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Fall 2002

Martha Stewart: "It's a Good Thing."

By Carole Devine

The "Diva of Homemaking" and marketing phenomenon, Martha Stewart, was born on August 3, 1941 at 1:33 pm in Jersey City, NJ. (Click here to view her chart.) Like her hard-driving father, shown by the Sun conjunct Pluto near the MC in the ninth, which also points to her publishing focus, she is absolutely going to be in control of anything that touches her life. Not only is the Pluto conjunct the Sun, but square the ascendant in Scorpio. None of this is surprising since it takes such focus to become a phenomenal success. But, with recent developments, one wonders whether or not she is capable of insider trading. I was especially intrigued because she has the south node in Pisces, an indication of philanthropy and sacrifice. However, its position in the fifth house shows a past life in royal circumstances. She's used to being treated well and feels entitled. (Refer to Jan Spiller's book, Astrology for the Soul, for more on that.) That's a contradictory blend, and I can't imagine how she juggles it!

There are two things about her character, though, that are most interesting. First, she has Mercury, ruler of the 8th, in Cancer. Mercury in Cancer is tricky. It is closely connected to emotional needs, so that the reasoning process can be colored by what one "needs" to believe about oneself, a situation, an outcome or anything else that is emotionally charged. My teacher once said, and this is paraphrased, "As you listen to the deductive reasoning process of one with Mercury in Cancer, it sounds plausible, but somehow, it seems to have skipped a step or added one. This is only true if the emotional need of the person to draw that conclusion is critical." In her case, Mercury is well aspected except for a semi-square to Venus, ruler of the 12th and 7th, and a quincunx to the Moon that is exact to the minute. This is really tricky. Mercury is sextile Neptune—ability to be relatively insightful, if not psychic—and certainly charming when the opportunity or need arises. But, the quincunx shows a lack of connection to this emotionally.

To take this further, Moon is in Sagittarius (honesty) in the second house, so there is a self image of being financially secure (or her emotional need is to be financially secure) with integrity and with a global and idealistic (Sag) vision. The Moon is ruler of the ninth (law and ethics); Mercury is in the ninth and ruler of the 8th (investments). They are quincunx each other. I think of a quincunx as "one hand not knowing what the other is doing", or in other words, the rational decision making process is not in harmony (in fact, disconnected) with the subconscious and emotional security needs. Since there is also a semi-square from Mercury to Venus, and Venus rules the twelfth, this is further corroborated. Therefore, she is capable of doing unethical things, but not believing that is what she is actually doing.

Secondly, she has the Moon in the second in Sagittarius square Neptune with only 22 minutes orb. It is the tightest aspect in the chart, and certainly the crux of the life. Moon rules the ninth, Neptune the fifth. It is highly creative, but ego can make the rules; pride can bend them, and she is perfectly capable of deception. With Mercury in Cancer, though, she could very well not realize what she is doing because she can rationalize that it is OK for her—whether because of entitlement or because she has an emotional need to believe her own vision of herself as honest, ethical and compassionate. Saturn is transiting opposite her Moon, and square the Neptune and it is transiting the 8th house. Whatever house Saturn is moving through draws our attention to conflict, pain and doubt about those affairs. Uranus is squaring her natal Saturn and Uranus, so an opportunity to take responsibility for all this is coming up.

Besides those things, the eclipse of November 19th will be conjunct her Saturn bringing in at least six months, if not a year, of focus on the public and her own responsibility to it. The eclipse in early December will fall in her second house and be within range of triggering her Venus/Jupiter square—an indication of excess, but also of diabetes (or other sugar-related illness). That kind of illness may be set off during this time. It is triggered again by the eclipse in the spring in Gemini.

This month progressed Moon is squaring progressed Jupiter, and she is over-emotional, but because it is also trine progressed Venus, she will know how to handle herself and present a relatively composed demeanor. By far the most difficult for her will be the solar arc Mercury conjunct natal Neptune in about a year and the current Neptune transit opposite her Sun and square the ascendant. Neptune rules the fifth, which is not only "speculation" but also ego and creativity. She is probably feeling like a victim (also shown by the progressed Moon being in Pisces). And to top it off, progressed ascendant will square natal Neptune and conjunct the Moon over the next year. Deception or inspiration is being highlighted several ways, and the most strong natal Moon square Neptune is drawing focus to itself to give her an opportunity to see it more clearly and to make better choices.

In two years, solar arc Venus will conjunct the natal ascendant which can either indicate a marriage or an attempt to woo the public. But the following year (about 2 to 3 years from now) the Moon/Neptune square by solar arc will move to oppose and square natal Saturn. The adjustments may be more difficult than she had imagined.

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Tidbits About the Stock Market

Every astrologer knows that the signs "rule" certain things. We see our attention brought to those things when outer planets occupy those signs for several years. For instance, when Saturn is in any sign we seem 'disciplined' about those things for two and a half years. It is a general trend. But, did you know that the stock market also reflects those sign trends?

Saturn represents restriction, doubt and fear. When mass consciousness is feeling these emotions about a certain area of life, then it reflects in the stock market. Saturn has been in Gemini since April 2001. Gemini rules communication, transportation, data in general, and primary education among many other things. Whenever Saturn is in Gemini stocks concerning these things will, for the most part, seem to be in a downturn.

Next June, Saturn will enter Cancer. We will see a downturn of anything related to housewares, homebuilding, homemaking, decorating, cooking (including restaurants), food and domestic things in general.

For the last year, we have seen an upswing in those very things because Jupiter, which represents increase, has been in Cancer from July 2001 to August 1, 2002. Jupiter entered Leo this month so we can expect to see an increase in profits for those things ruled by Leo. That would be upscale luxury items, children's products, pleasure and resort stocks, high end retail in general, gold, gambling and entertainment. If you don't believe it, keep an eye on Value Line, and see for yourself. You can even trace it backward for a time to check it out.

Of course, nothing is that simple. Sometimes there will be challenging aspects to the Jupiter position showing some times when there will be a snag. This time for awhile Neptune will oppose Jupiter which can show deception about profits (we've seen that foreshadowed already) or some other nebulous, confusing issue.

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The Chart of Saddam Hussein

I have the data for Saddam Hussein as April 28, 1937 at 8:55 a.m. in Tikrit, Iraq. (Click here to view his chart.) There is speculation about his birth, but this chart is sufficiently like him to be authentic. If it is the right chart, then things are coming to critical mass for him.

He has a Mars/Moon conjunction in the fifth house in Sagittarius, which can manifest as a "king complex", and interestingly, it is quincunx his Sun/Uranus conjunction in Taurus in the 11th. Like Martha, he doesn't connect emotionally to some of his behavior patterns.

The Moon and Mars in conjunction indicates basic anger beginning in early childhood. In his case, since it is trine Saturn in the 10th, he is capable of keeping it under control most of the time or coldly directed and focused. Saturn squares the ascendant, noted also for cold calculation. It can indicate over-sensitivity to what he may perceive as disrespect. Sometimes it can go so far as being paranoia especially when combined with Moon conjunct Mars.

Sun/Uranus in conjunction is a very independent, sometimes defiant individualist. It can be an innovator or a tyrant depending on how it's used. Since these two conjunctions are quincunx, he feels little responsibility for the results of his own behavior. Remember "one hand doesn't know what the other is doing."

Right now, Saturn by solar arc is approaching an opposition to the Mars/Moon pair, and they are also the place where an eclipse hit on May 26th. For at least a year, his attention will be on understanding his habits in this area of his chart.

Also, Pluto is transiting square his Neptune, conjunct his north node and square the MC. This is critical, and shows that he will have some strong repercussions if he doesn't learn the lesson of the north node in Sagittarius. Pluto transiting square the MC can be the end of one's career, obsession with authority and most of all, blind ambition that doesn't see the issue as it really is.

As if that were not enough, solar arc Moon and Mars are now approaching a square to the Sun/Uranus conjunction! The Moon squared the Sun (inner turmoil) a year ago, but Mars will do so in about five months. We should see some action around that time when he is feeling excessively defensive. Moon will square Uranus (emotional upset) in about 11 months, and last, Mars will square Uranus (one of the most violent of indicators) in two years and about four months.

Add all this to the eclipse of November 19th being close to his Mercury and solar arc Pluto opposite his Saturn in a year, and it looks pretty dismal ahead for poor Saddam.

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