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Aries Ingress
March 18, 2006


1.  The Aries Ingress This Year
2.  Eclipse of March 29, 2006

The Aries Ingress This Year

By Carole Devine

        The real New Year is not January 1, but actually the entrance of the Sun each year into Aries, the beginning of the zodiac, more commonly called the Vernal Equinox. It is a time of new beginnings, and therefore, a time to set aside a few hours to write your objectives for the year and plant the seeds for their fulfillment.
       This year it reaches 00:00 Aries on March 20 at 1:25:34 pm est in Washington, DC. This chart will tell us about the year ahead for the USA in addition to the indicators in the USA chart. Saturn is rising in this chart, and it is going very slowly as it makes a station and turns direct on April 6th. It is stationing at 4:23 Leo, which is close to George Bush’s ascendant over which it will pass for the last time (unless he lives another 28 years) in early June followed by conjunctions to all his other placements in Leo. It will not be easy for him. Also Mars goes over his Uranus late in March indicating accident proneness. He may not actually have one, but he’ll be highly nervous and agitated at the very least. To underscore this, Mars in this chart is square Uranus and Mercury, also indicating nervousness and a hair trigger abruptness in communication. No patience with very much. This should be most apparent in late May and early August, if not the whole time in between since Uranus transiting will station on the Ingress’ Mercury then.
       Mars in this Ingress chart signifies the leader of the place of its casting, Washington, DC, which includes the entire country, since it’s the capital city. Although it trines Venus and Neptune showing religious fervor and idealism, it is also quincunx retrograde Jupiter in the fourth, in turn quincunx the MC, showing his being out of touch with the grassroots populace and also not living up to his own philosophical understanding via his actions. What he does as a leader is not in harmony with his belief system.
       Venus co-rules the tenth, a secondary indication of the leader of the country, and it is square Jupiter and, as said above, conjunct Neptune. This indicates deception on the part of the president and also (again) conflict with his beliefs.
       Actually, it is more of a positive than negative year. Mars is weak compared to Saturn. Saturn is connected to many things in this chart: health care, the military, employment, servicemen and women, the police force, and daily living. These are all taking center stage and are in conflict with the leader of the country. Except for an opposition to Ceres and Chiron, Saturn is very well-aspected and is, in fact, part of a grand trine with the Sun and Moon—very powerful. These factors will have more influence over politics and legislators, and for the better, than the president will.
       The Sun is the ruler of the whole chart, meaning, it shows where the country’s attention is riveted. That would be on foreign countries, where we are trying to mend fences and gain support. There is so much deception there it would be almost impossible to tell who our friends really are. The ruler of the ninth (where the Sun is resting) is Neptune, which is square Jupiter ruler of the fifth. For show or for speculation, countries would not be sincere in their public statements of support (Neptune in the seventh). Some dramatic, unexpected events should suddenly come out of left field concerning this around late September or early October. Moon is in the fifth square Uranus in the eighth. However, America is getting wiser, and there is a more united front this year than before. We should have better judgment all year.
       I learned early on in my astrological education that when planets are mostly on the right side of a chart, the year (or person’s life) is not in one’s hands, but rather a result of past behavior. This is one of those years. The only two planets on the left are Mars and Saturn. Saturn on the ascendant, in itself, can show a need to take responsibility for one’s actions. The Sun in this chart, the ruler, is square Pluto, as well—an indication that pressure is on in the day-to-day operations of life this year. Plus, we need to look at legislation to change our financial structure. Sun rules the second and first, and is in the ninth.
       This chart would be active and similar all over the world, not just the US. It’s just that the geographical co-ordinates of the time of the ingress would put these planets in different houses in other countries, so the focus of pressure would change, but not the energies. For us, it’s financial, but not necessarily for other places. In many countries, the planets will not be on the right, but elsewhere, so we, in the western hemisphere, are having to address past behavioral decisions.
       Keep in mind that we have free will. This is a chart of mixed messages. It can be a turning point where we take charge and effect change, or it can be one in which we learn the hard way.

Eclipse of March 29, 2006

        Every six months we have two eclipses (rarely, sometimes three), one solar and one lunar, two weeks apart. The solar eclipse just means it’s a new moon falling on the ecliptic, and the lunar is a full moon on the ecliptic. These eclipses set up a window of time that lasts usually six months to a year, but sometimes it can influence us for many years depending on other factors.
       This one is important to the United States. It is affecting the USA Sibly chart dramatically since the eclipse, itself, is opposing Saturn and square Sun, Jupiter and Venus. It falls in the fourth of the US chart, showing emphasis on domestic issues. Within hours thereafter, though, Mars is making its return to the USA Mars, and Uranus squares the USA Ascendant and natal Uranus. That can be some unexpected sudden events. MC, Pluto and Ascendant of the eclipse chart are activating the natal Mars/Neptune square of the US. I’ve been writing for years about our deceptive practices that we idealistically ignore. It looks like we’ll have to face a few things shortly about that issue.
       Further, the Eclipse chart’s Saturn is conjoining the USA nodes and the Eclipse nodes are approaching the USA MC. If this is the right chart for the US, and there is always ongoing speculation about that, then we are in for a very exciting (or disruptive) six months to a year ahead. (Eclipse data: March 29, 2006 at 10:12:22 a.m. GMT, co-ordinates for Washington DC)

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