Pluto can be "explosives, annihilation, purging, etc."... always extreme, and it has been roughly within a degree of the nodes since mid-April. We have had a lot of suicide bombings since then. Because of my move, I haven't kept up with the news as much as usual, but it has been apparent that violence has escalated. When Mars joins these around May 2nd to 12th, it should be even worse.

Mars and Venus start a new phase on May 10th in opposition to Pluto, and then immediately contact the nodes. This can literally mean the 'death' of some relationships that are not working. Others will make major adjustments. Still others could shift to another level which can be more passionate. This can also be another trigger to violence borne out of frustration with diplomacy. Very important time.

JuneJune 2002: Uranus retrogrades on June 2nd at 28:50 Aquarius. In the case of retrogrades, they more strongly impact those who have the degree of the actual retrograde position in their chart. It is a kind of trigger for events connected to the house the planet occupies or rules. The USA chart, for instance, has its Moon at 27 of Aquarius (one degree is close enough to be affected by the retrograde), and the progressed Sun is also in that degree. The Moon is in the USA third house and rules the 8th. The natal Sun is in the 8th and rules the ninth. So we can expect some unusual activity related to decisions about taxes, insurance, investments, etc., and even some legislation concerning them.

The first four days of June should be optimistic... particularly economically. People will seem to be less cautious with their money. Regret sets in the weekend of the 8th.

Venus enters Leo on the 14th, the only sign change of the month except for the regular changes of the Sun and Moon.

JulyJuly 2002: The whole first two weeks of July features a Mars/Jupiter conjunction. Energy is up, people are more apt to take risks and spirits should be higher. In fact, the first weekend Mercury is trine Uranus in air signs, which adds mental acuity, zip and originality. At the same time, Venus is opposite Uranus (and therefore sextile to Mercury) adding charisma, charm and fun. Great time to do some entertaining. The fourth of July weekend could be spectacular.

Mercury is very fast this month, occupying three signs one after another, making life fast-moving and interesting, but most people inclined to change their plans and positions frequently.

By the 10th or so, Saturn is moving ahead enough to be out of range of its opposition to Pluto for a short time (which it will not exactly oppose again this cycle), and it is moving within range to trine Uranus. They will hold this trine well into next year. This is a big help to get control of anything erratic that is going on, and slowing impulsive tendencies in general. This is one of the signatures of wisdom. It is generally indicative of an ability to see value in the old and the new and helps enormously to bridge gaps in understanding. It is a great time for peaceful negotiations, cautious open-mindedness, and discussion of measured and disciplined reform.

Astro*Carto*Graph of the May 26th Eclipse

The Astro*Carto*Graph of the eclipse of May 26th should show us where in the world the eclipse will most affect us, and where the Pluto/Saturn opposition will be most evident. I'm not sure how well this will re-produce in black and white (the only way I could put it in the newsletter was in color), but I've marked the places with arrows where major phenomena should impact. The lines are effective within 700 miles east or west. There are other things you can do with this map, but for simplicity, I'll just use the lines printed here.

The most powerful impact of the Pluto/Saturn influence would be when it aligns with the MC or IC. There are two places: One where Pluto is culminating and one where Saturn is doing so. You will notice that the Pluto/Saturn lines also include the nodes because, as mentioned, they are so close together. The Pluto/MC line(and Saturn IC) is in the Pacific Ocean just west of Hawaii. We can keep an eye on that and see what develops. The other, Saturn culminating, is in central Europe (marked with arrows) where it goes through the southern portion of Sweden, Middle of Europe, Libya, and the west coast of Africa.

The next most powerful is the Pluto/Saturn Ascendant/Descendant lines. I've pointed to the specific locations where they cross each other. One is just below Panama in northern South America, and the other is in the far east near Kuala Lumpur. So, let's keep an eye on all this and see what develops!

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