USA History in the Making

by Carole Devine

Our country is going through trying times. Ever since the last election campaign, we've become aware of many reasons to question our confidence in government. Not only have we had a wave of natural disasters, not uncommon at all when two pairs of outer planets are in long-term configurations, but we are finally having to address issues arising primarily from overindulgence and waste. These range from our individual habits to the incredible greed of various industries and professions.

On August 23, 1992, the USA chart was experiencing a Uranus opposition to the Sun by solar arc. This is extremely important with many levels of meaning. First, it signifies a "sudden awakening." In this case, it is an awakening to our collective philosophies of life which, in turn, manifests in our choice of government representatives.

We had survived the Hurricane Andrew disaster just a day or two earlier, and the presidential campaign debates were concerning health reform and the deficit. This event had to have had a tremendous impact on our individual values.

Uranus making a challenging contact to any planet shows a sudden breakthrough in whatever area of the chart that planet represents. The Sun in the USA chart symbolizes the legislative bodies, laws, and our collective money, i.e., taxes. A sudden awareness of the need to reform these areas has brought a major breakthrough in our government and something is being done about it, albeit not necessarily the best things.

From early March through April, 1993, there were several sign changes of position in the USA chart and two major aspects. This whole time seemed to center around first the Koresh disaster, followed by the Midwestern floods.

During the Texas fiasco, there was a progressed Moon conjunction to Pluto aspect, exact on March 26th. This represents intense emotional obsession, with serious re-examining of our grass roots collective subconscious attitudes concerning our prejudice and fears. A progressed Moon contact lasts roughly three months, and so was in effect during the Waco standoff. It cost much more than was publicized.

Progressed Venus changes signs on March 16th and ushered in more "me first" attitudes about labor and health issues.

On May 25th, Neptune was 90 degrees from Pluto by solar arc, and although Neptune is often prominent when there are floods, I wouldn't have interpreted it that way. Floods, fires, earthquakes, and storms are cleansing events and symbolic of large consciousness issues needing attention. Hardly an area in the country has been spared some sort of demonstration of nature's power which, in the process, has taught us something about real values. The Progressed Moon entered Aquarius in late May, too, and introduced two years of increased brotherhood and detachment from "self."

The most important sign change was that of the USA's solar arc Midheaven which entered Taurus. This is a 30-year sojourn and defines our collective idea of the qualities we need in a leader, and our attitudes toward him/her. Thirty years ago when this last changed signs and entered Aries, we started to elect very self-centered leaders, who impulsively did the expedient thing of the moment without much forethought. There has been much comment on this phenomenon lately. The positive side of this was that we had 30 years of aggressive technical innovation, an inspiring side of the Aries energy.

Before that, in 1933, we went through a 30-year Piscean leadership period when our leaders were idealistic, awakening our dreams, and we, in turn, idealized them. The last of these heroes died in 1963. But, in that time, we also became idealized as a nation, becoming "saviors of the world," another Piscean quality.

Now we will elect leaders with earthy Taurean values (Bill Clinton has the Moon in Taurus), which means money and security are the central issues. We have the opportunity to put our fiscal affairs in order and re-examine our values or bankrupt the government with unreasonable demands. Our leaders will be much more financially oriented than they have been in the past.

And now, what of the future? The most important solar arc aspect of 1994 is Mars conjunct Pluto, exact on June 5th. The event it presages may not occur on that day but energizes the entire aspect of mid-May to late July.

This is an intense aspect triggered by the full moon in July and by Mars on May 20th and September 29th. It is echoed by transiting Pluto squaring the Moon in early May and late October, which can be referred to as the time parameters of the unfolding of the entire energy. Mars and Pluto, in general, indicate obsessive action with intense focus, such as an assassination or an act of war. It could point to our country taking an unprecedented hard-line approach to an issue that has been long repressed. Whatever this event is, it occurs at the same time that President Clinton is confronted by aspects that indicate surprise and the need to adjust very quickly. That points to another possible natural disaster or other equally unexpected crisis. Look for this period to be fast-paced and very important.

The next most important contact is the conjunction of the Progressed Moon with the Progressed Sun in October, a relatively rare occurrence. Decisions are made; new courses set.

Long range, look for major increases in taxes and/or inflation in three years when solar arc Moon squares the USA Jupiter. Then, an opposite energy shows a major correction which could amount to a severe depression if not handled wisely, occurring six years and two months from now, when solar arc Saturn squares the USA Moon. (This is being written in April, 1994.)

Those of you who are familiar with my writings, know I adhere to the philosophy that we write our own scripts and we are in a play of our own production. The country we have chosen to live in is represented by a "collective" script, that is shown by the country's chart. It shows why we have chosen to travel through this time together, and what our "play" is all about.

The larger picture of these events unfolding appear to be lessons about values. We have been found to be rather fond of ease and material pleasures, not wanting to work too terribly hard for what we have. And because we have not suffered the unspeakable agonies of others, such as the Bosnians, Croatians, or the South Africans, we can sometimes forget how much we take for granted.

The mysteries about why some people attract violence and others do not can be debated for hours, but suffice to say, while we are going through our own history and scripted lessons, hopefully we can keep our spirits attuned to what the real purpose is behind the events and not get so caught up in the drama that we forget who we are, perfect manifestations of love. And the only way out of the play is to manifest love unconditionally to others.

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Copyright © 2000 Carole Devine. This article originally appeared in Cosmic Views.