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Aquarius Ingress
January 20, 2006


1. Learning from the Past
2. The Intensive Forecast
3. James W. Keanum Passes
4. New Rates and Other Changes

Learning from the Past

By Carole Devine 

            The main aspect we are concerned with in the ongoing configuration mentioned a couple months ago, is the Saturn/Neptune opposition. I noted before that this cycle began with the conjunction in late 1989, and that union went on for a couple years, finally breaking in the early days of 1991. This was the time frame of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait and our subsequent involvement, culminating in our invasion of Iraq. I mentioned that events now are connected to that time, and it is, of course, obvious.
The theme, however, is deception and the exposure of same. “Taking responsibility for one’s spiritual truth.” Or taking responsibility for one’s lies, could be another way of expressing it. I mentioned also, that around the holidays, and particularly just after, there would be a Mars/Saturn square right on Bush’s Pluto. Literally, that is bottled up frustrated rage. Bush could hardly contain his rage about the “leak” of his illegal spying on American citizens—certainly a major deception that is coming to light. And now an investigation is being initiated with the word “impeachment” floating in the air.
To recap some other historical events when these two giants in space energized each other:

Sen. Joseph McCarthy was in full swing with his witch hunts and was hard at work ruining the careers of many people with his underhanded tactics. He mis-used his powers in the senate very similarly to the way the executive branch is misusing power now. Personally, I was in middle school, at the time, in Greenbelt, MD, a suburb of Washington, DC, and one of my classmate’s father was destroyed by McCarthy, and I’ll never forget the devastating embarrassment my classmate suffered. This was the time of the last great conjunction of Saturn and Neptune, the beginning of the previous cycle before the 1989-92 conjunction, which initiated this one.

The Kennedy intrigue. We still do not know what was really behind JFK’s assassination, nor all the deceptions that went on in that administration. This was the first quarter square of the two planets. i.e. Saturn had moved to a position 90 degrees ahead of Neptune. Saturn is the faster planet.

Watergate. Deception again on the part of a leader mis-using power. This was the opposition, which is what we are experiencing now. Familiar?
For 444 days, from Nov. 4 1979 to Jan. 20 1981, during which Saturn and Neptune held the waning square aspect, Iran held American citizens hostage, causing Carter to lose his re-election bid. We may never know all the intrigue connected to that. It was especially interesting that they were
released at Reagan’s inauguration.
The Iraq war mentioned above. The beginning of the current cycle. And most noteworthy, the fall of the Berlin wall and the end of seeing communism as a threat, which began at the last conjunction in the early fifties.

Clinton’s deceptions, and his having to take responsibility for them. They are fresh in our memories. It doesn’t matter what party is in power;
deception and mis-use of power knows no party line.

Most of all, the last cycle of these two (1952 to 1991) showed a lack of understanding and integrity involving the US versus Russia. At the beginning of this current great cycle in 1989, the Berlin wall fell and the US took on a new enemy, Iraq. Will our altercations and all the subsequent negative energy with Iraq (or the middle East) go on until the next conjunction of these two in 2025? Will we ever learn that war doesn’t cure anything?

Why do we have these cycles?

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I firmly believe that we are in a great “school,” and that on a mundane level, as well as a personal one, we are learning to correct our behavior by experience. This cycle of Neptune and Saturn is only one of many. We are always learning from our behavior, and the adage about “history repeating itself” is actually a fact. It does recur again and again and again. Perhaps when humanity finally wakes up and realizes why we are here, we’ll finally grow to be better people.

To Clarify a Cycle

Some of you who are not astrologers may be confused by what I mean by a “cycle” of two planets. One easy way to picture this is to imagine that Neptune is the Sun and Saturn is the Moon. Every month you are used to the Sun/Moon cycle which we refer to as the New Moon, First Quarter Moon, Full Moon and the last Quarter Moon. Any two pairs of planets that move at different speeds can have this cycle. All you need is one planet moving faster than the other, and since there are no two planets that move at the same speed, they are all always forming cycles with each of the other planets, through all four phases. It’s an ongoing thing all the time.
Therefore, to continue with our analogy, if Neptune is the Sun, then when Saturn (the imaginary Moon) comes to join Neptune in the same sector of the sky, we call it a conjunction, and it is the beginning of a “NEW phase,” which is the beginning of a new cycle between these two. Saturn is much faster than Neptune, so just as the Moon moves past the Sun after a New Moon and goes on to form the first quarter phase, so too, does Saturn move ahead of Neptune, and when it gets 90 degrees away, it is the same as being in a First Quarter Phase. When Saturn moves on to be opposite Neptune, it is in Full Phase, halfway in its cycle. It is also the most dramatic time of the cycle, bringing in the most important lessons, because the opposition means “awareness.” Things begun at the conjunction are brought to light (like a full moon) so we can see the lesson more clearly. If this isn’t a clear explanation, please contact me.

The Valuable Intensive Forecast


When I sent out the notice of price changes, I mentioned that the fee for the intensive forecast ($25 per month) would not be raised, and that brought in a flurry of emails. I was amazed at how many long term clients had never heard of it! After explaining briefly several times, I decided the best thing to do would be to explain it here.
As most of you know, when you order a normal annual forecast, which most people get, I use secondary progressions, tertiary progressions, solar arcs, transits and the solar return. It sounds complicated, but when you do it daily for decades, it is not hard to combine it all, although it is a lot of work. It gives my clients a much more accurate picture of the year ahead, though. I would have a hard time giving up any of these techniques. At $95 for the year, it was always under priced for all the work involved. I’ve just tried to remain affordable. That will be raised to $125, which is only a little over $10 per month. It is really not expensive. And if anyone finds that prohibitive, it can be ordered on a six month basis at $65 per half year.

But, you say, what is this intensive forecast if that one is so complicated?

An in-depth intensive forecast also uses all these techniques above but with one thing added: the lunar return for each subsequent 28 day period of the Moon’s cycle. Every month the Moon circles the earth in 28 days. Each month it will return to the exact position it held in your chart the moment you were born. If a chart is calculated for that moment every 28 days, it will show what you, personally, are going to deal with or have brought to your attention for the next 28 day period.

What can this show you?

Quite a bit, actually. The lunar return has all the twelve houses, of course, so one can tell what the focus of the period will be, how things will go in all sectors if your life, if you follow your line of least resistance, and it will be a good road map for steering through the days ahead. Many, many errors in judgment can be avoided, and it helps enormously in keeping your focus on what is most important. Every 28 days brings a new focus, new challenges and a “change in the weather” of your personal life.
When it is integrated with all the techniques described above, it is just about the best forecasting tool one could ask for, and it only costs, monthly, less than the price of a dinner out!

The procedure

Lunar returns are most valuable when there is an overview of the continuity between them. Therefore, I do them with a minimum of two at a time. Most people, and it is my preference as well, order three months at a time. This takes four lunar returns since a month is longer than 28 days. Since it is a lot of information, I don’t like to do more than six months at a time in person or on the phone. If you want more, it’s best to let me record it on a CD and mail it to you because I can take breaks while doing it.
Incidentally, I’ve been known to refuse to do these if a person becomes too dependent on them as though it is running their life. There is a difference between acquiring information so you can make better decisions and relying on this as a way to get me to make decisions for you. I cannot do that.
It’s also best if I know a little bit about you. Just whether or not you’re married, have children and what you’re most concerned about right now. I could figure it out, but it saves so much time and energy if you just tell me. As my teacher once said, “You don’t go to a doctor and say, ‘Hey, Doc, tell me what’s wrong with me.’ without at least telling him your symptoms.” I know people like to test us by sitting silently to see if we know what we’re doing, but when they do, they short change themselves and do not get as much out of it as is possible.
I have always recommended this service when one is going through a traumatic time in life, but not necessarily when things are going along as usual. It’s up to you, but at least now you know there is this service available if you feel you need it.

James Wayne Keanum


Many of you may have noticed a book for sale on the opening page of my website called Journey of the Beloved Heart authored by Wayne Keanum. I didn’t know Wayne very well; he was the companion of a very dear friend of 45 years. I loved his book and so promoted it as best I could. Wayne passed over January 15, the evening before his birthday, of heart disease. He’ll be deeply missed by all those whose lives he touched. There are only a few copies of his book left, and since it is no longer on my website, if you are interested in purchasing one of these few, please contact my friend, Sally George, at or write to her at: 273 Lake Ridge Drive, Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Price and Service Changes

I sent a notice about this recently, but for those of you on the snail mail list who do not get the emails I send, new prices are going to be posted on the website soon that will be effective on February 1, 2006. I am deleting the services of date selections and rectifying birth times, and the course will soon be offered only on CD. No orders will be accepted for inspired paintings for the next two years after Feb. 1, 2006.


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