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Advantage E-Zine - Sept. 17, 2001

Today is a new moon at 24 degrees Virgo and is (I've heard) the end of the
Egyptian calendar inside the pyramids. Today, we attempt to get back to life
with some semblance of normalcy.

Over the past few days it has been hard for many of us to reconcile the
emotions we have in reaction to this horror with our spiritual path of
unconditional love and non-judgment. Marianne Williamson's daily messages
have helped, but still, in ourselves, our hearts have to be pure and real
for any healing to take place.

I have hesitated to write anything until I could sort out my own anger. In
meditation I've asked for some kind of guidance. Then I got a "memory" (I
guess you'd call it that) of a paper I wrote for a college literature class
decades ago. I hadn't thought of it in years. It was about the theology of
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a protestant minister who was executed by the Nazis
just as the war was ending for his part in an attempt to assassinate Hitler.
He was asked at one point how he could justify killing someone when he was a
minister, a man of God. His answer was (paraphrased) .... 'If a man is in a
car with a madman who is speeding so fast he is about to kill his passengers
and anyone in his way, it is your duty to wrench the wheel out of his

Then there is the metaphysical law that everything that happens to us we
have asked for in one way or another. That's a tough one. But, we are not an
innocent nation. Remember Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Was our retaliation
against the Japanese excessive? Has such retaliatory violence ever resulted
in peace?

A couple weeks ago I mentioned the book by Glenda Green, "Love Without End".
One of my correspondents wrote to tell me how enlightening pages 191 to 195
are about this event. I hadn't even gotten that far in the book, but was
finding my own relevant passages. I highly recommend the book.

For the Astrology buffs out there, I want to add a few comments and also
pass on some observations from my colleagues. First, there is the question
of the "true" USA chart. I've been looking at three. The 2:15 a.m. most
popular one, the Barbara Koval rectification (my favorite) of 4:20 p.m. and
the Sibley chart of 5:10 p.m. all LMT on July 4, 1776 in Philadelphia. The
last two are only a half hour apart, and at first glance, since the Sibley
chart has 12 Sagittarius rising and Pluto was at 12 Sagittarius on Sept. 11,
it appears to be potent. I did some comparing of these charts with December
7, 1941 to see if there were some similarities that would help. There do not
appear to be as many dramatic correlations with the 2:15 a.m. chart as with
the other two, but the grand cross eclipse does impact the 2:15 a.m. Moon
position which was triggered by Venus on Sept. 11th. In both the other
charts, there is a progressed Moon conjunction to the Sun, which I had
noticed some time ago. That is always a significant shift in consciousness
and has never happened before in our history.

(These three USA charts are online at and To view them,
just copy and paste each URL into your browser's address window.)

Just as important as that lunation, however, is the progressed Moon to the
Progressed Sun, the beginning of a new lunation cycle. It is interesting
that on the day of the Oklahoma City bombing, the progressed Moon in the all
three charts was conjunct its respective natal Moon position, which is
reasonable given the motion of the progressed Moon. However, the 2:15 a.m.
chart has the Sun/Moon lunation applying by one degree, but the others are
separating by 6 or 7 degrees. Chalk one up for the 2:15 a.m. chart.

The one thing that has swayed me more toward the Koval chart, though, is the
fact that in both the Pearl Harbor attack chart, which brought us into World
War II, and the chart for Sept. 11, 2001, the solar arc MC in both were
changing signs. In 1941, it was at 0:04 Pisces, and now it is at 0:49
Taurus. I place great weight (as you know) on solar arc directions and
particularly on sign changes. There is so much more here to examine, it
could consume our full attention for months. However, I've wondered about
how it is that these charts all seem to work on some level. There was the
letter someone received in 1776 that said the Declaration of Independence
was signed at 2:15 am. ALL of the men couldn't have signed simultaneously.
Perhaps it started at that time, and the last signature was applied late in
the day. I've simply come to the conclusion that the later charts seem to be
much more dramatic in describing historical events than the earlier one

I'm pasting a few messages received from others you might find interesting.
I know I promised a thorough analysis, but the deluge of emails I've been
having to answer has taken up all my time. The newsletter will have more
detailed analyses and will be forthcoming in a week or so. Blessings!

From Robert Blaschke:

If we hearken back to the Grand Cross Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999,
bearing in mind Nostradamus' famous prophecy, "...a great king of terror
will descend from the skies, around this time Mars will reign for the good
cause." There was also a disputed translation from the original French which
reads, "...then comes from heaven a great financing Lord, war reigns before,
then happily is restored." This solar eclipse, the first since June 14, 1341
to have a Grand Cross, was with the Sun at 18 Leo 21. Transit Venus
yesterday at 8:48 AM EDT, when the first airplane crashed into the World
Trade Tower, was at 18 Leo 24, conjunct with three minutes of arc. I have
found that eclipse degrees remain sensitive for up to 18 years + 10-11 days,
the length of a Saros Cycle.

What does it mean not only to have transit Venus trigger the eclipse degree
yesterday, but also for the transit North Node at 3 Cancer 05 to be within
one minute of arc of a conjunction with the USA Venus (Sibley Chart; July 4,
1776; 5:10 PM LMT; Philadelphia, PA)? The Hindu goddess, Kali is one
manifestation of Venus. There are spiritual forces in the heavenly realms
which create, which sustain, and which destroy. Kali is the force of
destruction and regeneration.

The USA Sibley chart has 12 Sagittarius 28 rising. Transit Pluto stationed
direct within four minutes of arc of the USA Ascendant at 12 Sagittarius 32.
Transit Saturn has recently gone into the USA 7th house of open enemies, and
will be angular on the USA Descendant three times. The symbolism of the
destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Organization, at the heart
of the financial district of the financial center of the world, may be
representing the wrath of Kali for the greed and the stock market orgy which
had gripped our country during the tech stock boom and subsequent crash. The
human cost of corporate globalizationmay have also been inherent in this
symbolism. I am afraid that, with Pluto in Sagittarius, we are seeing the
tip of an iceberg of a religious holy war between the radical Islamic
fundamentalist terrorists and the Judeo-Christian coalition of Western
Democracies and Israel, including the USA and most of Europe.

Saturn stations at 14 Gemini 58, and geodetically (measuring eastward along
the ecliptic from Greenwich) this is the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. It
appears we will go after the terrorists through Pakistani territory. This
station of Saturn is trine to the USA Saturn, from Gemini (logistics) to
Libra (military strategy), implying that our military attacks, with transit
Mars exalted in Capricorn, should be highly effective. The President has
already framed this attack on America as a war between good and evil, and
right he should. Saturn opposing Pluto can be seen as resisting terrorism
and its psychological warfare. The question is: which side is the more evil,
and realistically, does evil exist on both sides?

The current degree of the USA secondary progressed Mars is the 19th degree
of Libra (Sabian Symbol = A Gang Of Robbers In Hiding). Using my Sabian
Aspect Orb technique, the angular separation of Uranus (sudden and drastic)
and Pluto (terrorism) in the attack event chart is 69-70 degrees,
corresponding with the 10th degree of Gemini (An Airplane Performing A Nose
Dive). President Bush's secondary progressed Mars is applying to a square
with his natal Sun, now within 20 minutes of arc, and perfecting on March
15, 2002. This aspect will not leave the one degree separating orb until
September 29, 2003. His will, resolve and leadership skills will be
constantly tested for another two years. This is most certainly a "go to
war" aspect.

Transit Neptune is stationing conjunct the USA South Node, and there may be
a real threat of biological or chemical warfare directed at the USA. The
local Ascendant for the attack event chart (September 11, 2001; 8:48 AM EDT;
Manhattan, NY) was 14 Libra 47', conjunct the USA Saturn within one minute
of arc. Transit Mercury (ruling the lungs) was in the same degree, and
pulmonary congestion is highly likely for all of the poor New Yorkers
breathing in the soot and smoke swirling around Manhattan.

The USA secondary progressed Uranus is still stationary direct (since June
1999), and anything can happen. With Pluto transiting through the USA first
house for the next many years, I believe our lives and civil liberties have
been forever changed by this radically violent event. Our country will be
openly opposed with Saturn transiting through our seventh house, so we
should spiritually prepare for some dark days ahead and hold our leaders in
Love and Light each day in our prayer or meditation.

Robert P. Blaschke, Astrologer
Earthwalk School of Astrology
P.O. Box 832, Ashland, OR 97520 USA

From Patricia Munns:

I wanted to mention to you that my husband, during his lifetime, spent 20
years with the CIA working on counter-terrorism among other things. When I
married him, he gave me data of terrorist activities to examine. One of the
most compelling alignment of planets just now is the 22 1/2 degree patterns
that pull Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and just passing out of orb, Jupiter into a
tight little bundle groupie. This was a characteristic pattern of planetary
contact among these planets that figured so strongly among the event data he
gave me, despite the aspects it took to achieve the contact. And, of course,
transiting Mars hit the Aries point during this last fiasco.

A channel from Emmanuel: (Not something I'm familiar with, but some of you
might be.)

A special note from the Group on the terrorist events that are unfolding now
on our planet: Greetings from Home Dear ones we watch as the Game of free
choice now takes a very difficult turn. Please understand that there is no
grand plan that is guiding your actions. You are creating the events of the
Game in every moment and now there is enhanced creation abilities. With this
enhanced creation also comes the ability to misdirect the energy. There are
those who are of a belief that they can change the world to their way of
thinking by using this ability. We watch as we see the actions of a very few
shift the energy for so many. The intent of the few was to create fear
through which they could take control. The absence of light is darkness. The
absence of love is fear. Now is a time when you as Lightworkers of the New
Planet Earth are being called to be beacons of light. Stand firm in your
love as a beacon for all to see. Now is a time on the planet when you can
make a difference by NOT falling prey to fear. It is easy to get caught in
the drama now playing out. Please hold the light during these times by
attempting to keep on track with your own work of spreading the Light. Now
your light is needed more than ever. Work from the heart dear ones and know
that much in much the same way as this very few has affected many, now you
can make a difference that will also spread to many. Stay in your routines
and do not allow this display of darkness to take control of your world.
This is the time to use your own faith and be the Light. Know that you are
not alone as there is much support from the Angelic realm at this time. The
adjustments being made now with the assimilation of the energy has added to
the tension. Resist the temptation to get caught in the drama and watch
carefully your desire to lay blame or to point fingers. Allow yourselves to
receive the greatest of gifts now as you give yourself the gift into your
own future. The gift of forgiveness is yours only through the heart. Now is
the time to put this tool into use. Please be calm and stand firm in your
expression of the Light. Come together as Circles of Light and make your
hearts heard through love and not fear. The time is now here for all to see
the real work of the Lightworkers. Stand firm and hold your light high for
all to see. As this happens the shadows will be filled with light. We love
you dearly and stand proudly at your side during these times. The events
that have been placed into motion to cause fear have opened an energetic
door. Where that door leads is now up to you. Take your power and create the
highest outcome to this situation and the Light will once again shine in the
darkness. Come together and reach hearts through the tragedy you have
experienced. From the rubble and the ashes you will see a stronger Light
emerge. Thank you for being here to make a difference now. Your love will be
felt and amplified. the Group

To join or learn more about us:

And last, from Marianne Williamson:

Dear Friends, I have heard people say, concerning the current crisis, that
the idea of holding to love in our hearts seems to work well in terms of an
individual's life -- job, family, home, etc. but that it doesn't seem to
work well on a large planetary scale. My response to that would be, how
would we know? Have we ever tried it? The basic metaphysical law of Creation
is the Law of Cause and Effect: Love brings back love, and fear brings back
fear. That law holds true whether for an individual's life, or for a
collective life, and individuals are not spared the consequences of actions
taken in its government's name. Clearly, it is in our own best interest to
foster compassion in the political realm.

We know in our personal lives that love is a healing and reconciling force,
yet when has any government -- including our own -- ever made love an
organizing principle of domestic or foreign policy? Does love guide our
government's actions around the world? And given that the answer is so often
"No," has the fear which dominates our foreign policy created for us a world
that works? Is it working now? And most painfully but perhaps most
significantly of all, is it not possible that some of our own government's
behavior has contributed in major ways to the trial that we face now?

The people who perpetrated these terrorist acts are neither rational nor
sane. They are full of hate for us and for our children, and they must be
dealt with in appropriate ways. But at the same time, there are millions of
others -- who are not irrational, who are not insane -- who deeply resent
what they perceive to be America's arrogance and unjust attitudes when
confronted by any questioning of our right to economic dominance throughout
the world. While those people would not attack us as we have now been
attacked, the intensity of their often valid resentments must inevitably
contribute to attitudes of violence towards us. Our President has said that
we're going to "whip those people." The presumption is that we will find all
the terrorists, route them out of the world, and then the problem will be
solved. But that kind of thinking is both simplistic and dangerous at such a
time as this. The President's attitudes are like someone saying, "I know I
have cancer. Just give me enough radiation and chemotherapy, operate on me
and take it all out. Then I know I will be okay." Sadly, the case is not
often that simple when it comes to cancer and it is not always that simple
when it comes to politics.

Every terrorist was once a child, and it was in childhood that he or she was
first taught to hate. If the United States now makes its primary response to
our current crisis the complete annihilation of any part of the world which
has in any way conspired with terrorists, then we will contribute to the
emergence of a generation of people whose numbers, and intensity of hatred
toward the United States, will be even worse than what we face now. It is to
be noted that if such a situation is to occur, then it will not perhaps be
us - but surely it will be our children - who pay a terrible price for years
to come.

Of course we want to DO something; it is so painful to think that there is
not some one big display of power that will rid us of the horror we feel
now. Yet it is our capacity to BE with that horror, and ask God if there is
anything He would have us learn from it, that is the key to our deliverance,
both personally and politically. The love in our hearts is more powerful
than bombs. If enough of us remember this, we will have a miracle. If we do
not, God help us all.

Dear God, We pray Not only for those who love us, But also for those who do
not. May all our hearts be awakened now To the common bond of our humanity.
Touch every heart With a miraculous kiss. Dear God, Please make us One. Amen
Love, Marianne

(Marianne is the Spiritual Leader of The Church of Today)

Today's Affirmation: I am committed to the path of love.
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