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More About This Year

By Carole Devine

Some of our more financially-focused Astrologers have long predicted the difficulties of last month, March 2001, in the stock market. I've noticed a trend lately of much more fear than usual about money, which drives the market, (partially a result of Saturn in Taurus) and the eclipses of this summer will be powerful in triggering economic indicators in the USA chart, as well. But, of course, these indicators will have much more meaning than just the state of the economy. That is just the most obvious since it seems to be the most emotionally loaded result.

By mid-April Jupiter will come into opposition to Pluto, and that is powerful, indeed. People born with placements in the mid degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) will feel this keenly. The opposition aspect between any two planets is at the halfway point of a cycle of the two bodies from one conjunction to another. Most of you will be familiar with this cycle by your knowledge of the Sun/Moon relationship. The New Moon is the conjunction of the Sun and Moon, then the opposition is the Full Moon, and then two weeks later, we have the New Moon again. That is one complete cycle, easy to see, and since it unfolds on a monthly basis, the fastest we have.

All planets have this cyclic relationship with all other planets, some unfolding in just a few months and others over centuries. This is the way we can see the panorama of history parading before us in a predictable pattern. The aspect points, in the midst of a cycle, particularly the challenging ones, squares and oppositions, mark turning points of adjustment in regard to whatever the conjunction symbolized. That is greatly illuminated by the Sabian Symbols, which are becoming more and more understood with each passing year. The last conjunction of Jupiter/Pluto took place on December 2, 1994 in the 29th degree of Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for that degree is An Indian squaw pleading with the chief for the lives of her children. The Sabian Symbols should not be interpreted literally. There are books that help in this regard, particularly An Astrological Mandala by Dane Rudhyar. This degree, he says, represents love as redemption. Every part of a symbol represents the journey of the soul and its human experience. On a collective level we go through various stages of experience in our evolution. In this one, we apparently are learning the value of intercession through love. It may be difficult to see the connection until after the historical events have passed. These symbols can be applied to your own chart for your personal journey, as well.

At that time, if I remember correctly, we were in the throes of the war in the Balkins, and at the height of Slobodan Milosevic's war crimes, which certainly evoke memories of pleading mothers and torn families. Not that this is the only major event of that period, but it is one that evokes the image of the above symbol. It took the US a long time to intercede in this area's problems. Within this last six to seven year period, the first half of this cycle, we have seen a marked increase of danger to our children from the shootings in schools to the Oklahoma City bombing. But at least one disaster was avoided because of the intercession of another teenager. Jupiter rules education and society (community rules, laws, religion, etc.) in general. Pluto marks upheaval, purges, pressures toward change, etc. These two in combination will always have some connection to social change and upheaval, or changes in leadership or power on a global level, when they are stressfully configured, which is roughly every three to four years.

This is about a 12 to 14 year cycle, depending on the speed of Pluto, which has an elliptical, and therefore, erratic orbit. So social upheaval always seems to be going on. It's just that within the cycle, one can see a development of events occurring. For instance, at the opposition, which symbolizes awareness, we are now seeing the arrest of Milosevic and are becoming acutely aware of the social and academic problems in our schools and the need for drastic measures to be taken. Intercession. This year should mark a turning point.

There is more about this year in the last edition of Cosmic Views. Particularly, note the description of Saturn opposite Pluto, which is more important than Pluto/Jupiter.

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