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September 29, 2003

1. Announcements
2. Hurricanes, Wars and General Agitation


This is early because I will be out of town until Tuesday, October 7th. Later, I will be in Annapolis speaking to the local NCGR chapter about Outer Planetary Patterns on Saturday morning, Oct. 11th at 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. For information about that event, contact Martin Berger at 410-268-3364.

Hurricanes, Wars, and General Agitation

I was having a conversation over dinner with Robert Blaschke and other local NCGR members last week shortly after Hurricane Isabel ripped through our Tidewater area leaving evidence of nature's power. Huge trees were lying on the ground, roots in the air after ripping out sidewalks on their way to open sky, so it was the topic of conversation everywhere. We were discussing the probable metaphysical cause of hurricanes and other weather phenomena, and pretty much agreed that we generally cause our own dilemmas, whatever they may be...even collective ones. Just before that, I'd had a conversation with a native American about the legendary Hopis being able to control the weather, so it was fresh in memory. So, if we cause things, how can we consciously create circumstances that are more pleasant?

Somewhere eons ago (it seems) I read something about our thought forms collectively causing things like violent weather events and war. Apparently, when enough negative energy accumulates, the sub-atomic particle field in and around us is forced to manifest that energy into something material, such as a weather event or persons out-picturing this collective energy in violent behavior, such as war. (More about how this works
according to the physics of Quantum Mechanics can be found in Lynne McTaggart's book "The Field", which I think, along with Gary Zukav's "Seat of the Soul", are two of the most important books in recent times.)

As I've mentioned, the Mars/Uranus conjunction all this summer through October has certainly brought unpredictable, fast-moving and chaotic events into many lives. With that kind of energy, the first impulse is to jump to conclusions, make snap judgments (most likely not accurate) and become irritated very easily. I'm sure many of you have had difficulty either maintaining composure or know someone who has had this challenge. (It affects people whose charts are involved in the positions tenanted by these two.) This has the potential of leading to development of negative thought
patterns that go out into the sub-atomic field and later create an equal reactive result. As our positive thinking Gurus for years have been telling us, "Thoughts are things." They boomerang back to us. Especially if they are emotionally charged.

Most people, who don't know any better, think that progressions, transits, etc. in a chart will be a "cause" of something happening in our lives. Not so. We have free will. There are windows of opportunity when things are likely to happen, but we can choose whether we will act on the opportunity or not. Most of all, we can choose how we respond to energy directed at us, whatever it may be. It is true that we are inclined to
certain behavior from birth as a result of past live habits which are clearly spelled out in the birth chart, but we are not supposed to remain that way; we are supposed to grow and improve. For example, if a person is born with a murderous temper, and chooses to just exercise it at will, there will most certainly come a time when a reaction from someone will result in an experience that teaches him the wisdom of modifying his behavior. So we really cannot judge how an adult will behave based solely on his birth
chart. It is just a blueprint showing potential. We modify our chart as we live and learn.

But, there are the BIG collective choices, such as one country attacking another, that seems out of our hands. How do we have individual responsibility then? The collective is made up of individuals and each chooses his or her responses from moment to moment. The major emotional tenor will take precedence. Do you hold resentment or anger toward anyone? Are you impatient? Do you gossip or talk negatively about people behind their backs? We all do, but we can choose to live another way from moment
to moment if we are conscious and aware of what we are doing. No energy is lost. It goes out into that vast sub-atomic particle field and creates with it, and it creates a mirror. Essentially, it shows us who we are by the circumstances in our lives. Do you have a money challenge? You created it. A love challenge? Ditto. As they say, "What goes around comes around." Even on a collective level. What can we do? We can be aware of what our government is doing and voice an opinion intelligently. We can think
differently about habits we have in mental attitudes and change them, and most of all we can educate our friends and family about how this metaphysical phenomenon works. The more we wake up and take responsibility for our own energy, the quicker the world will heal. Have a great Halloween!

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