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Advantage E-Zine - November 12, 2001

This morning American Airlines A300 airbus flight 587 took off and then
crashed a few minutes later at 9:17, as all of you probably know by now. It
caused me to abort the e-zine I was writing and save it for next week. It
might be fruitful to examine the chart of this event.

As I mentioned on my tape about the forecast for the USA and George Bush,
the transiting Neptune is holding a long term conjunction to the USA's natal
nodes at 6 Aquarius/Leo. We can expect events when the inner planets trigger
this position. This morning the transiting Venus and Mercury were at 5 and 7
degrees of Scorpio respectively. This made the position of 6 degrees a
midpoint of a fixed configuration. Mars is a little wide at 11 degrees of
Aquarius, but is involved in this configuration as well. It all shows
confusion and subversive activity. However, there was also a Sun/Uranus
square this morning, so I believe that whatever happened was an accident,
whether it was just that or also involved a accidental triggering of
something more sinister isn't clear.

Also, on that tape, I mentioned the numerous midpoints that are involved
with the USA nodes. Sun/Moon = 5 Taurus, Asc/MC = 6 Scorpio, Mars/Neptune =
6 Leo. As you can see the innocuous looking conjunction of Mercury/Venus
mentioned above, is triggering a powerful complex. As for the 11 Aquarius
Mars position of today, in the natal USA chart the midpoints of Mars/MC
(violence) = 11 Leo (opposite the aquarius position) and Saturn/Uranus
(frustration) = 11 Leo. These are all very sensitive degrees, and with
Neptune holding it's conjunction to the nodes, we can expect drama whenever
any planet triggers them.

On another note, I'm attending a study group that is closely examining the
book "Love Without End". Each week we assign an exercise. The current one is
something we all could use. It is to watch each time we make a judgment
about anyone or anything and try to see how it is really a reflection of
ourselves. A tough one!

And now for the commercial:

January is my most busy month, and I've tried to even it out over the year
by offering a 25% discount for charts done in a birthday month, but the
holidays, starting in mid-November until New Year's, is my slowest time. So
to encourage people to get charts done for themselves or for gifts during
that time, I'm offering the Bush/USA tape (90 minute forecast) free for any
chart ordered before the end of 2001. By itself, it is a $15 value and makes
a great gift. It is packaged in an attractive patriotic one-tape album.

I've been watching and experiencing tertiary progressions for the last year
or more. I've decided they are too important to leave out of charts. So is
the solar return. As of the first of the year, I will raise the forecast
price to $85 and add those as a regular part of forecasts and not extra
services. Meanwhile, if charts are ordered before Jan. 1, 2002, I will add
those services at the old prices.

We're catching up because of my trip to Florida, so I'll be writing a
commentary next Monday about the eclipses coming up in December. Namaste!
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