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Advantage E-Zine - September 3, 2001

{This is slightly early because I'm moving this week end and will not
have access to my computer Monday since the phone is not being installed
until Tuesday. New address below in the signature.}

One of the most controversial aspects of Astrology is the question of
free will versus fatalism. I've always been aware that at various
turning points, there were options that could have been chosen rather
than the one I did. There were other times when I would have sworn fate
was definitely a fact, since I did not appear to have a hand in what
happened. But it wasn't until I learned about quantum mechanics that I
understood why some things seemed to be fated, but I had actually chosen
those, as well. (This is, of course, barring what happens to other
people which impacts us as a result of their choices.) I've written
about this before in Cosmic Views, so those who may be thinking I'm
going to repeat the same old stuff, just hold on a minute.

I've been reading two phenomenal books recently that are shedding light
on this. Through studying quantum physics on my own (as limited as I
am), I've come to understand that the smallest sub-atomic particles
respond to thought. Since I have a Virgo Moon, I like to know why
something is true and how it works. So far, I've shared with readers
that sub-atomic particles communicate with their pairs no matter how
distant, and that they instantaneously change conditions in the
environment through thought, unerringly drawing to you what you think
about with the most emotion and consistency. Your chart just shows what
your habitual tendencies have become as a result of choices made in past
lives. It will remain the same until you change it.

However, in the book, "Love Without End... Jesus Speaks", by Glenda
Green, we are told that there is a particle not discovered yet which
Jesus calls the Adamantine Particle, which creates mass. Other particles
are the result of mass. This particle is controlled only through love.
The more love you pour out unconditionally, the more of these particles
are magnetized to you. It is the source of miracles and why love changes
things. He also said, incidentally, that the original sin was judgement
and judgement day will be the judging of judgement. Interesting. Try an
exercise: look at anything or anyone, and try to observe without an
opinion. Just recognizing that it *is*. The more you can do this, the
less judgmental you will become!

The other book is "Creating Money" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.
This one is a pragmatic application of the principles with which I was
so enthralled in the first book, although I read them in reverse order.
This one was written about 13 years ago, but these two books together
answer a lot of questions.

I'm always striving to be helpful to clients, which I don't believe is
going to happen by taking a fatalistic approach. It dis-empowers too
easily to tell someone it is "inevitable" that such-and-such will
happen. I remember many years ago a visitor came to my office when
Saturn was transiting Virgo. She was trying to get me to go into a
partnership of some sort. I finally asked her why she picked me, since
I'd never met her or heard of her in my life. She said she had heard I
was a Virgo (not true), and that she knew I'd be in need of help since
Saturn was transiting Virgo. I explained that Saturn transiting one's
Sun brings into fruition whatever you have been striving for over the
previous 30 years, not inevitable punishment! If you have not been
directing those particles very well, then the "fruit" may be
frustration. I know of many people who have had a most rewarding result
under that transit. We truly do create our own destiny.

So, in summation, if you are lonely, broke, unhealthy or in some way
feeling unrewarded, instead of assuming that you have to wait until some
dire astrological indicators are over, try just loving everything and
everyone you meet, without conditions or judgements, and see what
happens. Maybe Og Mandino had it right when he said a great salesman
mentally says "I love You." as he looks into his prospect's eyes.

(Next time, we'll look at a chart instead of philosophizing.)
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