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March 4, 2002

In this issue:
1. An 8th house Mars saga.
2. What is your story?

There was an eclipse on December 30th that activated my 8th house Mars, which is
at 6 degrees of Capricorn. If you have any placement within 5 degrees of
aspecting 8 Capricorn, you may find this to be helpful. (Or not) Eighth house is
concerned with other people’s power, and it seems like I’m always getting into
altercations with faceless big business. 

This time it was the yellow pages. I arranged for a line, only a line, not a
display ad, but I was billed for not only a line, but also a display. Every
month when I got the bill, I called to straighten it out, and every month I was
promised it was done, only to get another bill the next month. This has been
going on for close to a year. Finally, a few weeks ago, I got a statement giving
me credit and obliterating the issue... I thought! A little later, I got a
notice from a collection agency that "strong measures" were going to be taken to
ensure that I pay for this. I had the statement of credit to send to them, and
so I did, but can you imagine the anger that it aroused? I wanted to punish
someone. I wanted to sue!! (Typical 8th house Mars in Capricorn!)
About the time this went on, I developed a severe headache and chest pains. As a
devotee of metaphysical wisdom, I know this is not an accident and that
something needed to be learned from it. After all, eclipses are serious
business. Being ‘forewarned’ and therefore ‘forearmed’ is a little glib when one
is up against a faceless giant like Verizon. Since the headache was blinding and
nothing was helping, I took to reading "Heart of the Soul", Gary Zukav’s latest
book. In the chapter about scanning the body for pain signals, there was an
answer. If you are coming from a place of fear and doubt, he says, you will feel
pain in the region pertaining to the issue. The key is to come from a place of
love and trust. OK, I thought, how does one love and trust Verizon?
I always had used the term "faceless" when mentioning monstrous businesses, so I
needed to put a face on it. I imagined an employee who may have just suffered a
severe loss... a death, maybe? Or a fearful health diagnosis?...., and s/he made
a mistake that resulted in my billing problem. After all, it was resolved now,
and I hadn’t suffered too much from it. It was just an annoyance. After this
visualization, within five minutes, (!!!) my headache and all other aches were

With Mars, the lesson is anger. But, for all of us, there is the option to
remain that way (whatever "way" you are), or to heal it. I feel one step closer
to peace.

I’m writing a book about archetypes right now that I hope will be reader-
friendly and enlightening to more than just astrological students and
astrologers. I need anecdotes of a particular kind. Do any of you have an
experience where you became aware of the value of another person’s contribution
to your life when it appeared to be a conflict in the beginning? How did it
change your perceptions? The idea is to promote understanding between
conflicting energies. There is no compensation for this, but I would be forever

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