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June 2, 2003

1. Signing of the Tax Cut Chart
2. Credit Card Interest Rates
3. Introduction of Reports
4. And last...Iris' Web Site

The Recent Tax Cut

I don't pretend to know all about economics, politics and the machinations of big
government, but I do know astrology, and as Carl Jung once said, there is a correlation
between what goes on "up there" and the events of men "down here." (Paraphrased) If
so, this tax cut will not turn out to be in our collective best interest. It is overwhelmingly
evident in the chart. Remember too, that the day before, May 27th, a measure was
passed to raise our debt limit to an unheard-of level... more than 7 trillion, I believe. Correct me, if I'm wrong. After all the tension and rhetoric surrounding the issue of
balancing the budget during the Clinton campaign, this is unbelievable.

Bush signed this tax cut on May 28, 2003 at 2:40 PM. in Washington, DC. 29 Virgo
was rising. 29 of any mutable sign is a critical "fated" degree. Saturn is at 29 Gemini
(also mutable) conjoining the Midheaven (28:57 degrees Gemini) which is symbolic of
our leader. With Saturn, the MC and the ascendant all sesqui-quadrate the chart's Neptune in the fifth, it is an indication that our leader is not thinking clearly or just doesn't know what he's doing.. especially since Mars was just leaving a conjunction with
that Neptune. But, here is the best part: The ruler of the whole chart, Mercury, which also rules the MC and is the dispositor of Saturn, is in the 8th (taxes) conjunct the
Moon and Venus all in Taurus - looks real good and is popular with materialistic people
(could this be any more symbolic?!), but all three are in a T-square with Neptune opposite Jupiter! Jupiter rules the fourth (grass roots populace, the homeland, etc.), and Neptune rules the seventh (public at large)! We are being fooled, hoodwinked and deceived. It is going to cost us all dearly. Mars, ruler of the 8th, is opposite Jupiter. Later on, a huge correction will be necessary. Who will pay for it?

Credit Card Interest Rates

As many of you know when there is an energy in the sky related to a theme, it will
manifest in various ways. Just as we are having this drama about tax cuts, the newspaper has also been reporting on the problem of unfair punitive charges related to
credit cards. There was an article yesterday about a man who just bought a new house, and because of the higher mortgage than he had before, one of his credit card vendors tripled his interest rate citing his higher risk with the new obligation. There was no other
reason. My clients tell me horror stories about this every day.

Our representatives in Washington are considering putting limits on this. Now is the
time to let your reps know what you think. I'm writing to mine, and I'd be happy to share a letter for you to use if you'd like to mail it to yours. If any of you knows
how to start and deliver an email petition, it might be a good idea to do that, too. The USA has an 8th house stellium which is about to be contacted by Saturn before this year is over and stationing on the USA Sun in October. WE are in charge of how our country's
chart ultimately manifests by what we choose to do. Our fate is not inevitable. Saturn in this position can be more of a tax or interest burden (Saturn) on us all, OR it can be imposing discipline (Saturn) on those who hold financial power over us. If you are one
of those who feels unaffected and are therefore, not interested, remember that we are
one, and what happens to the majority or collective, impacts all of us. What is going on
now is critically important to this nation, and with the influence of Neptune opposite Jupiter this summer, I'm afraid we'll be lulled into complacency or deceived into acceptance.

Remember, however, that Neptune and Jupiter are spiritual indicators, and the T-square formation to Mercury and Venus which has been prominent over the last few days, can also indicate confusion about how to use our spiritual gifts and/or denying that there is a spiritual connection to material concerns.... the Venus and Mercury where/are in Taurus square the Neptune and Jupiter.. hence, being under the illusion that there is a
conflict between materiality (Taurus) and spiritual matters (Neptune, Jupiter). Not so.
One influences the other mightily.

Introduction to Reports

If any of you have never experienced a report written by the eloquent Stephen Forrest, you may want to try one out. I can email a computerized forecast of 3, 6 or 12 months or a natal interpretation by sign and house to anyone who purchases it. It is well-
done, but of course, does not begin to replace a personal forecast done by an astrologer. For awhile, as an introduction, I'm making these available for $20 for the natal report and $25 for each three months of the transit/progression report. Since all of this is done electronically, there is a quick turnaround.

And last..... Many of you commiserated with me while my sister was ill and after her passing. I have erected a website in her memory. It doesn't have the music I wanted yet, but you may want to peruse it nonetheless. The URL is: 
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