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Capricorn Ingress
December 21, 2005


1. The month ahead
2. 2006 Ingress Chart

The Month Ahead

By Carole Devine 

            The last ten days of 2005 are most influenced by two main phenomena: Venus turning retrograde on December 24th at 4:36 a.m. eastern time and the exact square of Mars to Saturn (90 degrees apart) at 7:08 p.m. on December 27th.  The exact time is not as significant as a trigger from the Moon, which will occur on the 26th and actually could be the more significant day. This is all triggering George Bush’s Pluto, which we mentioned in the last newsletter. When a slow moving planet like Saturn is affecting an area of a chart, it lasts a long time… usually about six months. Therefore, other than a general affect of less exuberance, there isn’t necessarily anything dramatic until a planet like Mars activates it, and then the faster Moon acts as the final trigger. This is most of the time. You may ask why it is more dramatic in some lives than others. After all, everyone born in the late forties has Pluto near this position.  

Is There a Lesson There? 

            Saturn is considered the wise, older teacher, and it is generally conceded that when it is activating anything in the chart, it is for our own good. My teacher used to say that if a person has learned his or her “Saturnian” lesson, “Who’s gonna hassle you?” Another of her famous quotes was “Character is destiny; change your character, and you change your destiny.” 

            George Bush has Pluto conjunct Mercury on the ascendant all in Leo in his birth chart. The negative expression of this is almost a “king” like way of making pronouncements and being very entrenched in viewpoint. Pride would be the Achilles Heel. The positive side of it is deep, profound thought with courage of conviction to stay in a position no matter what is against him. Which one it is, until Saturn shows us clearly, depends on whether you agree with him or not.

            Saturn will return to this spot in the next year, but right now it is very strong because of the Mars involvement. We are about to see what the Universe thinks of whatever folks are doing who have anything at 10 degrees of Leo (and even a couple degrees on either side of 10). If you don’t like what is happening to you, look inward to see what needs adjusting in yourself. It can be habitual negative or fearful thought processes, an unloving attitude, resentment, erroneous judgments, etc. The same applies to Mr. Bush. If, on the other hand, you or he just have more work to do, but are not suffering particularly—and this includes unpopularity—then apparently, there isn’t a negative use of this energy. In any case, hard work would be the order of the day.

            I might add here, that none of us really knows what is going on in another person’s private life. Anyone can look pretty good on the surface and be suffering terribly internally. So we still cannot make judgments. However, public figures almost have no private life, so we’d be able to assess their choices (and therefore our own in regard to them) a little better.  

In the Beginning….. 

No aspect is an isolated event. It is a cyclical relationship. Any two planets will eventually conjoin each other, and at that moment, a cycle begins that lasts until the next conjunction. It was May 25, 2004 that Mars conjoined Saturn at 11 degrees Cancer in this current cycle. Bush’s Sun is 13 Cancer—pretty close. On May 25 last year, Bush’s approval rating dropped to an all time low, Nader called for the withdrawal of troops, and Bush gave a 31 minute prime time speech as part of an orchestrated public relations effort. It was also just before the June elections in Iraq at which time sovereignty was to be handed over to the Iraqi people. It is pretty much what is going on now! This conjunction set in motion a Mars/Saturn cycle that will not really be over until the next conjunction (at 8 Leo—still close to Bush’s Pluto and right between his 7 degree Ascendant and 9 degree Mercury!!) on June 18, 2006. That is another extremely significant time.

            One could write on and on about the Mars/Saturn cycle, it is such a reliable timer. Suffice to say, that May 25, 2004, November 7, 2004 (when Mars made a first quarter square to Saturn, which was stationary at 27 Cancer), March 7, 2005 (the opposition) all have a great deal in common with events unfolding now.  

Venus Retrograde 

            Venus retrogrades are rare, occurring only every 18 to 20 months and lasting each time over a month. This time it goes direct on February 3, 2006. How it affects people depends on each person’s chart—the houses it occupies and rules. Usually, there is a re-evaluation of what is important or not in those areas of one’s life. If you know your chart, this will affect those of you with placements at 1 degree of fixed signs and 16 degrees of cardinal.  


            The grand fixed square mentioned last month is in full effect through January. The only thing triggering it for the first three weeks would be the Moon on January 2, 8, and 15/16th. Some of you may remember an article about the Moon Wobble a year or two ago. That phenomenon is in force the last ten days of December (not helping the Mars/Saturn square) and the first week of January. More important than all that is the coming New Moon on January 29th, which will activate the grand square we are discussing. More about that next time.

Correction:  The quote in last month’s newsletter was erroneously attributed to James Allen. It was really by William James.

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2006 Ingress Chart



            This chart is calculated for midnight, January 1, 2006 in Washington DC.  If you are from another country, you can calculate it for your co-ordinates and time zone.

            The grand square is in full force in this chart, but for the US, it is not angular. However, the Moon’s nodes are rising and setting so it is an important year.

            The year starts off with a New Moon the day before, and the indication of this is in the fourth house, which leads to a tendency for the US to be more concerned with domestic issues. This is re-enforced by the ruler of the chart, Venus, being in the fourth, as well. Ceres, one of the major asteroids, is also in the fourth and angular. It is named after the goddess from whose name we get the word “cereal.” She is concerned with mothering and feeding the hungry. Are we actually going to turn our attention to providing for our own poor?!? It is, however, part of a second grand square (besides the Mars/Jupiter/Neptune/Saturn one). This involves the angles and nodes with Sun and Ceres. The south node conjoining the ascendant is indicative of trying to remain in the past with the habits already entrenched. It’s worth noting that every year Libra rises at midnight and the Sun squares the ascendant; it’s a given for the time of the year and day, but when other bodies and the nodes are involved, it takes on more importance.

The grand square occupies the succeedant houses, which are also called the “money” houses. Jupiter in the second would incline us to be spendthrifts, especially when square Neptune in the fifth! The fifth house, when related to money, is gambling, speculation or money spent on pleasure. For those of you who use derivative houses, the fifth is the fourth from the second and so can indicate the housing prices for the country being unrealistic—the “bubble” we are expecting to burst. If it does, it might be when Saturn contacts the Jupiter/Neptune square around July and August 2006.

The grand square is also involved in domestic issues since Saturn rules the fourth house and therefore, brings the configuration into the mix. That would indicate all the things mentioned last month—delays, deception, scandal, and quite a bit of secrecy involving finance. Mars is in the 8th house, which is not only secrecy, but also taxes, and anything to do with other people’s money. Mars is where we do sharp probing and “surgery.” Expect quite a bit to be unearthed.

What about the war? The sixth is traditionally the military, but the seventh is open enemies. Uranus is well-aspected and quintiles a Mercury/Pluto conjunction in the third. We mentioned that Bush has that conjunction in his chart, and the positive side is deep thought and probing intellect. When it is in an ingress chart for a country, the populace is the one with deep thought and probing questions. It will be hard to fool the public this year. I believe our collective attitudes and opinions will definitely affect the war in a positive way. The ruler of the third is Jupiter, and there is even a trine of Uranus to that, showing good collective judgment. However, the ruler of the sixth is Neptune which is part of the infamous grand square, and so we will still be dealing with deception, poor judgment on the part of whoever has responsibility (Saturn), precipitous actions and especially a stubborn, entrenched position.

The seventh is ruled by Mars, which is square the ruler of the sixth. This means that public sentiment is not in agreement with the military’s activity, which, in itself, is probably not what we think it is. Deception is the bottom line all over the chart.

The sixth is also the employment sector of the chart, and this shows choppy conditions there. Expect unexpected surprises in issues involving jobs.

We will be more concerned and motivated to do something about our educational system. Most people are going to be so frustrated by budget issues and long range projections of future expectations, they will probably apply a lot of verbal pressure. This is Pluto conjunct Mercury in the third (Mercury rules the ninth of education) and both sesqui-quadrate Saturn and Mars that are in square to each other. That is a very frustrating but insistent configuration.

The president in a chart like this is the tenth house. That is ruled by the Moon and is in the fourth. He’ll have to attend to domestic issues. It’s overwhelming. But, it’s a new moon, and usually the energy of the first phase of the Sun/Lunar cycle (you know about this; new moon, first quarter, full moon, etc.) is impetuous and acts without much forethought. So Bush may act first and think later. The Moon is well-aspected and not contacting much of the rest of the chart, which can either mean that he’s out of touch with the country, or that he’s just not getting much of the blame.

            We are all concerned about the recent undermining of the word, Christmas, so I looked to see what the religious sector holds. The ruler, Mercury, is conjoined Pluto in Sagittarius, a good sign that people are going to persist against whatever they do not like. It will meet resistance because of a portion of the public that is well-financed. I have no idea who that is. That is shown by Mars in Taurus, ruling the seventh and in the 8th. Someone controls with money. However, it squares Saturn, ruler of the fourth, and the grassroots citizenry will frustrate that objective in due time.

            This is a tough year, but it is gratifying to see so much attention paid to domestic affairs and so much strong will in the minds of the populace. Whatever the problems are, we are determined to see it through. We just need to be alert for the deceptions that will be rampant.

            Learn to listen with your intuition. If something just doesn’t “feel” right, take it seriously. All those references to “gut feelings” have a basis in fact. The good part about a grand square that involves these specific planets is that Saturn is there. Saturn is the one that will force the scandals out of the closet and demand accountability. We don’t have to punish anyone or do anything special. It just helps to understand the dynamics. The universe is undeviating justice and sooner or later a cycle completes and all the chips fall where they are supposed to. So you may as well relax, and be joyful and grateful for all your blessings.  

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