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Spring 2000

Taurus Alignment in May

By Carole Devine

There has been a plethora of prose being circulated about this coming alignment around May 3rd this year. I've been amazed to read that it is the first such alignment since some date in antiquity, that it heralds in miraculous powers and other divine phenomena. It is being stated that the alignment is in a 'tight' spectrum of 27 degrees, as well.

Here are some statistics to bring it all into perspective.

If you set up a chart for February 5, 1962, (which was not a far-away date in antiquity!) you will see that there were seven planets aligned in Aquarius within 16 degrees. They were, incidentally, the same planets as this time. I remember at that time, it was forecast by even Jeanne Dixon, herself, that the Aquarian messiah would be born on that day. All of the things being said of this May's alignment were being propagated then. (How soon we forget!) There were the usual "end of the world" sages, all night vigils, etc. Not only was the orb of the alignment tighter then, but there was a total solar eclipseinvolved right in the middle of it! The other planets being affected by the alignment were the same as this time.....most of it squared Neptune, and in the ensuing two weeks or so, much would oppose Uranus. There had just been a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. This time some of it squares Neptune and some squares Uranus. No eclipse, though, and that renders it far less powerful than in 1962. If all this hoopla about May's alignment is true, then surely February 1962 should have brought us a far more potent and dramatic event. It was certainly a more powerful and tighter alignment.

But, what happened that year? There was an earthquake in northwestern Iran that killed 10,000. The US established a military council in South Vietnam (and we know what that led to), and the next year saw an escalation of civil rights activity. Earthquakes and other physical/weather phenomenon can be expected from this kind of alignment given the gravitational pull. The Sun Spot cycle culmination of this year will add to that. Since Aquarius is a sign that accentuates freedom, it is logical that conflicts would erupt involving that issue. An alignment of this type brings an exaggerated focus on the archetypical meaning of the sign it is occupying. For several years after this alignment we saw protests that were unprecedented. Typical Aquarius! This time it is in Taurus, so we can expect major developments in economics to begin now and continue for the next several years.

1962 Alignment

1962 Alignment
May 2000 Alignment

May 2000 Alignment
It is quite clear when viewing the above charts, that the 1962 celestial event is much more dramatic than the one coming next month. Even if you know nothing about Astrology, it is visually apparent.

Taurus represents material security and tangible values. Just as we focused on individual rights back in the 60's, we'll now turn our attention to financial matters, the stock market, security issues, taxes, etc. We can see it already happening with the wild fluctuations of the market in the last few weeks. The grand conjunction of Saturn/Jupiter in late May in Taurus will be the starting point of another 20 year economic cycle. This time we will be tackling core issues and hopefully, changing a few things. The disparity between the rich and poor is getting to be disgraceful. Our ignoring of world hunger in an era of agricultural technological wonder is abhorrent. The cost of health care and health insurance is skyrocketing out of all proportion to the cost of living index.

All the Astrological signs are facets of our spiritual growth. Each time there is an emphasis on one of them, mass consciousness is attuned to that particular lesson. You can be sure that the answer lies in compassion for those who may not be fully able to express that particular facet of their spiritual nature. The emphasis can be expressed celestially many different ways, and one of them is an alignment of many planets in a sign—especially if there is a major eclipse involved, which is not true this time. However, now it is coinciding with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction the same month in the same sign, and therefore is a valid signal of a shift in consciousness causing us to reach a little higher in our evolution. This time it is our stewardship in handling the material things of this world, and that includes Mother Earth, herself.

A Few 'Course in Miracles' Thoughts

Forgiveness is the great need of this world. Everyone is doing the best he can given the background he came from and past experiences and hurts. We do not have to live with whomever wants us to, but we are required to simply love our brothers and forgive whatever 'wrongs' we imagine are inflicted upon us. Often they are misunderstood and misinterpreted anyway!

Anything that can be threatened is not real. Nothing unreal exists. What does that tell us? That love and spirit are all that is real. We are in a dream of our own making. Where is your focus? Recognizing what is real and what isn't is the first step in waking from the dream.

Special for this Quarter!

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We give only to ourselves. We are all one (whether that appeals to us or not!). Therefore, when I give to you, I am giving to myself. Likewise, when I hurt you, I am hurting myself. When I criticize you, I am criticizing myself.

Giving is proof of 'having'. You must first have what you give. If you understand what giving is, you will laugh at sacrifice. You cannot lose what you give, because not only is it not real, but you give only to yourself.

To judge another is not your job. One cannot judge another unless s/he has lived every moment in another's shoes. Nor can one judge unless s/he is able to see fully how many ripples in the lives of others the judgment will cause. To take the position of judge is to assume an authority you do not have in the first place. You are not God.

Every person you meet is a Holy Encounter. You either are teaching love or you are teaching fear. We are always teaching what we believe is true. Teach only love. Every reaction is either love or fear. If anyone attacks or irritates you, s/he is only asking for love and is showing only fear.

Monthly Forecasts

May 2000: This is a saturated-with-Taurus month. The preponderance of planets in that sign lasts most of the month. Saturn maintains a conjunction with Jupiter the whole time, becoming exact on May 28th. This is an important 20-year phenomenon that marks the beginning of a major economic cycle. Usually, the first decade after this conjunction are boom years, followed by a decade of contraction. All the fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius—will be affected most.

While holding this conjunction, Saturn and Jupiter will square Uranus all this month, which can indicate major frustrations, sudden, disruptive and unpredictable events, especially economically. Just be prepared for anything.

The weekend of May 20th will be volatile. Mercury conjuncts Mars and both oppose Pluto all at 11 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius. Anyone with planets or points at those degrees or 90 degrees away from them will be affected the most by this. If you are not familiar with your chart, then at least know that those born around the last few days of February, May, August or November or the first few days of March, June, September and December will definitely be affected. Willfulness combines with outspoken flare-ups of temper. Long repressed anger, if there is any, could erupt suddenly.

June 2000: The Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus configuration continues to hold throughout June prolonging financial instability. Venus and Mars conjunct on June 21st. That opens a new cycle between these two, and many romances may get off to a new start or old ones have a new beginning of some kind.

Mercury retrogrades on June 23rd for the usual three weeks until July 17th. As usual, watch all decisions, appointments, paperwork, etc. Mercury retrogrades at 19 degrees of Cancer, which is the same degree of an eclipse that will occur in January 2001. A sensitive degree that bears watching. Jupiter enters Gemini on the 29th, usually signaling more confidence for those of that sign.

July 2000: This is an important month. There are three eclipses. The first is July 1st at 10 degrees Cancer. Anyone born within a few days of January 1, April 1, July 1 or October 1, will feel this one keenly. How it will affect you depends on the details of your chart. Remember that Mercury remains retrograde until the 17th.

Another eclipse occurs on July 16th at 24 Capricorn. Not only will it affect those who have positions at that degree, but it will especially be felt by those born in the very early 30's. There was a stressful configuration that reflected the depression era, and this eclipse will trigger that configuration for a great many of the people born around that time.

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The last eclipse of July will be on the 30th at 8 degrees Leo. Many people born in the late 40s will be especially affected by this as well as those born very late in January, April, July and October. I expect to see a lot of drama in July this year.

August 2000: We'll probably have more about this month next time, but in the meanwhile, be aware that Saturn enters Gemini and makes a long station at 0 degrees Gemini from August 9th until October 15th. That is a long time to rest on one degree. The people who will feel this the most are (of course) anyone with anything at that degree, but especially those born on or around February 20th, May 21st, August 23rd or November 23rd. There should be an urge to make major changes, and since the urge hangs in there awhile, there is a good chance those changes will be made permanently.

As usual, be aware that these forecasts are not meant to be personal. They are a general overview of what is affecting everyone on the planet. Nothing replaces a personal forecast .

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