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Pisces Ingress
February 18, 2006


1.  More About Saturn/Neptune
2.  Dick Cheney
3. The Month Ahead

More About Saturn/Neptune
The Avian Flu

By Carole Devine

        I’m sure you’ve all noticed that many, many examples of deception have been surfacing all over the place. Remember? Saturn is responsibility, Neptune is deception, and the opposition is awareness. It is the time in the cycle for reckoning. The author that Oprah promoted didn’t live the life he claimed in his “memoir,” deceptions in sports, homeland security tapping citizens’ phones, the fallout from the Abramoff scandal, the extent of last minute pork sneaked into legislation that congressmen don’t have time to read before voting, extremists religions (Neptune) wanting restitution (Saturn) for those cartoons, etc. The list is endless. And now another twist: the Avian Flu pandemic.
        Neptune and Saturn are often involved in epidemics. Neptune is infection and Saturn debilitation. When they are in hard aspect, which an opposition is, and in Leo/Aquarius, then possibilities for this arise. We need other indicators, though, and with Jupiter involved (Jupiter, remember, is the energy of expansion – to much of something), it is definitely a serious threat. Plus, we have Pluto (death) crossing over the Galactic Center. I don’t want to be accused of being overly negative, so I’m referring you to three places to read what other astrologers are saying. One is a PDF file from Astrolabe which describes in great detail all the phenomena for this most important year. Go to, click on the latest issue of Auguries, and then read the lead article called “Planetary Highlights of 2006 – Ephemerissimo!” It will take you to a link to a PDF file which is a long analysis that is so detailed, I couldn’t hope to have time do something of that magnitude here.
                A very good article about the avian flu pandemic possibility is:
                Also, this year there are some rare parallels that underscore its importance. Leigh Westin has written a fabulous article about this at the         following link: 
                As I’ve been trying to get across, we are entering a phenomenal period of history. We should not fear it, but realize that when these events unfold,
a major turning point in our evolution is the result, so it should be welcomed as a pivotal time with opportunities in our ongoing spiritual path to develop more of what we are capable of becoming.

Dick Cheney

        Our vice president was born January 30, 1941 at 7:30 pm in Lincoln, NE. I’ve chosen to write about him, not because he was in the news this week about shooting his friend on a hunting trip, but because I’ve long thought he has been a key figure in the mess we now find ourselves enduring, and the grand fixed configurations of this year apply directly to his chart.
        His Moon is in Pisces at 22:41 degrees opposing Neptune in Virgo at 27:25 degrees. Pluto in transit is in the midst of squaring either end of this, and it has been in orb for a couple years, continuing to influence him until the end of 2007. This opposition can be either very inspired spiritually or very deceptive and illusive. It is up to the individual to choose, but when it is in opposition, it also adds the element of attracting others like him, and then the choice is how to respond. In addition, Mars, at 17:46 Sagittarius is in wide orb squaring either end as well, and it was hosting a transit of Pluto from February 2002 through October 2003 (when the Iraq War was in its beginning). Pluto to Mars is rage or obsessive behavior, much like Bush expressed a couple months ago, but in this instance, because Mars rules Cheney’s 8th and 9th houses, I believe he was being strongly influenced by others’ agendas, ideas and values.
        However, no one really tells Cheney what to do. He has Sun opposite Pluto, Mars square the Moon and Mercury square Uranus. He is sure he is right, as many Aquarians are, but especially those with the Sun opposing Pluto. He knows best. Mercury square Uranus is brilliant, but in square aspect, there isn’t much doubt, in his mind, that his thoughts are most insightful. This aspect inclines one to jump to conclusions intuitively.
        Mars square the Moon can be extremely defensive when challenged, too, and with Saturn and Jupiter conjunct and forming squares to Pluto and the Sun, there is an obsessive need to succeed on a large scale, plus deep insecurities coming from his father relationship, coupled with a defense mechanism of egoism (Jupiter square Sun). Pelletier, in his “Planets in Aspect,” says of this aspect, “…you jump to incorrect conclusions, which causes difficulties in solving your problems. Your reasoning is based on such scanty evidence that you often have to withdraw any statements based on it.” (Bush also has this aspect, but he has the Moon involved, as well, making it more habitual.)
        But, life is for learning, and the grand square configuration extending over the next couple years, coupled with Cheney’s personal solar arcs and progressions, will give him many growth opportunities.
For openers, the midpoint between his Sun and Mercury is 17 Aquarius, which is where Neptune is right now with Jupiter just moving past that degree in square aspect. The first few days of February, Mars was going over his Uranus/Mercury square triggering the “know-it-all” tendency. But, his judgment really is faulty right now, so he’s learning some lessons about reasoning processes. Even the hunting accident played into it. Most importantly, his solar arc Mars has just separated from a square to Uranus (temper!) over all last year, and will continue to try his patience for the next year and a half. This month, he’s emotional, since the tertiary Ascendant is square his Moon, and the solar arc Moon is only minutes from his MC. His tertiary Sun is square his Neptune this month, too, showing true confusion. This isn’t helped by solar arc Neptune square his natal ascendant. He probably can’t even find his car keys – if he drives.
        Solar arc Venus will oppose natal Neptune in ten months, and since Venus rules the MC, his career is, in itself, undergoing a gradual transition. Where it will end is up to him. He is gifted with a Neptune trine Uranus aspect in his natal chart, which shows he came in with great spiritual intuition, but also with many conflicts. That trine has moved to become a solar arc sextile from Uranus to Neptune – exact in two months, which can give him grace under pressure to make the right choices.
        Personally, he is growing tired. Solar arc ascendant is about to oppose Saturn in about three to four months, which can be a signal regarding health issues. But, the most important thing of all is the MC by solar arc moving across his natal Pluto. Progressed MC to progressed Pluto was exact a year ago. Now the progressed MC to natal Pluto has just separated about three weeks ago, and the progressed Moon will join that configuration in three months. This same degree is now being opposed by tertiary Mars, so he has been holding in rage and is under extreme pressure. He appears to be a volcano about to erupt, but also confused about how all this could have happened.
        The eclipse on March 14th at 24 Virgo will trigger his Moon/Neptune opposition, so his deceptive tendencies will take center stage in the drama of his life for the next year, and will be extended for another year by the September 22 eclipse at 29 Virgo, a critical degree. By that time, Saturn will be moving into an opposition to his Mercury, and Neptune is back at 17 Aquarius conjoining his Sun/Mercury midpoint, and also at that time Jupiter is occupying 17 degrees Scorpio squaring it. There are many other indicators, but this is enough to make Mr. Cheney’s life most dramatic. Just about anything could happen next, from a heart attack to a resignation. I’m hoping he’ll opt for the positive, become a little humble and make better decisions than in the past.

The Month Ahead

        Most of you are familiar with good old Mercury retrograde. Well, it’s back from March 2nd until March 25th. As usual, try to avoid making important decisions, but if you must, scrutinize all the facts and double check as much as you can. It’s a good time to review, clean out and repair whatever needs it.
        Mars entered Gemini on February 17th, so it’s now the mutable signs’ turn to experience a little less patience for awhile. Mutables are Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. This impatience will be heightened around March 4th to 14th when Mars is 90 degrees (square) to Uranus and the Sun is conjoining Uranus, as well. We could have an upsurge in accidents around that time, too.
        Mercury in Pisces will square Pluto from Feb. 22nd to March 13th and will be especially potent due to its slow motion while becoming retrograde. This aspect produces suspicion, obsession and a “probing” tendency. Expect people to be especially intense in general during this period.
        Saturn is on a short sabbatical during this period, and in fact, sextiles Mars during the last two weeks of February and first ten days of March. That’s a lovely influence helping people to be calm and reasonable no matter how much they feel like blowing off steam. But, sextiles are not automatic. They show an opportunity to call on the energy, but no guarantee that anyone will.
        On March 6th, Venus enters Aquarius, and is immediately in range of opposing Saturn. Love lives can be affected, since the general tendency, en masse, is to cool off a bit and become a little insecure. We look for evidence that we’re really loved. Just shower your loved one with more attention to leave no doubt where you stand, and it should be all right. It’s also a time of fearfulness about money, even if there is no reason. Under this aspect, it’s not a good time to ask for a raise. It lasts until about March 17th.
        About March 20th, Venus moves into conjunction range with Neptune, and dreamy illusion rules. One reads into things what one wants, and it may not be accurate. The good part is that almost all month in March from the 6th on, Venus trines Mars in air. Co-operation is easier than usual, and compromise should be easy to effect.
        On the other hand, Jupiter slows and stations, turning retrograde, at 18:51 degrees of Scorpio holding a square with Neptune at 18 Aquarius all month long. Therefore, judgment of the whole global population is questionable. We’re already seeing a lot of this craziness in the madness of Muslims who feel the cartoonists (there were about 12) who “offended” them should die. Jupiter and Neptune are the two energies that rule spirituality and religion. When they are square to each other, logic goes out the window.
        The lunar eclipse of March 14/15th occurs at 24 Virgo, and it’s a Moon Wobble time. If you have anything in your chart within five degrees of this point, it will affect you. Many people born in the late 30’s and very early 40’s have Neptune around this point. Pluto has also been, and may be still in some cases, affecting those placements. It is personal for each individual, but rest assured, old illusions will be called into question, and reality could be quite different than you thought.


To those of you who have received CDs for your chart readings:

I have a new CD burner now. I found that the one in my computer was not adequate for the heavy use I was giving it, and recently, some CDs had tracks missing and other problems. If you have a defective CD, I can replace it if I still have your reading on my hard drive. Most all since the New Year are still there with very few exceptions. I did delete a few, but I’m not sure whose.

Also, the voice software that I was hoping would work so I could email typed readings is hopelessly inadequate. However, I’m now working on the idea of emailing voice files. I hope to announce that next month. Stay tuned.

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