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May 2, 2003

Changes at the FCC and the USA Chart
I just received this:

Move On Bulletin Op-Ed by Eli Pariser

It's like something out of a nightmare, but it really happened: At 1:30 on a cold January night, a train containing hundreds of thousands of gallons of toxic ammonia derails in Minot, North Dakota. Town officials try to sound the emergency alert system, but it isn't working. Desperate to warn townspeople about the poisonous white cloud bearing down on them, the officials call their local radio stations. But no one answers any of the phones for an hour and a half. According to the New York Times, three hundred people are hospitalized, some are partially blinded, and pets and livestock are killed. Where were Minot's DJs on January 18th, 2002? Where was the late night station crew? As it turns out, six of the seven local radio stations had recently been purchased by Clear Channel Communications, a radio giant with over 1,200 stations nationwide. Economies of scale dictated that most of the local staff be cut: Minot stations ran more or less on auto pilot, the programming largely dictated from further up the Clear Channel food chain. No one answered the phone because hardly anyone worked at the stations any more; the songs played in Minot were the same as those played on Clear Channel stations across the Midwest. Companies like Clear Channel argue that economies of scale allow them to cut costs while continuing to provide quality programming. But they do so at the expense of local coverage. It's not just about emergency warnings:
media mergers are decreasing coverage of local political races, local small businesses, and local events. There are only a third as many owners of newspapers and TV stations as there were in the 1970s (about 600 now; over 1,500 then). It's harder and harder for Americans to find out what's going on in their own back yards. On June 2, the Federal Communications Commission  (FCC) is considering relaxing or getting rid of rules to allow much more media concentration.

While the actual rule changes are under wraps, they could allow enormous changes in the American media environment. For example, one company could be allowed to own ABC, CBS, and NBC. Almost certainly, media companies will be allowed to own newspapers and TV stations in the same town. We could be entering a new era of media megaliths. Do you want one or two big companies acting as gatekeepers and
controlling your access to news and entertainment? Most of us don't. And the airwaves explicitly belong to us -- the American people. We allow media companies to use them in exchange for their assurance that they're serving the public interest, and it's the FCC's job to make sure that's so. For the future of American journalism, and for the preservation of a diverse and local media, we have the hold the FCC to its mission. Otherwise, Minot's nightmare may become our national reality. (End of this story)

You may want to peruse a related story here:

What does the USA chart show?

Mercury rules communication. You may not know this, but the USA's progressed Mercury began retrograde motion on Sept. 16, 1994 at 4:57 Pisces. This will last until August 2016 when it will station and go into direct motion at 20:02 Aquarius. Anyone who knows even a little about astrology knows that a retrograde Mercury can really foul up communication! We will have to be extremely vigilant about our first amendment rights during this time because many things pertaining to the media could be out of sight and unknown. Furthermore, the things that go on during retrograde Mercury times usually have to be corrected later. The year 1994 was the time of Clinton's media scandals.
That year the Whitewater situation surfaced. It was the year of the Simpson/Goldman murders and the Nancy Kerrigan scandal. The media had taken on the trappings of a soap opera. That is usually how it is when Mercury changes direction. Everything seems exaggerated. But, Mercury is not all there is to communication, and in a particular chart several other things need to be assessed. The month after Mercury began retrograde motion in 1994, the USA's progressed Sun and Moon conjoined. Something began then that was to change the course of the country dramatically. I just wish I knew what it was. Now, we have just had the progressed Sun conjoin the natal Moon about a year and four months ago. The retrograde Mercury will go over that point in the next several months. Another momentous event(s) will unfold that will change things drastically.
This time-frame is more important than any of us can imagine. The USA natal Moon is in the Placidus third house, as is the progressed Sun and Mercury. Third house is communication. The ninth is the media. It is ruled by Mercury and the Sun since Leo is on the cusp and Virgo is intercepted. In the ninth is Neptune. This tells us right away that one of the country's potential problems would be deception through the media. It is square Mars in Gemini in the seventh. Gemini also rules communication; the seventh is the public. This square shows potential deception of the public. Right now the USA progressed Moon is just separating from a conjunction to that Mars, exact a month ago and is only four minutes from squaring the Neptune. The progressed Moon rules the 8th... other people's power but also secret, manipulative behavior. Although not an alarmist by nature, I fully believe we are being manipulated by the media, and it is deceptive. Next year, Pluto will transit opposite this point (the Mars position) and square the Neptune. We may not be aware of what is happening because Pluto rules the 12th, which is also behind the scenes behavior. I used to laugh at the old-fashioned description of the 12th being "secret enemies." I'm not laughing now.

I've written a lot of this Neptune/Mars square in the USA chart. It can be the soul of sacrifice and spiritual activity when used nobly, but it can also be the most insidious kind of deception masquerading as the "good guy." The square aspect leans more to the latter. More than ever we need to be vigilant. Our forefathers warned us of taking freedom for granted. Let us hope we are alert enough to recognize when we are being herded like sheep by the media.
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