Oklahoma City Bombing

by Carole Devine

The theory is, and I have to agree after years of experience, that nothing happens to an entity unless promised in the natal chart. With this in mind, the first thing I did immediately after the Oklahoma City bombing was to plot the chart of the City. The chart has a close square between Venus and Mars, with Venus ruling the ascendant. Considering the Midheaven concerns government, and the fourth house is property, it is only a step further (using the derivative house system) to conclude that the Ascendant (being the fourth house from the Midheaven) would rule government property. It is ruled by Venus. So the prospect of violence (Mars) to government (MC) property (fourth from MC) is a possibility (Mars square Venus, ruler of Ascendant). All that was needed was a trigger to set off the potential.

At the time of the explosion, Pluto was transiting square (within a degree) the Venus/Saturn midpoint. The book, The Combination of Stellar Influences, describes this combination as, "temporary or passing state of chaos." However, this was not all that was happening. Pluto is often active in explosive events, such as bombings, volcanic eruptions, and war. Coupled with Saturn, it indicates hard work, with sadness being an integral part of it. Mars is another player in explosive events, and Pluto had been planned for a long time, that is not so surprising. Pluto will retrograde back over the Mars all this year, showing the lasting effect of the event on the City.

If you will refer to the adjoining four wheel chart, you will see that the City seems to have been destined for this drama. Progressed Mars (violence) was opposite the natal Sun. Aspects usually not exactly on the money because events seem to unfold when many various elements, are the closest they will get when triggered by transits.

Mercury is active. It is conjunct natal Uranus by progression, with the transiting Mercury squaring the solar arc Uranus. Uranus represents "sudden" events, and Mercury in this chart represents political thinking (ruler of the ninth) and subversive activity (ruler of the twelfth). This is what we look for as a trigger to an event. (But who was looking at the chart of Oklahoma City?) Progressed Saturn is sextile the natal Mercury. There is a rule that the progressed, transiting, and solar arc directions between two planets will trigger the natal relationship between the two. In this case, the natal relationship is a semi-square, so the sextile triggers a stressful aspect, not a peaceful one. Saturn/Mercury connections can indicate very depressing events.

Transiting nodes are conjunct the progressed Sun, possibly showing an indication of Karma? Transiting Neptune is conjunct the solar arc ascendant. Mars is transiting progressed Vertex, which is mighty close to opposing the transiting MC. Most of all, however, the transiting Ascendant is conjunct natal Pluto. It is interesting that it is one degree separating, which would indicate that minutes before "the die was cast," it was a point of no return. It was exact only four minutes earlier. Pluto is connected to explosions; Mars to violence. Transiting Mars was exactly one degree from opposing the transiting MC. All the ingredients are here. This has effected all of us on a profound level. I haven't thought much about this. A client wrote and asked, "What is the meaning of this event?" It will take much more thought and time to arrive at an objective viewpoint.

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Copyright © 2000 Carole Devine. This article originally appeared in Cosmic Views.