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By Carole Devine

Our president's predicament seems to have fallen to the side lately—especially with John Glenn's celestial trip today. However, the impeachment process is still underway. In an attempt to see if it will, indeed, happen, I obtained the inauguration chart data from my friend, Mary Frances Wood. The chart, reproduced here, shows a rather dramatic term for the president. But first, for those of you not familiar with this process, the inauguration chart is what we call an "event" chart and defines the life of that event until it ends. You can do the same with a business, a party, a wedding—any event

The Mid-heaven of the chart is the leader of the country as is the Sun. Neptune, representing deception, is conjunct both. Jupiter and Uranus are also conjunct the Sun indicating supreme confidence and independence. Uranus conjunct the Sun can even indicate rebelliousness.

However, the ruler of the Mid-heaven, Saturn, is in a grand square with the Moon, Mars and Mercury. This is extremely stressful and shows that even though the president may feel immune, his term is, in fact, suffering extreme frustration. There is simmering rage just under the surface. In private, there should be some very dramatic rhetoric. Mars rules the 12th (private life), is in the 5th (drama) and square Mercury (speech). Plus the Moon is involved in this configuration and it rules the 3rd, which is speech and thought. Depression is there as well. His public persona bears no resemblance whatsoever to his real feelings of fear and frustration about this term.

Clinton inauguration chart The coming year is full of action with this chart—and it isn't very pleasant. First there was an eclipse this last August that squared the Ascendant of the inauguration chart. The next eclipse that same month aspected the president's natal Sun as will the coming one on Feb. 16, 1999. This simply means a drama is afoot. However, the degree of the inauguration's ascendant is sensitive this coming year because Saturn will conjunct it and Uranus will square it in July. Although both pass over that degree several times, they do it in concert only at that time. This would indicate a sudden crisis in the president's term of office.

There is a feeling of defeat as early as this November around the 29th and Dec. 6th roughly. That doesn't mean anyone is admitting anything. The chart is full of deception. Transiting Neptune is conjunct the inauguration Sun on Dec. 21st, another indication of weakness in the term. A repeat of the pattern at the end of November is evident in late January.

A lunar eclipse on Jan 31st is conjunct Clinton's Pluto, and the solar eclipse is opposite his Sun on Feb. 16th. Problems mount in March. Sudden revelations in April, followed by a growing crescendo of frustrations for the administration right on into July when it gets extremely dramatic. It looks to me as though the whole thing comes to a boil in July through September. The Solar Arc MC comes to a conjunction with Jupiter on July 12th. On the surface that would look like a success, but Jupiter rules the 8th (death). Just after that Transiting Uranus squares the Ascendant on the 17th and Saturn conjoins it on the 18th. There is a lunar eclipse on the inauguration's Uranus on July 28th. Plus, in the president's chart, progressed Mars is close to squaring his natal Pluto which holds an eclipse, as mentioned above. This is intense rage. But, the final indicators are the progressed Moon changes signs on Sept 2nd, opposes the Sun on Sept. 23rd, and most important, the MC changes signs on Sept 29th, which is a major change in the role of the leader. Then, finally, just to verify, I did a horary chart. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is a chart for a moment that a question is asked, and the answer is in the chart. ("As above, so below.") I'm not expert at Horary, but it looked like we will know in nine months, which is late next July.

What surprised me the most was the activity of the nodes in the inauguration chart. They are conjunct the Saturn/Mars opposition—a willful configuration. This shows karma related to independent willful behavior. By solar arc, these nodes activate Saturn on Nov. 14th 1998. Plus there is nodal activity next summer. Once the summer of 1999 is passed, the term finishes much more smoothly but no less dramatically. The year 2000 should be very interesting.


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