What did it Mean?

by Carole Devine

In the last newsletter and in my taped forecast for 1994, I mentioned the significant solar arc conjunction of Mars and Pluto in the USA chart, representing pressures coming to bear with the possibility of a war or assassination. The conjunction of these two particular planets represent a catharsis, like a bursting boil where things come to head and erupt with force. In a country's chart, representing millions of people in a group consciousness, it can manifest in various ways, usually simultaneously, often privately, just understood by each of us in the context of our private lives. It will also manifest as problems the society is grappling with at the moment, which is a collective of each citizen's frustration. Almost always, there will be a public figure symbolizing the country's struggle by manifesting this in such a way that it galvanizes the public's awareness of the collective's current lesson in evolution. Mars/Pluto, representing erupting forces, also represent murder, armed conflict,, and rebellion in the extreme. Thus, war or assassination is not unreasonable.

Our country always seems to be in a crisis of some sort, but this year the drama is intense. The conjunction was exact on June 5th, and remained exact for over a week. On June 12th, O. J. Simpson's ex-wife and her friend were brutally murdered, and this has been in the media all summer since the sports star, himself, was accused. It has galvanized us as a nation to focus on spousal abuse. And what have been the subjects of other debates most of the summer? The crime bill. Gun control. Very fitting.

Let us look more closely at the Simpson murder, the USA chart, and other peripheral events.

Adding Asteroids and using midpoint structures with the USA chart reveals some interesting insights. There is a grand square involving Pluto, Mercury, Juno, and Chiron. Juno represents the married woman, the female of a one-on-one relationship; not the mother but the helpmate appreciating herself in an equal partnership. Chiron represents the "wounded healer," an idealist ever striving optimistically for better results. When these two are in stress formation, it is probably indicating that we, as a country, have expectations of marriage, which are too idealistic. Mercury is the way we think, and Pluto adds forceful obsessiveness to whatever planet it aspects. It is opposite Mercury, and they both square Jupiter and Chiron. We are a nation that thinks obsessively about idealistic relationships. Uranus, the planet of sudden awakening, by transit is activating this grand square all during 1994 and 1995. In fact, it was squaring the midpoint of the USA Mercury and Pluto on June 12th. Further, O. J. Simpson's Mercury and Sun are conjunct the USA Sun and Mercury. He fits America like a glove. His ascendant is opposite the USA Moon within one degree; we identify with him!

The USA Pluto does not aspect any midpoints, and therefore, does not have a midpoint structure. Mars, however, when it moves by solar arc or any predictive formula, brings its midpoint structures with it, providing more detail of the kind of energy it is bringing to the Pluto. Among other things, Mars is primarily aspecting the midpoints of Saturn/Pallas, Moon/Saturn, and Uranus/Venus. Pallas is the symbol of the creative, competent, working woman. Saturn is responsibility and seriousness. The Moon/Saturn combination is the responsible mother, and the Venus/Uranus combination is the fickle femme fatale. Haven't you noticed that in America, the women feel they must be all those things to keep their relationships in good shape? Haven't the complaints been increasing lately about the necessity of being a "superwoman"? The country is a Cancer nation, a mother and family symbol. Yet, we are right now extrmely concerned about family values. What has caused the erosion of the family? Unrealistic expectations about marriage,perhaps? Most of the men and women I see who are thinking of leaving their spouses,simply feel "unfulfilled, or that they don't have those romantic "feelings" any more. Very few are leaving for life and death reasons. This fits the USA chart so well!

A solar arc direction stays in effect for two years, a year applying and a year separating from exact contact. It will manifest when a transit of significance occurs over the solar arc contact or over the natal position of the planet that has moved to make the contact. Further, as mentioned before, the planets involved also bring their midpoint structures with them. Let's concentrate on a few mentioned before with Mars.

Accounting to the Ebertin book, "The Combination of Stellar Influences," the Mars/Pluto combination alone means, "to proceed in a brutal manner...violent assaults...injuries." With the Moon and Saturn, " injury caused to a woman...desire to overcome difficulties and obstacles at all cost..." And since Uranus is transiting and part of the midpoint structure, its involvement adds, "sudden disasters or calamities of great consequence."

It has been a summer of extremes. On the news, there are reports of "more acreage destroyed by fire in western states in history; the most rain to fall in Georgia ever; July 3rd, the greatest fatalities in one day in Texas ever, the greatest exodus from Cuba ever," and on and on. FEMA representatives say their agency cannot fund another disaster. Don't forget we also have Haiti and Cuba to deal with.

The transits underscoring all this in the USA chart are amazing. Just looking at June 12th alone, we find that the Sun was exactly conjuncting the USA Mars at the time of the Simpson murder, and Venus was exactly opposite the Pluto within one minute of being exact, if the murder occurred at 11:00 p.m., which is the approximate time. It could have been right on the money! Uranus and Neptune were transiting in close range to all the planets in the grand square, and Pluto was within a degree of squaring the Moon and O. J. Simpson's ascendant. All through the weekend, Mars was transiting square O. J.'s progressed Pluto/Saturn conjunction, an extremely frustrating, obsession indicator echoing the solar arc contact of Mars to Pluto.

Another interesting observation is that there are two vice versa scenarios going on in Mr. Simpson's chart. First, the Solar Arc Ascendant is approaching a square to Neptune, closing in a few months, and Neptune is approaching a square to the ascendant in about a year-and-a-half. This shows extreme confusion and disorientation. Secondly, the North Node of the Moon by Solar Arc was conjunct his natal Sun in mid-August -- very karmic -- and the sun by progression (and Solar Arc, since they are identical) had already square the natal North Node less than a month before the murder.

With such connections to the United States' chart, it is obvious that Mr. Simpson was destined to be a prominent figure in its history. Whether or not he is guilty is not at issue here, but he is bringing to our awareness several important areas that need attention, the first of which are the growing incidents of violence becoming a way to solve problems; secondly, our society's attitude toward marriage and women; and third, the deplorable condition of our justice system.

One last note. Uranus by solar arc conjuncts Mr. Simpson's Saturn about seven months after the murder. In every case I've studied, it has been manifested as freedom (Uranus) from restraint (Saturn). Looks like he might walk or, at the very least, feel he has more freedom than he did previously.

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Copyright © 2000 Carole Devine. This article originally appeared in Cosmic Views.