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By Carole Devine

Katrina was an astrological textbook case. I had to give a talk to the Baltimore NCGR last week, and decided to look at the charts of the USA, Bush and New Orleans to see what might be there. Since the talk was about tertiary progressions, I concentrated on those. What an amazing exercise that was! It left me wondering just how much free will we really have!

I was driving toward the southeast from a trip to South Dakota when I heard on the news that Katrina made landfall in New Orleans at 6:10 a.m. on August 29, 2005. I used that time for these charts when applicable.

The USA chart

These charts are on the web site version of this and mailed to the ones who are not online, but in the meantime, for those of you who have astrological computer programs, set up the USA chart for July 4, 1776 at 5:10 p.m. LMT in Philadelphia, PA. For the secondary progressions and solar arc, just enter the date of Aug. 29, 2005 Don’t worry about the time of day or the place. Keep it Philadelphia. I always do them that way since they are not moving so fast that it makes a difference. The tertiaries, however, do move rather quickly. Therefore, set those up for New Orleans at 6:10 a.m. on the same date.

I’ve used a quad wheel and eliminated the minutes of the planetary positions so this will not be so hard to see.
First, this event didn’t just affect New Orleans, as we all know. It has impacted the entire country (as has Rita). In using progressions, you need to realize that secondary progressions are like the hour hand on a clock. Tertiary progressions are like the minute hand, (Robert Blaschke has added, in his book, “ Progressions”, that the minor progressions are the second hand.) and when they line up and affect each other, they act as a trigger just as transits do. In fact, when transits are also involved, it is especially powerful.

There are 360 degrees in a circle, so the odds of different mathematical systems lining up in the same precise degree in not one, but several instances on the same day, is phenomenally small. One major impact of this disaster on the country, besides the horror of the loss of life, is the cost to the whole nation to rebuild and help these people. One of the first things I noticed in the quad wheel is the line-up of planets in all systems with Saturn, which rules the nation’s second house (material security). Even the solar arc Moon, which moves a degree per year, is conjoining Saturn at 14 Libra. Across from Saturn is secondary progressed Venus at 14 Aries. The Moon/Saturn contact is the grassroots sadness at the loss, and Venus’ involvement is the cost factor. But then, the tertiary Moon of the USA’s chart is also at 14 Aries. The tertiary moon will only occupy a degree for two days, so this is very precise. Transiting Venus was at 14 Libra and so was the transiting nodal axis!! All of this was one degree separating from squaring the nation’s Sun. This is stunning! I wish I had a chart with five concentric wheels so you can see the drama more clearly.

Neptune rules flooding, and the tertiary Neptune is square the nation’s Sun. This is a rare contact and does not happen often at all. Tertiary Uranus is conjunct the secondary progressed Jupiter—it was sudden (Uranus) and huge (Jupiter). Transiting Jupiter was conjoining the secondary Mars at 18 Libra, which showed the need to move very quickly, as well as quickly moving events.

To me, the two most remarkable indices are the MC and Ascendant of the relocated tertiary chart. The USA’s tertiary MC in New Orleans is square the USA secondary progressed Saturn (3 degrees Aquarius and Scorpio respectively), and the tertiary Ascendant relocated for New Orleans at the precise time of landfall is aligning with the progressed and solar arc USA MC at 18 Taurus. At that time, Mars was transiting at 16 Taurus, but in the week following would move over that degree and reveals to us the anger, violence and misery that followed.

In the chart of the event, itself, which are the transits, the MC is square the USA Moon (27 Aquarius), and the Ascendant at 29:59 Leo has not only just opposed the Moon minutes before, but is also opposite the tertiary Jupiter at 29 Aquarius. All this Jupiter/Moon activity points to the overwhelming emotionality involved. And last, transiting Uranus was within two minutes of squaring the USA natal Uranus. This happens roughly every 21 years, and, in itself, spells sudden abrupt events. This transit will repeat before it’s finished this time.

The Chart of New Orleans

I don’t know how reliable city birth chart times are, but if New Orleans was “born” at 12 pm LMT, as shown in the reference book I have, then it is remarkable how well the tertiary and natal Neptune indicates a flood for the city. Not only was progressed Mercury conjoining the N.O. Ascendant, but tertiary Neptune was opposing it, and within a degree of the 7th cusp. The tertiary Moon (which moves one degree every two days) was 13 minutes separating from tertiary Uranus, which is ‘sudden emotional upheaval’ (and I believe tertiary-to-tertiary contacts work despite others’ opinions to the contrary). In roughly three weeks, it would conjoin N.O. natal Neptune—more flooding! The transiting MC, timed for landfall at 6:10 am, was opposing natal Neptune within a half degree. That moves a degree every four minutes!! The tertiary Neptune was just at the midpoint of squaring the secondary progressed Sun and MC of New Orleans, and the tertiary Sun was about to change signs. When any progressed Sun position changes signs, it is significant inasmuch as it indicates a change in “personality” of the entity. In this case, the tertiary Sun sign change was completed less than a week later.

The chaos of the city and the sudden complete destruction was graphically shown by transiting Uranus exactly conjoining New Orleans’ natal Pluto at 8:53 Pisces.

Plus, transiting nodes are about a degree separating from natal Saturn, as Venus is approaching. The subsequent costs and sadness are reflected by this and in transiting Venus completing the contact with Saturn, Moon and Uranus over the next few days after Katrina. Note too, that secondary progressed Venus, Saturn and Uranus are hovering over this stellium, and it is all being activated by tertiary Mars and Jupiter (excessive activity) squaring it all. These progression are just getting underway, and it looks like about four or five years before they will finish this process.

Most of all, the secondary progressed MC was within minutes of opposing the secondary progressed Pluto. That MC moves about a degree per year. It speaks eloquently of a city government overwhelmed and under pressure. It can possibility lead to a collapse of government as it had been and complete restructuring. Since the progressed MC would take 360 years to completely circle the chart, this is a rare occurrence.

“Why don’t you predict this?” you might ask…..

People are constantly deriding us about being able to “see” things like this after the fact, but not in advance. It would be almost impossible to do much else if we only watched the charts of every city in the world and possible times when things might occur. These contacts are very precise for a specific date and time. It isn’t that it isn’t possible or that astrology is not valid, if we don’t foresee things like this, but it is just too huge an undertaking. Every single thing that is born, whether a city, a marriage or a child, has a future set into motion at the time of birth, and it is virtually impossible to monitor all of them at once.

However, we learn how to interpret what we do watch (clients and family) by what we glean from dramatic events as they unfold. It is also fascinating to see the synchronicity in the major players…i.e. in this case, the city of New Orleans, the USA and…….George Bush!!

George Bush’s Chart re: Katrina

I mentioned in the last few newsletters that Saturn was about to go over George Bush’s ascendant and he’d probably do some soul-searching.. or, at least, most people do. I had mentioned that he would “have his way,” regardless, and he did, just around the time he appointed the United Nations representative without input from others. The progressed Sun conjoining natal Mars (where the word, martial, comes from) has been going on for a couple years, and apparently, he’s living it by being responsible for a war.

At the time of Katrina, the progressed Moon (motion is about 1 degree a month) was square his progressed Sun. And the tertiary Sun was within a degree of his progressed Sun!! There’s that minute hand of the clock. Not only that, but sec. progressed Venus was square his natal Saturn, an indication of loss of popularity and also personal feelings of inadequacy. Secondary progressed Mars is within minutes of conjoining the Moon, which can be stubborn, angry reactionary behavior. That will be going on over the next two years. Further, solar arc Venus is approaching conjoining his Jupiter, so despite these things, he will remain optimistic, but this is also poor judgment regarding financial matters. The indication of excessive spending. Before that, it was conjunct his moon, so it has, of course, been going on awhile. He was born with Moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra, which is not exactly frugal.

(Also, over this next year solar arc Mars is squaring the Ascendant, which can indicate impulsive behavior, anger and even danger to his person. It will be exact about a year from now.)

The most interesting contact of all is the MC and Uranus activity. The secondary progressed MC has been on George’s natal Uranus/North Node conjunction for over a year—which indicated unpredictable upheaval in his presidency. The nodes speak of the ‘karma’ of it all, and his association with peers. The progressed MC had just passed his natal nodal axis and is now approaching a conjunction with progressed Uranus, which will bring more surprises and upheaval in about 7 months or so. His progressed ascendant has just squared the progressed Uranus 7 months before Katrina, so Katrina is the midpoint between the two. What is amazing is that the tertiary Moon, which moves one degree every two days, was exactly within three minutes of squaring his progressed Uranus at the time of Katrina.

And last, I know we are not supposed to compare progressions to solar arc directions, but I think it’s worth noting that the solar arc Saturn in Bush’s chart is 23 Virgo, and his tertiary ascendant (not the city’s or the USA’s) was at 23 Virgo. If it is kosher to count this, that would show real concern and sadness. His secondary progressed Ascendant was 22 Virgo. His tertiary Venus was going over his natal Saturn the following month, as well, which is full awareness of the consequences of all that went on. He’s a bundle of contradictions right now.


This has been late because I slipped on a leaf on a wet deck in Murphy, NC the morning after Katrina; we were getting the fringes of rainfall. I had been traveling most of August, planning to do this newsletter the first of September. However, the fall caused damage to my left wrist, and with it in a sling for weeks, I was unable to type. Also, when I got a new computer in April, Cox didn’t seem to be able to function on it, so I thought I’d retrieve my mail list when I got to MD in May and got it connected there. BUT, Cox doesn’t exist here, so I lost my email list except for a copy in Word. I can’t import that, so I’ve been slowly entering them in one by one. You can help if you send an email to me from the account you want to use for subscribing. Then, when I say “thank you,” you’re automatically on the list. I would really appreciate it. This list is 60 pages long.

“Semi-Retirement”? “Sabbatical”? What’s in a Name?

I mentioned in my last newsletter that I was semi-retiring, but got a flood of questions about what that meant. To explain: I am taking time for about three to five years to study and apply all I know about astrology and the stock market. I have to work, of course, to be able to support myself, but not to the extent I was before. I’m still doing charts whenever they are requested. I’m also writing and painting.

So, to those of you who thought I was disappearing into the sunset: not so. I’m just trying to learn something that I can do when I’m old and gray. After all, one can invest in the market from a wheelchair, if necessary!