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June 24, 2002

In this issue:
1. George Bush: What does his chart show now?
2. An interesting *free* book online
3. UAC next month
4. Online College of Astrology

George Bush: What Does His Chart Show Now?

The eclipses of the past month and today are very active in George Bush’s chart.
Particularly strong is the one of June 10th which conjoins his natal Uranus.
Today’s eclipse, at 3 Capricorn, squares his natal Neptune and his solar arc
Asc/Mercury/Pluto, which are approaching a conjunction to that Neptune. I had a
question from someone last time about the validity of square aspects from
eclipses, and from personal experience I have to say unequivocally, YES, they do
have an effect. However, the one of June 10th was the most powerful for several

First it was conjunct Uranus and the nodal axis both within a degree.
Conjunctions are most powerful. Further, (and this is really important)
secondary progressed Ascendant is close to squaring the midpoint between them,
and solar arc Saturn, at 20:09 Virgo, is 16 minutes from squaring the nodes at
20:35 Gemini/Sag. With Saturn about to transit that point, and Pluto close
behind to follow suit in opposition, we can expect quite a bit of drama in the
next several months. In fact, in only one month, the secondary progressed Moon
will square his progressed Saturn. That is sadness and possibly depression.
But, what about my new favorite fascination, the tertiary progressions? Well,
going back to September 11th, you will be amazed to learn that on 9/11/01,
George Bush’s tertiary ascendant was at the midpoint within 4 minutes between
his natal Pluto and tertiary Pluto. The Natal is 10:35 Leo, the tertiary Pluto
was 13:50 Leo and the tertiary ascendant, which moves a degree a month, was at
12:15 Leo. There appears to be upheaval in anyone’s life when the tertiary
planets and angles trigger Pluto. Plus, tertiary Saturn was conjunct his natal
Venus within 4 minutes, and tertiary Mars was square tertiary Uranus within 6
minutes. I’ve heard others in this business adamantly declare that tertiary
planets do not interact with each other, but I believe that they do, just as the
secondaries do. Mars/Uranus interaction is sudden violence, and the 9/11 event
fit like a glove. Further, tertiary Jupiter was within 7 minutes of conjoining
the natal south node. He did gain a lot of popularity in his handling of this.
And what about today’s tertiary aspects? His tertiary MC is leaving a recent
square (about two weeks ago) to natal Pluto, so he has been under enormous
stress. Yesterday and today, no matter how it appears on the news, he has been
emotionally impatient and probably upset. Transiting Uranus has been conjunct
his tertiary Moon. But that lasts only a couple days and will be separating
tomorrow. In the next three weeks, tertiary Ascendant will trine tert. Jupiter
and conjunct natal Venus, so he will appear to be doing great and may even relax
a bit.

However, in four to five months, tertiary Ascendant will conjunct tertiary
Saturn at which time he’ll probably feel very tired and be carrying a heavy
burden. Ever since last fall, the tertiary nodal axis has been within one degree
retrograding square President Bush’s natal Pluto/Mercury conjunction. It will be
finishing it’s traversing of that conjunction by the end of this year. Whenever
the nodes are involved in a configuration like this, you can be sure there is a
karmic drama behind it.

When we understand how the energy of the mind works in molding events, we can
more consciously use our minds to effect change. The words we use, the intent
behind those words and the emotions we feel as we think or say them will fulfill
the future as accurately as we visualize it. Our mistake seems to be to think we
can effect change by resisting or fighting what we perceive to be a "wrong".
Whenever we have aspects like this in our charts, whether we’re the president,
the head of a family or just a child soaking in and projecting what s/he is
taught, we have a choice of how we use them. When president Bush experienced his
tertiary Mars square Uranus last fall, the first impulse would probably have
been (as for all of us) to strike back (which we did), express anger and outrage
and exchange an "eye for an eye". It’s a natural reaction, of course. What we
might not understand is that metaphysically whenever we give energy to something
in like manner, we create more of it. The energy we send out forms into what we
are projecting. It can be an endless creating over and over of exactly what we
do not want. The universe is neutral; it just manifests as we command. What to
do? Well, read on....

A FREE Book You Can Download
If you want to read more about manifestation of energy, you can go to: and download his free book, No Time for Karma. It’s a
fascinating read; I couldn’t put it down. Thanks to my friend, Bill, who
suggested I take a look.

UAC Next Month
I’m really looking forward to UAC (United Astrology Congress) this year in
Orlando in mid-July. If any of you are going, I hope you’ll introduce yourself
if we happen to be crossing paths. We’ll all have on name tags (except maybe
triple Scorpios) so it’ll be easy to spot people. If you haven’t looked into
this, you can go to for registration information.
I’ve heard that the block of rooms we reserved are sold out, but there are some
people looking for roommates. More about that is on the site. Hope to see some
of you!!

Online College of Astrology
I’m in the process of joining the faculty of the Online College of Astrology,
first offering an elective course in Solar Arc using my book as the text. This
is a scheduled on-line class for which you have to log on at a specific time and
interact. If any of you are interested, I can put you on a list to be informed
of all the details as they are put into place. To learn more about the college,
itself, go to .
That’s it for this time. Namaste.
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