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According to the Bible, in Genesis 1:14, it all started when God said, "Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to separate day from night; let them serve as signs and for the fixing of seasons, days and years." Regardless of whether or not this is allegorical, there can be no doubt that mankind has long looked upward for guidance and that the heavens have held a fascination since pre-recorded history. The main thing that has beckoned our respect and curiosity has been the heavenly bodies' unerring cyclical regularity. We have evidence of this in the ruins left behind all over the world.

Stonehenge remains largely a mystery, but because of its accurate alignment with astronomical phenomena, it obviously served as a calendar measuring the regular rhythms of the Sun and Moon. The same is evident at "American Woodhenge" in Cahokia, Illinois which is part of a network of geometrical systems of mounds, mostly near rivers, in Ohio, Illinois and other areas of the mid-west.

Petroglyphs in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, and other western sites, point to advanced knowledge of astronomy by the Anasazi Indians over a thousand years ago. On Easter Island, the 300 foot platform and statues on it at Vinapu faced the equinox direction as closely as anyone could measure. From the pyramids to Shinto temples, there are many other examples of these primitive attempts of mankind to bring order into their lives. With the unpredictability of thunderstorms, lightning, drought and other dangerous manifestations of nature's power, it must have given our forebears comfort that there was some kind of order in the universe that they could depend upon.

The regular predictability of solstices, eclipses and equinoxes, however, were just scratching the surface. As the years passed, many Astrologer/Astronomers developed very sophisticated systems of correspondences between our planetary system and our personalities and life events. Meanwhile, from the mid-17th to 19th centuries, when astronomy was developing more intricate techniques for measuring the universe, Astrology suffered a decline and separated from Astronomy because the "rationalists" of the time could not see or understand a connection between the cosmos and individuals. Although Astrologers know from observation that these correspondences exist and manifest, the actual mechanism of its operation is unknown. Now, with the discovery of quantum mechanics, we may be approaching the ability to do just that. It has recently been shown that sub-atomic particles are "communicating" with other sub-atomic particles instantly without regard to time or distance. Further, when one considers the vastness of the universe, our little solar system shrinks considerably in comparison. And, if we also consider, as A Course in Miracles teaches, that time is of our own creation, or rather is unique to us and really does not necessarily exist elsewhere, then quantum mechanics doesn't seem so farfetched. There is so much we do not understand, it is conceivable that in another century those "rationalists" of the 17th century could appear as primitive to future generations as the Anasazi seem to us.

There is a rhythm to life. Just as the Earth and Sun interact giving us predictable seasons, so do the other planets have cycles that affect us. There is a predictable effect of the Saturn cycle, Mars, Venus, Uranus and so forth. If we can accept the seasonal cycles of the Earth and Sun, why is it so hard to accept the possibility that other planetary cycles affect us as well? Each of these cycles represents a part of life, and it is a wise person who seeks to understand how they affect his individual life each year to more empower himself to make better use of his time on this Earth.

If you're looking for a "fortuneteller" or a set of lucky numbers, you're in the wrong place!! Astrology is better used for nobler and more spiritual purposes. Since free will is a given, you are, whether you like it or not, in charge of your life. Even psychics really cannot tell you what choices you or others are going to make.

Think of your birth chart in two parts. First it reveals what strengths and lessons you were born with. It is a remarkable X-ray of your character as it had developed in past lives up to the time of your birth. The minute you are born, it becomes potential. From that point, you are molding your future. Naturally, because of character traits, you will have tendencies to behave in certain ways, but you don't have to follow your line of least resistance. You do have control over your destiny. Change your character, and you change your destiny.

Second, the chart is a timepiece, showing what time it is in your personal life to pay attention to specific character development issues. Rather than asking an Astrologer what is going to happen next, you would be better advised to ask what you are working to develop next. Then you are prepared to understand why events are happening as they are, and thereby make wise and informed decisions. This should be so much more gratifying than to think you are just a puppet dangling in the hands of fate. You are now potential ready to go into any direction you choose! Astrology can help.
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