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Autumn 2001

We Are a Global Family

by Carole Devine

Imagine if the World Trade Center had been attacked about ten years ago. Email communication was not as common as now. Would you have heard from friends in England, Japan, and Australia as I have? In a blink of an eye, the time line represented by ten years in the long history of this earth, we have grown incredibly closer. Within hours, messages are flying all over the globe expressing opinions, encouragement, outrage and compassion. How close we have become! How the boundaries have dissolved!

When we consider that the "way back to the father" is unconditional love and union with our brothers... all brothers... this looks promising. However, it is still possible to be separate from love of your brothers while espousing religious rhetoric. Just because one considers himself to be God's spokesperson, doesn't excuse words of righteous condemnation against anyone. Whenever a person decides to judge his brother, he separates himself from the one true spirit which encompasses us all, God. For instance, Jerry Falwell immediately judged that it is the homosexuals, abortionists, etc. who caused God to withdraw our divine protection and that is why the terrorist succeeded in destroying the World Trade Center. (In the first place, who are we to presume God has given us special protection from our fellow human beings in other parts of the world? How arrogant can we get!?) Pat Robertson agreed with him. Both later "sort of" retracted their statements, not saying they were wrong, just insensitive at the time.

I am especially sensitive about this since it is also a fundamentalist attitude that I am doing the 'work of the devil' by being an Astrologer. Actually, a careful, unbiased search of scripture supports Astrology, rather than the reverse. (I recommend the Catholic priest, Fr. John Rich's, work on this topic. See boxed info on page 2 for obtaining his pamphlet.) Going even further than that, Pat Robertson once said on one of his shows that if someone says s/he is "spiritual" rather than "religious", then s/he is a "new ager" and therefore, not "of God." All of this is separative and leads us further apart, rather than closer together no matter how quickly we can communicate through technology. When anyone makes a critical judgment about another person, it automatically creates a separation. The person being judged did not ask for the separation; s/he is simply hurt, insulted and ostracized by that attitude and therefore, not inclined to seek the company of the judgmental person. Hence, the separation.

It is most important, when we perceive ourselves as victims, that we try to look at it all through eyes of forgiveness and reality. Real reality, not the illusions that we have substituted for it. With the major advances in the past ten years of technology, the entire world is more aware than ever before of the conditions in other places. Third world countries are shown vignettes of our lives, and we theirs. It is inevitable that conclusions and judgments will be drawn by people who live a reality that ends at the senses. However, it seems that we here don't really "get it" when we see some of the horrible conditions under which other people live.

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One time, many years ago, I watched a comedian on television commenting on starvation in a third world drought-ravaged place. He said, in a nutshell, "It doesn't rain there. Of course, they're going to starve. Why don't they move to a place where it rains?" I was dumbstruck at such a statement! I would imagine that less developed countries would view us as over-indulged with plenty to spare that we are not sharing adequately with those less fortunate. This may be a war based on economics, but it may not be what we think. Look at this site:

When I discussed the World Trade Center attack with my son recently, he said an interesting thing. He is out of the U.S. in third world countries more than he's home. His job is to upgrade security systems in third world embassies. He said, "Where was all this patriotism when terrorist bombed the Cole, attacked the Stark, and blew up embassies over there? Why does it take a major attack on our soil before we wake up and realize what is going on?"

I know this intro is a little rambling, but I've been mulling over a lot of things. The printed version of this issue of Cosmic Views included excerpts from the E-Zines dated September 12th and 17th discussing the events as reflected in the USA chart. These are available on the E-Zine page of this site, so they are not duplicated here.

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