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Advantage E-Zine - October 15, 2001

Aside from the hoaxes that are spawning exponentially, another
disturbing result of the horrors of September 11th are the plethora of
conspiracy theories that are flying around. I've met people recently
who are full of hate for large segments of ordinary people whom they
see as 'draining' others' resources, and their blanket solution is
something akin to genocide. Taken to a higher level, it isn't hard to
imagine this attitude being implemented on a global scale. Ultimately,
though, we have to ask ourselves what we really believe is fundamental

Many years ago I lived on Long Island, NY and had a neighbor who was a
member of the John Birch Society. She admired Sen. McCarthy who led the
communist witch hunt. I used to listen to hours' long discourses about
what was "really" going on in this country regarding the communist
conspiracies all around us. It was frightening. What was frightening
was not the communist threat, but the blind zeal with which the
organization was grabbing hold of any tiny scrap of evidence that
"proved" a specific person was part of the conspiracy. The only thing
she and her organization seemed to be doing was stirring up fear. There
were no suggestions about how to expose the culprits or put things to
right. Just finger pointing, blaming and criticizing. The main activity
seemed to be (and I could be wrong because I was not a member, just
observing.) putting all their purported documentation in writing and
sending letters to people whom they perceived as needing to be
informed. Now I'm seeing much the same attitude about new enemies. I
even hear it from Afghans being interviewed who say all the worlds'
troubles are the fault of the western nations who should all be

Ultimately, when we decide how to live our daily lives, what to think,
and how to behave, we have to take a stand. Do you believe this entire
existence is all there is, entirely in your hands and controlled by
whoever has the most power? If so, then you must be extremely fearful
when hearing these things because the first question would be, "What
can I do about it?" Since huge, faceless and powerful enemies are hard
to fight, much less find, it can lead to panic.

Or do you believe we are spiritual beings having an evolutionary
experience that is not real, but instead a projection of our state of
mind? If so, then the place to start the healing process of what ever
frightening prospect is out there is in the individual mind. Imagine
what would happen when each individual decided to become fearful about
spending money. On a global level everything would stop. In a day or
two economic disaster would follow. I believe that whatever is in front
of us is the ultimate result of thought processes and decisions made
earlier by the majority.

For instance, if you have ever thought or said that all the "riff-raff"
should have such-and-such done to them, you have contributed to a
global effort to rid the world of people who are 'draining' others. I
overheard a small town magistrate say to someone that he had to stand
in line and wait in some store with all the 'maggots', referring to
ordinary people. I overheard another person say that all the criminals
who are just draining our tax dollars should be lined up and shot en
masse. In the name of religion, seemingly good people "decide" who is
"saved" and who is not.... on first sight!! I even hear myself
complaining about people who say these things as I'm doing now. Even
that is not good and is an example of this, and I'm ashamed of myself.
But it's necessary to get this point across. (Although, I admit, I have
lapses often. No one is saying this is easy!)

As long as this kind of thought process flourishes, it will eventually
end up as genocide or other global atrocities which are nothing more
than manifestation of our mass consciousness. It knows no ethnicity,
religion or political party. It is simple thought projection. Ask
yourself this: When you talk about people, do you repeat the "stupid"
thing that was said and make a judgment about it? Do you refer to the
awful obscene outfit "she" was wearing? Do you mention the chauvinistic
behavior your boss exhibited? Do you complain that someone didn't pay
their fair share? Do you lament that your relative just cannot handle
money? Do you mention that your child just cannot do anything right? Do
you look at a hard-to-understand relationship and smirk "She is just
after his money?" What do you think and say about others day in and day
out as a habit? Please think about the effect on the world if we all
just stopped spending money for ONE day, and realize that every nasty,
mean-spirited thing we say about anyone or anything contributes to a
mass consciousness in exactly the same way. It is not true of just us
here, but all people in every country everywhere. It is powerful, and
we are seeing the results.

America is a great country, and we are basically very good people. This
united stance we are taking is good, and it is making us better people.
But we need to go a step further and put ourselves in the shoes of less
developed countries and try to imagine how we are perceived in order to
have a positive, healing attitude toward them. We need to love them
more. Even if others are still putting out destructive energy, it is
the power of intensity and quantity that counts.

I once read a book by Liz Greene, in which she summarized the
phenomenon of Hitler as a spokesperson who was a personification of a
projection of the collective unconscious of a group of people. His
chart was not any more horrible than anyone else's. He wouldn't have
been allowed into power had he not been espousing a message that
resonated with the audience's true unconscious feelings. If your real
unconscious "truth" is peace and harmony, then the collective
unconscious of all of us who feel that way will eventually galvanize
into one spokesperson who will personify it and lead the way to
manifesting that reality instead of what we are seeing now. It all
begins with what you choose to say and think today, everyday, every
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