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Advantage E-Zine - November 19, 2001

There will be a pair of eclipses in the next year that are going to
affect a particular aspect in the USA chart quite strongly. One will be
on Dec. 14th and the other on June 10th. The aspect is Mars at 21 Gemini
square Neptune at 22 Virgo. This aspect has been a prominent player
whenever we have been at war, and therefore, may hold a clue
metaphysically as to why we have done so. First let's examine the natal
aspect and what it says about our collective character.

As wonderful as our country and way of life is, there has been an
undercurrent issue with this aspect. Neptune is illusion, deception or
inspiration (among a few other things) and Mars is in
motion. In other words, what we actually DO. The square aspect is a
conflict or challenge to growth. Noel Tyl calls it developmental tension.
We collectively are together to develop or grow in the area of resolving
a conflict between what we DO and what our ideals are. We are together
for other reasons, too, but this one is very active whenever we have a
war. In case you're getting defensive, one example of this is that we
left England to be free from oppression. Then in a very short time we
were importing slaves from Africa. Another example is that we were
appalled in WWII by the treatment of the Jews, but back home the races
were separate, and black people couldn't use the same rest rooms or ride
in the front of the buses.

I'm not sure of the connection to wars. That is, I'm not sure what the
significance is, but the activation of that aspect (or it activating
other parts of the chart) is prominent when we go to war. Perhaps it is
to bring home to us our underlying conflict that this aspect represents.
After all, we talk about "equality of man" in our constitution, not
equality of Americans, but human beings. I overhead someone say at the
conference I attended in Florida, that this was a war between the 13th
and 20th centuries. An interesting comment about the disparity of nations
on this tiny globe. There is a tremendous gulf. This December 14th, the
eclipse will be at 22:56 Sagittarius, which will be opposite the Mars and
square the Neptune. The eclipse of December 30 will be at 8 Cancer which
is the midpoint between the USA Venus and Sun, plus being quite near our
Jupiter and square Saturn. That is another challenge to our character
having to do with business and our handling of resources. We can talk
about that one next time.

On May 26th, the eclipse at 5 Sagittarius will oppose our Uranus. On June
10th, the eclipse with be at 19 Gemini (again activating the Mars/Neptune
square) and on June 24th, at 3 Capricorn, which is opposite our Venus and
Jupiter. All these eclipses indicate this is an extremely sensitive time.
I've been trying to get across the idea from the beginning of last year
that we are at "critical mass", and what we choose to do is extremely

Eclipses spotlight areas of a chart showing that it is time to pay
attention to the issues that they symbolize. Everything, however, comes
down to the individual. We cannot look at this as the conflict in
character of the government, or the armed forces, or whatever. Every
single person is part of the collective and as it moves, so moves the
leaders. Mass consciousness rules. If we each unify our ideals with what
we actually DO, and resolve a conflict within our individual spirits, it
will heal a nation, and then perhaps, a world. From what I can see, we
are doing it already.
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