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November 26, 2003

1. Wesley Clark

Wesley Clark

With the election year fast approaching, we need to look at the charts of the contenders. This one is just a start since I'm so late getting to this, but will delineate more by December. Wesley Clark was born December 23, 1944 at 5:43 AM CWT in Chicago, IL. There seem to be mixed reactions to this man from his peers. All admit
his brilliance, but many don't like him, some even questioning his ethical character.
Scorpio is rising, and interestingly, it is 28 degrees and has been receiving a square from Uranus much of the past few months and earlier, as well. Events are moving rather quickly for him, and he could be experiencing some surprising responses to his words. Uranus is co-ruler of his third. This transit, no matter what house it rules, can be unsettling, to say the least. He is now highly nervous and up-tight. Moon in Aries in the fifth, Koch house system, square Saturn is most difficult. Currently, Saturn is transiting square his Moon. He is highly sensitive to what he may perceive as personal affronts, but also feels deep remorse and guilt when he has been in error. However, personal planets in the fifth house have a Leo undertone, so it is hard to show this remorse,
which would risk a loss of face, something he avoids. South Node in Capricorn and in the second house is square the Moon (as, of course, is the north node in Cancer) showing some unfinished business from past lives regarding pride, taking things too personally, and particularly with women. His need to learn to delegate is strong, and I'd doubt that he'd easily delegate to women.

Sun conjunct Mercury in Capricorn in the second can be implacable. But, the two things that bother me the most are first, the Sun and Mercury are square Neptune. Albeit, this can be the mark of a poet or artist with a highly charged imagination, but in ordinary men, it is an over-active imagination that can be very deceptive or confused. With Scorpio rising, it is questionable. Plus, Saturn will be stationing square his Neptune much of the early part of next year. This would indicate vacillation on where he

Secondly, Mars is square Jupiter which means, literally, that he can act with over-confidence and premature judgment. With Pluto transiting his Mars much of next year, he'll appear to be very intensely adamant about issues, but not follow through later. Again, with those indications of personal pride and the secrecy of Scorpio rising, I'd have a hard time voting for this gentleman. There are other difficult character traits, such as Venus opposite Pluto and Saturn opposite Sun and Mercury. But, I think this is enough to show that Wesley Clark can be hard to get to know or trust. He isn't sure of
himself enough to lead a country as powerful as this, but can appear to be so.

As a footnote, I want to reiterate what I've said so often. People are born with issues to confront and transform. This is in no way a personal judgment about his spiritual growth, but when we are electing a person who will lead the whole collective destiny of millions of people, we need to look at what those issues are and whether or not we wish to have them imposed on us as a whole.
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