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Taurus Ingress
April 20, 2006


1. Our Evolving Consciousness
2. Rumsfeld and His Prospects
3. The Month Ahead


Our Evolving Consciousness
By Carole Devine

        We have been discussing the ongoing stressful aspects between Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter that is the scaffolding for the events we are witnessing at this time. I want to digress a bit from what we’ve been addressing to look at them from a different perspective. Sometimes when we’re in the midst of seemingly difficult events, we lose sight of the overall picture. Many astrologers are accused of being negative when interpreting what is going on either in mundane analysis or the forecasting of personal charts, but on the other hand, if we talk about the creative vision of the superconscious and how all of this is an illusion (as explained in A Course in Miracles), we are looked upon as being unsympathetic with the “reality” that someone or an entire country is living.
        In our ongoing evolvement, we still have to deal, at times, with our limited understanding of our true nature, which is timeless spirit. Our leaders have their own life plan and are just as vulnerable to the demands and illusions of the ego as we are. In A Course in Miracles we are told of the nature of the ego and how it misleads us into dramas that feed a variety of appetites. One is war, another is greed—the list is endless. Those of us who approve of and support these demands of the ego help to perpetuate it. However, at any time, we can wake up and realize who we really are and can choose to see things very differently. Astrology, with its wonderful cyclical timing, helps us do that. By interpreting what the symbols mean, astrologers are not being negative, but rather are trying to bring understanding about what the current events are teaching us in our evolution. By understanding what the leaders’ charts are showing in their evolution, it can bring clarity to the whole.
        At this particular time, we are witnessing the contrasts of religions. Neptune represents spirituality and Jupiter is organized religion. Saturn is “reality” or discipline—or more accurately, spirit brought into matter and the cross we bear in manifestation. The three of them are in conflict this year. Of course, we in America would never imagine that we have a conflict about religion as the extremist Muslims do! After all, as we saw in their hateful rhetoric, we are to be conquered and killed in the name of Allah, and if one converts to Christianity, he is to be executed. We would never do that, would we? Religion is a philosophy, and so is a form of government. Jupiter represents both. Aren’t we conquering and killing Iraqis to impose a form of government, a philosophy, in the name of Democracy? It is a perfect out-picturing of the symbology of the three planets we are discussing.

        But what is the more spiritual way of looking at this? I don’t pretend to be an enlightened being of any kind, but if we just understand the principles that Christianity and A Course in Miracles teach, which is echoed in Eckhart Tolle’s work and even that of Neale Donald Walsh, we can come to some safe conclusions.
        First, we are all one. Every one of us on the earth are one. It isn’t “us” and “them.” Jesus said “What you do to the least of these, you do to Me.” Likewise, what we do to others, we do to ourselves. The basic problem in humanity is the separation of everyone into factions. Naturally, every faction believes it is right. We will not make another group admit being “wrong” (whatever that is) by force. It’s a waste of energy, money and life. Separation is the enemy. It is what holds us back from ultimate understanding of who we really are. By “we” I don’t mean Americans, but rather, all of humanity. If you think that Americans are superior and that this is the only life you’ll have—as an American, you may be in for a surprise. I believe that what we condemn or negate, we will have to experience so we can understand it—perhaps in another life. The minute we name one group “victim” and another group “villain,” we have caused separation. In that instant the ego takes over. The ego loves to battle, show superiority and cause separation. It thrives on sensation.
        Somewhere in the Bible there is a passage about not looking for a speck in another’s eye until you have removed the log in your own. It takes a great deal of wisdom to rise above an atrocity, such as 9/11, and see the global implications of accelerating more of the same. After all, we lost 3,000 people in that attack, but we have killed far more than that in retaliation. We are spending billions to destroy a country, causing their entire nation anguish, while our own poor are getting poorer and the cost of living is soaring. Are those lives worth less than our citizens’? We talk of their holding life cheaply, but what are we demonstrating by our treatment of them and the neglect of our own poor?
        The configuration of Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn that we have been following is having a major effect on every one of our leaders’ charts. It is as though they are examples of what needs to be learned, not examples to follow. Nothing is by accident. We are here to evolve to a point where we awaken to our divinity and are one with God. Our God-given “clock in the sky” is a kind of guide through the wilderness, showing us why we are having the experiences we are having so we can make wiser choices and grow into deeper understanding.
        One of the things we have to do is to vote on who our leaders are going to be. By understanding what various candidates came in with in terms of character, we can make wiser choices. It isn’t a judgment; it’s an assessment of which one will be more suitable to lead. We are not condemning anyone; we are simply weighing which one may be more adept at making wise choices for us on the global stage. Who is level-headed? Who is cool under pressure? Who is compassionate and understanding? And conversely, are there signs of being a ‘controller?’ An egotist? We have a responsibility to choose our leaders more wisely and also to keep vigilant that we don’t lose our rights in the process.

Rumsfeld and His Prospects

        Donald Rumsfeld was born on July 9, 1932 at 5:40 p.m. in Chicago, IL. He has Sagittarius rising and the only planet on the eastern side of his chart is Saturn at 2:30 of Aquarius. It is the singleton, the ‘handle’ in a ‘bucket’ pattern with the rest of the chart in a semi-circle from the fourth to the tenth houses. This shows a driven person who feels strongly that he has a purpose (and really, we all do), but at the same time, he feels his life is one of just reacting to others’ decisions. Even though he needs to be in control (Sun conjoins Pluto on the 8th cusp), he also sees himself as a negotiator with Moon in Libra and the Sun and Venus in the seventh.
        The ruler of his chart is Jupiter, and it is in Leo in the 8th and part of a grand trine with the Ascendant and Uranus. This is ultra-confident, with a tendency to use humor to further along his agenda. It also speaks of a privileged life and expectation of entitlement. But, secrecy and clandestine behavior is strong despite the honesty inherent in Sagittarius rising. He has Mars square Neptune, which doesn’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing. (The USA has this aspect in its chart, as well.)
        In the past year Uranus has been squaring Mars and opposing Neptune, bringing this trait out into the open. We have found out about secret torture locations and practices. He has been furious for several weeks now… solar arc Mars is conjoining his Jupiter. And this is the result of transiting Uranus square his Mars, as well. But, he is not in the mood to compromise—secondary progressed Venus is square secondary progressed Mars, and secondary progressed Pluto is exactly to the minute square natal Uranus. He will be in control! Plus, any Cancerian clings to the status quo, particularly one with Sun conjunct Pluto. He and Bush are very similar.
        Rumsfeld is very affected by others’ assessments right now, though. Solar arc Pluto is only two minutes past his Moon, so he is obsessing about other’s evaluations of him. And over the next month he is confused about what decisions to make. Tertiary Mercury is opposite his Neptune. But, he is also stubbornly digging in, too. Transiting Pluto is just past his ascendant and is exactly squaring his progressed Ascendant at 24:52 Pisces right now.
        Long term, his progress MC changes signs in roughly 2 years and 8 months, about the time of the next inauguration. Plus, Saturn opposes the natal MC around that time, as well. Either one of those or both indicate a major change in status or career.
        In the meantime, solar arc Mercury is going to oppose natal Uranus in five months which is the notorious “know-it-all” aspect and can show some reckless, not too well-thought-out decisions. But, because it sextiles Jupiter at the same time, he’ll most likely get around any repercussions. He is changing, though. In a year and a half, his progressed Sun changes signs, and his personality will become more conciliatory. He reaches a low point in mid-July when Saturn transits Mercury.
        In regard to the ongoing Neptune/Saturn/Jupiter T-square, the last ten days of October should be critical. He will have Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune exactly contacting his natal Jupiter, plus Mars and Venus square his Saturn, Pluto square the progressed Sun and since August before, Uranus square his natal Mars. If ever he’d feel like quitting, I’d surmise that would be the time.
        Interestingly, at that same time, which is evidently stressful, he also has an exact trine from solar arc Neptune to the natal Sun, which would show inspiration. However, in the natal chart, the Sun is semi-square Neptune, and it is a cardinal rule that when an aspect forms, it brings out the natal aspect if there is one between the two planets in question. Therefore, rather than inspiration, this will bring out his natural tendency to be deceptive—or confused, whichever applies in his scenario of choices.

The Month Ahead

        Saturn has been out of orb of involvement in the configuration we are discussing, so despite what may be the appearance, we’re having a breather. It has turned direct, though, and is heading back into the T-square by July to finish the job at hand.
        The last ten days of April the Sun is square Saturn, and most may find it to be a rather slow-moving time, especially when Mars is in Cancer where it doesn’t feel at home. The tendency is to be more cautious and stick with the status quo as much as possible. April 29 and 30 this is more pronounced as Venus squares Pluto. If you are in a relationship, this is a time of heightened passion and intensity.
        Mercury is very fast during this time and actually occupies three different signs: Aries, Taurus and on the last day before the Sun goes into Gemini, so does Mercury forming a superior conjunction with the Sun. During the few days around May 20th, expect people to be more subjective.
        The first three weeks of May is very inventive with Mars trine Uranus and Jupiter—in fact, forming a grand trine. This is one of the rare times this year when there is a sort of antidote to the Saturn/Neptune opposition, providing a more judicial and insightful energy to help with decision-making.


        I’m in Murphy, NC for awhile taking care of a very ill friend until she can take care of herself and her pets. For the time being, please contact me through my cell phone: 757-581-5263, or by email: If you wish to mail me anything, the temporary address is: 142 Ranger Estates Rd., Murphy, NC 28906. Mail to Pasadena will be forwarded, but by sending here, it will arrive more quickly. I am, of course, still working on any charts clients want. The lovely thing about this business is that it can be done anywhere.

“Not all things are as they seem.
There are more possibilities in every moment
within every lifetime than you might previously have imagined.”

~ Neale Donald Walsch
“Home with God in a Life that Never Ends”

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