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E-Zine Extra: September 12, 2001

I'm a bit stunned today, but there have been so many inquiries from clients and subscribers, I feel I should send out an early e-zine to comment on this horrific event. In a previous issue (June 25th) we discussed the eclipses of this summer that impacted the USA chart so strongly. I also wrote about it in the summer Newsletter, which used to be on the web site but has mysteriously disappeared. I will try to get it back up in the next couple days. In these commentaries, it was mainly aimed at financial affairs, and those have certainly been at issue, but every time there is a war in this country, our USA chart's Mars/Neptune square has been activated. I have commented on that in detail in my book, "Solar Arc Directions".

Below is an excerpt from the June 25th e-zine:

"The chart of the eclipse (for Wash. DC) has an ascendant of 27:43 Cancer which is opposite the US Pluto at 27:33 Capricorn (close!) which in turn rules the USA 12th house (covert activity). The Eclipse nodal axis is in alignment with the USA Jupiter. The eclipse MC (for DC) is at 13:11 Aries which is square the USA Sun at 13:17 Cancer. In the eclipse chart there is a Mars opposition to a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction all of which is in alignment with the USA Mars, which is square the USA Neptune. This is impulsive action and explosive words which should be quite out in the open. I could write a whole article about the US's Mars/Neptune square and it's role is our history! It has been prominent every time there has been significant historical events."

When Pluto (from any source chart) is connected to an angle in an eclipse chart, explosives is one of the ways it can manifest. Wherever Pluto is placed, and particularly on angles, one can expect thorough change and events of major significance. I don't like to scare people, so I try to paint the most positive picture.

I have generated a lot of charts looking at this from several angles, but it will take time to write a coherent piece about it. It is interesting that at the time of the first attack there was a Mercury/Ascendant conjunction which is conjunct the USA Saturn. That is
a regularly recurring transit annually, so is not significant enough, in itself, to indicate such a horrible event. However, it triggered the July 5th eclipse point, so gains enormous significance at this time. I have to do further research to bring this all together.

The Monday E-zine will have a thorough analysis. But, realize, our lives have changed significantly, and life will never be quite the same again. God Bless you all.
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