The Harmonic Concordance

November 8, 2003 By Carole Devine

The eclipse on November 8th at 8:12:42 est at Washington DC is not just another eclipse. It is accompanied by a spectacular chart and the station of Uranus. There is even a whole website about it: There you will find many opinions and interpretations, and since they may differ from mine, it will give you further information.
The components of this chart that make it so special are: a hexagonal pattern, called a grand sextile, formed by sextiles spaced evenly all around the chart (if you include Chiron), two grand trines forming a “star of David” pattern and two mystic rectangles. A mystic rectangle is formed by two trines connected by two sextiles. Naturally, there are also oppositions that mathematically would have to form, as well. In fact, anytime there is a grand sextile, the other formations are automatic. We had a Harmonic Convergence in 1997 that was comparable to this, and this one is being welcomed in much the same manner.
Any chart cast for a moment in time will have different meanings for different locations depending on the longitude and latitude used. I’ve cast this one for Washington DC because it will show what the United States can expect from this event. The first thing I noticed was that Saturn is rising at 13 Cancer, which is the degree of the USA and George Bush’s sun positions. We’ve discussed that before. However, considering that it is rising and that Uranus is stationing on a prominent degree in the USA chart also, it is very important. It is receiving an opposition from Chiron, but other than that and a semi-square to transpluto, it is well-aspected.

Chiron opposite Saturn

Barbara Hand Clow, in her book, Chiron, says that Chiron opposite Saturn is an aspect that seems to make or break people. In a mundane chart like this, with the opposition on the ascendant/ decendant axis, and activating the Sun/Saturn square in the USA chart, it can indicate that the decisions over the next year can be of the make or break sort. Chiron, according to Clow, rules Virgo and the sixth house – service, analysis and healing. In the seventh, which is associated with war and enemies, and opposite Saturn, there should be some kind of healing that would take place over the next year regarding our responsibilities in this arena. It looks promising, though. The USA Jupiter is rising in this chart and the concordance Mars in Pisces is trine that position from the ninth and rules the intercepted tenth. This can show more wisdom and compassion than usual from our legislators.
Ninth house, however, is also foreign countries. Both Mars and Uranus are there, which can indicate abrupt and surprising twists to events, especially since Mars is in a T square with Venus and Jupiter. That can be an indication of over-confidence and lack of compromise. Again, though, Chiron and Saturn are stabilizing all this. In fact, Mars, Saturn and the Sun are in a grand trine. Jupiter is trine Chiron forming another grand trine with the Moon in Taurus.

The Spiritual Dimension

This chart, however, is supposed to represent a step up in our evolution. There are those who believe that it is bringing help in our spiritual understanding. It’s hard to tell without being able to access every single person’s spiritual understanding and see the difference. However, notice that the eclipse falls across the fifth/eleventh house axis. According to A Course in Miracles, the only thing that counts in this life is how we treat other people. Are we coming from love or fear? Fifth house is “giving love” which we do in a variety of ways... i.e. love making, having children, creative endeavors. The Sun here in this chart is square Neptune. They are in fixed signs. Are we fixed in confusion as to how we give love and support to others, both here in this country and abroad? Mercury is also here in Scorpio (in fact, both are in Scorpio conjoining the South Node). Mercury, however, is square Uranus in the ninth. This is notorious for being an indication of a “know it all.” With it comes a tendency to jump to conclusions and not be open to others’ ideas. Uranus even rules the ninth, further indicating that it’s with foreign countries that we have this tendency.
The eleventh is the house of friends and also love received... i.e. how we allow others to treat us in friendship. The chart ruler, the Moon is there conjoining the North Node in Taurus. Taurus is patience, when used positively, but can be mighty implacable when used negatively. It is also square Neptune. If this were all there was regarding the lights and Neptune, it would be difficult to see clearly, but Jupiter and Mars (opposing each other) are sextile and trine this configuration, which is most helpful in exercising good judgment.
It is also worth noting that the second house ruler is the Sun, which is placed in the fifth. That can be pride of wealth and exercising power because of it.

The President is the tenth house

Besides the Sun being in the fifth, the ruler of the fifth, Pluto, is square the MC. The MC is Pisces. This would show either a confused or idealistic president... maybe both... and the ruler is in the eighth square (again) the eclipse, itself. With Pluto square the MC, there would be excessive show of power, but with the Neptune influence, it might not be well thought out at all. Pluto is not involved in the grand sextiles or trines, so it is outside the influence of the harmonious indicators. There is only one positive quintile to Uranus from Pluto. With Saturn stationing on Bush’s Sun, and his popularity waning, Pluto square the MC coming from the sixth (jobs), may be an indication of a powerful protest against him. I’ve mentioned many times that when we have a war, the USA’s Mars/Neptune square is activated. Pluto will be activating that square all next year. The next six months after this eclipse will be well worth watching closely, especially since there will be a sister eclipse next May that will re-activate the same area.

The Sabian Symbols for the Concordance Chart

The eclipse on November 8th, will be at 16 degrees Taurus/Scorpio. That is the 17th degree of those respective signs. For Taurus, this is, according to Rudhyar, “A symbolic battle between ‘swords’ and ‘torches’.” The keynote is “Refusing to depend on the past, the seeker turns warrior, fighting anew the eternal ‘Great War’.” This is an internal battle between the higher self and the ego-will. At this time, the Moon in the chart, showing the consciousness of the masses, is engaged in this struggle. The 17th degree of Scorpio is “A woman, fecundated by her own spirit, is ‘great with child’.”
The keynote is “A total reliance upon the dictates of the God-within.” It is interesting that the Sun is in the fifth in this degree, which is associated with children. This is an indication that we are aware of a choice (the Sun and Moon opposite one another). We can continue to struggle against the ego-will, or totally let go and rely on guidance from our Creator who would then create perfectly through us. This would, of course, be a collective choice. The energy of the masses is made one by the prevailing emotional thought forms.

The Symbol for 13 Cancer, or the 14th degree

This is “A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast.” Keynote is “Fulfillment in transcending and changeless wisdom.” This is the degree of the USA Sun, and is with us as a permanent indication. This is symbolic of seeing beyond appearances and toward permanence in Truth. With Saturn stationing here on October 25th, perhaps we are to take responsibility for seeing beyond appearances.

The Symbol for 29th degree of Aquarius

Uranus is stationing at 28 Aquarius, the 29th degree. It is also the degree of the USA’s progressed Sun and Mercury... quite potent! With three important positions here, it has to be a very strong consideration right now. It is worth quoting all of what Rudhyar has to say about this.
First, the symbol: “A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis.” Keynote is “ The capacity to utterly transform the character of one’s consciousness by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters upon.
This is the second time within a very short span of the cycle that the butterfly symbol appears. Here what is emphasized is the process of metamorphosis itself. It is the fourth symbol of a five-fold sequence and it stresses the essential character of the activity required at this stage of the cycle; i.e. nothing short of a complete renewal of all the implications of being alive as a human individual will do. A radical change is needed. At this stage, this change is individual and mental, and it should be seen against the background of humanity as a whole. What is revealed is the potential ability of every human being to participate in a higher realm of evolution AFTER his or her emergence from a critical state of transition.”
In any chart, when the Sun changes signs there is a change of consciousness as one enters a new cycle of experience. The USA Sun has one more degree (equal to one year) to go (the fifth symbol of the five-fold sequence) before it finally changes signs after a 30 year cycle. It will enter Pisces. We are evolving as a group (the entire population of the country) whether we are aware of it entirely or not. Next will come an awakening to the fact that we are all one, a Pisces lesson, and that means all as human beings, not just Americans.
Apparently, this November there will be a consciousness shift in America. Whether we need a shocking event to effect this shift is yet to be seen. What Does It All Mean?

It is no accident that some people are born American and others are attracted to other cultures. We are all where we belong. But, on the other hand, when we look at the larger picture, we are all one. I think we each know that, on a deep primordial level, which is why we try to help each other when we see perceived injustices. Each human being on the earth is influenced by the twelve archetypes, either by birth or by the progression of each one’s chart. Each is evolving at this own pace within the context of those archetypes, both as individuals and as groups designated as “countries.” For a whole culture to impose it’s evolutionary pattern on another upsets the balance of the intended potential of that culture which is having another pattern imposed upon it.
We left England and came to the “new world” to escape having a culture or government imposed on us. Right away we imported slaves. Amazing. Now we are democratizing the world whether it wants it or not. Perhaps the symbols that these degrees represent are telling us it is time to take a good, long look at how we are evolving as a group and whether or not we are creating in concert with our collective higher power or if we are simply using our ego-will to create further separation from our brothers.
When Uranus is finally in Pisces on December 30, it will be in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius. We are on the verge of a spiritual renaissance and inventiveness with all things Piscean. Also Uranus is in new phase with Neptune and has been since it’s conjunction in 1993 when both were in Capricorn. Neptune and Pisces both represent oil, among many, many other things. Uranus is invention and innovation. It is time to find an alternative to oil, and most likely it will be within the next seven years while Uranus is in Pisces. The dependency on oil all started during the last Pisces tenancy of Uranus 84 years ago when we first started the auto-mobilization of America.
The new phase is also indicative of innovation and change, taking a chance and taking a leap of faith.
The conjunction of Neptune and Uranus in 1993 was in the 20th degree of Capricorn. The keynote of that degree is: “The fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through his participation in a group performance consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity.” Again, there is the emphasis on individuals realizing their oneness, but still exercising their individuality. When there is a conjunction of two outer planets, it sets up a long, long cycle of development, until they meet again, based on the keynote of the conjunction.

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