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Advantage E-Zine - June 25, 2001

On June 21st, we had a solar eclipse at 0:10 degrees Cancer. Needless
to say, this will strongly affect anyone born on or within a few days of
that date. We will have a lunar eclipse on July 5 at 13:39 Cancer, so
people born around that date will find the next six months significant.
More importantly, since the United States was born on July 4th, these
two eclipses will impact the U.S. most definitely. Before analyzing
that, let's define eclipses.

We have a new and full moon every 28 days as part of the lunar cycle.
However, roughly twice a year about six months apart, there are special
lunations (which are new or full moons) that we call eclipses because
they line up rather closely with the plane of the ecliptic. Hence, the
term "eclipse". This, if you will remember from last time, is the path
the earth travels around the Sun. A solar eclipse is a new moon and a
lunar eclipse is a full moon. The one on June 21st was a solar eclipse,
the more powerful of the two, and since June 21st is the summer solstice
(first day of summer and zero of Cancer) it is very powerful. The one of
July 5th is a full moon and therefore a lunar eclipse. For those of you
who know how to read an ephemeris, you can tell there is an eclipse if
the lunation is in a degree within 18 degrees of the nodal axis. Within
9 degrees it is a total eclipse and from 9 to 18 degrees, it is a
partial eclipse. These current ones are 6 and 7 degrees apart

The eclipse of June 21st occurred at 7:57:41 a.m. from the perspective
of Washington DC which tells us how it will affect the US chart. It is
most arresting that every point in this chart contacts every point in
the US chart. I'm using the 2:04 Sagittarius rising rectification by
Barbara Koval and the Koch house system. It would be impossible to
predict exactly what will happen with so many diverse contacts, but
certainly it does indicate the next year will be significant. Often we
give eclipses a six month window for its energizing power, but this one,
being on the summer solstice, can be given a year of influence.

(NOTE: To view or print comparisons of the USA and solar/lunar eclipse
charts, go to

The most important contacts are the ones of the Sun and Moon which are
close to the USA Venus. Venus is not only generically "money", but in
this chart it also symbolizes taxes, insurance, investments, health,
blue collar workers, income of powerful leaders and a few other things,
all because of the 11th and 6th house rulerships and 8th house
placement. An eclipse energizes, spotlights and brings emphasis to
whatever it contacts. It isn't necessarily a disaster. Jupiter will
follow closely behind this eclipse and conjunct that point in July, and
then it will conjunct the July 5th eclipse point by late September. That
can indicate expansion, over-confidence or a combination of both.

The chart of the eclipse (for Wash. DC) has an ascendant of 27:43 Cancer
which is opposite the US Pluto at 27:33 Capricorn (close!) which in turn
rules the USA 12th house (covert activity). The Eclipse nodal axis is in
alignment with the USA Jupiter, the eclipse MC (for DC) is at 13:11
Aries which is square the USA Sun at 13:17 Cancer. In the eclipse chart
there is a Mars opposition to a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction all of which
is in alignment with the USA Mars, which is square the USA Neptune. This
is impulsive action and explosive words which should be quite out in the

I could write a whole article about the US's Mars/Neptune square and
it's role is our history! It has been prominent every time there has
been significant historical events.

There are many other contacts between these two charts, such as Uranus
transiting the US Moon, Saturn conjunct the US Uranus, Neptune conjunct
the US nodal axis, and Pluto opposite Uranus, but you can see for
yourself by going to the web site in a day or two and seeing the chart
in the e-zine section. Now let's look at the July 5th eclipse.

Even though a less powerful eclipse, this one is more strongly connected
to the USA chart inasmuch as it's exactly conjunct the USA's Sun at
13:17 Cancer. Again, it's an economic issue. In this eclipse chart, the
Saturn/Pluto opposition, about which I wrote in Cosmic Views earlier
this year, is in alignment with the eclipse chart's MC. Mars is now
involved, as well. Now that's something to watch! Plus, they all
square the eclipse chart's ascendant, which, in turn, is conjunct the
USA's MC. When you consider that the transiting Mercury stations from
retrograde to direct late this month right on the USA's Mars (which
squares Neptune), it should be a volatile summer, indeed. Either there
are many diverse events that make it a dramatic year, or the most
significant event(s) is extremely complicated and multi-dimensional.

One last remark that is important to make clear: The US chart is
somewhat controversial. July 4th was the date of the Declaration of
Independence, but some argue that we fought a whole war before we were
able to implement it by swearing in the first president. Therefore,
some use the swearing in chart as the birth. Others have differences of
opinion about the time of day the July 4th chart was operative. Barbara
Koval wrote a series of articles in "Considerations" several years ago
that was a convincing argument for this one, which I've used ever since.
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