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Advantage E-Zine - November 26, 2001

Last week I mentioned the eclipses affecting the Sun/Jupiter/Venus
conjunction in square aspect to Saturn in the USA chart and promised we
would discuss that this week. This is quite a contradiction since the
triple conjunction in Cancer is full of optimism, abundance and "born
with a silver spoon" promise, but the square to Saturn denotes the
opposite. In fact, in people's charts, a personal planet connecting these
two (Saturn and Jupiter) stressfully can denote a tendency to bi-polar
disorder. Whether or not the person actually develops it depends on other

How does this translate into a definition for our mass consciousness? One
way may be that we experience guilt about our affluence, or we might feel
extremely responsible about using it wisely. On a collective
psychological level, it may indicate that we have a conflict between our
perceived egotism and our actual insecurities. Much depends on individual
choice within the collective. Most likely a whole book could be written
about this one configuration.

However, we have eclipses triggering all this both this year and next.
One way I think this is manifesting as something we need to address is
the recession we are now in officially. Literally, we are doubtful
(Saturn) about our prosperity (Sun/Venus/Jupiter). Just as this can
indicate bi-polar disorder in people, it can indicate polarization of
wealth in a country's chart. We have been seeing a growing dichotomy
between the rich and poor. More and more of my clients who are just
"getting by" are reporting having either (and?) their pay, hours or
benefits downsized. Whereas we have never in history seen such salaries
and benefits paid to CEOs. A conflict between prosperity and lack, a
conflict between confidence and fear, is not healthy for a country. But,
as said last week, all is in the choices, attitudes and consciousness of
each individual. As awareness of the seriousness of this economic
dichotomy is brought to our attention, each individual, from the CEO to
the street sweeper, is responsible for making confident, compassionate,
and responsible choices.

To make this more concrete, I had an experience recently that brought
this into focus for me. I moved in September, and for the last quarter
century at least, when I moved, there would be a recording on the
telephone giving out the new number when you dialed the old one. This
time the phone company told me they "didn't have the equipment" to do
that, but they would automatically forward my calls for $31 a month, plus
tax of course. If I didn't choose to do that, there would be a recording
saying it was disconnected... period. I think (correct me if I'm wrong)
if a company can put a recording on that says a phone is disconnected, it
can also give out a number. I have sent a letter to the FCC to see if
this is legal. On the bill, it was noted that it was an "unregulated"
service that had alternative competitive options. The only option was the
one just mentioned.

Here is a precedent that, given time, other phone companies may adopt
which will add to the already over-burdened consumer. How many people
would just let this pass? If we are alert and make choices not to allow
some of the costly practices that are attempted, it may change things.
But, mostly we have to change our expectations. Listen to yourself and
others about what we actually say and think about prosperity. If we
expect things to get worse and worse, and feel we can do nothing about
it, it makes it a prophecy self-fulfilled. If we expect to be able to
control the way things are going by participating, voting, writing our
thoughts to our representatives or regulatory agencies as though we
expect to be taken seriously, that energy will make itself felt, and the
prosperity side of the dichotomy will be stronger.

I believe I've caught up with the missed weeks while I was in Florida, so
see you in two weeks.
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