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Advantage E-Zine - June 11, 2001

Today Timothy McVeigh was executed and died at 8:14 a.m. EDT time. People are baffled at his seeming coldness about his act and do not understand how anyone could do such a thing. A look at his chart (April 23 1968 at 8:19 AM in Lockport, NY) might shed some light on that. (NOTE: To view or print this chart, go to

One of the most obvious features one notices first is the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo which squares the Ascendant and opposes the Moon.

(Incidentally, another request resulting from the survey was for a glossary of terms so that the layman can better understand these commentaries which are primarily aimed at students of Astrology.  Therefore, a "square" is a term for two planets that are 90 degrees apart on the ecliptic, which is the path the earth travels around the Sun. All the planets are more or less on the plane of the ecliptic, somewhat as though they were traveling in something like the rings of Saturn, although we have no "rings" around our Sun. They are, of course, at various distances from the Sun, but if that were not a factor, the square aspect tells us that the planets are 90 degrees from each other in their orbits disregarding their relative distances from the Sun. The Ascendant of a natal chart is the point at which the Earth's horizon (not the one you see, but a mathematical point) crosses the ecliptic at the moment of birth. This point (the ascendant) changes about 1 degree for every four minutes of clock time. That is why the time of birth is critical to an accurate chart interpretation and particularly to solar arc directed forecasts because one degree equals one year by solar arc motion.)

Therefore, since these two planets square Timothy McVeigh's ascendant, you can see that it is not common to all people born that day. Only those born at specific points in time four times that day... a window of about a half hour at roughly six hour intervals... would have a similar configuration. The Moon changes signs every two and a half days, so is also rather fast-moving. This configuration tells us a great deal. But, first, a little background.

Uranus and Pluto only align (appear to be together in the solar system discounting their distances from the Sun) about every 125 years. They last did so in Virgo from 1963 to 1969. That conjunction indicates a sub-generation that had certain things in common. First, there is keen analytical ability (Virgo) coupled with an ability to be different
(Uranus) and the ability to be forceful and willful (Pluto). I read somewhere years ago that these people were here to "clean and purify the earth", and I often wryly commented over the years that, yes, they will "even if they have to blow up the planet to do so." Little did I know how prophetic that was.

When I do the charts of people born in these years, I tell them this, but qualify it, as I'm doing now, with the fact that only those who have it personally (like to the Ascendant and Moon) and stressfully (like a square or opposition) placed, would act out the negative side of this energy. Timothy McVeigh had all of that in his chart. In most charts of people born in that time, the energy is there but mildly displayed.  But, it IS there.

When these children were entering grade school, I was friends with quite a few teachers. They all commented that when the children born in late 1962-1963 entered school, they seemed, collectively, more strong-willed and independent than previous groups. It was noticeable. Naturally, there are some who would have this very weakly placed with perhaps a very strong Neptune or Jupiter, who would not appear to be affected at all. But over-all, it was a noticeable quality with that group in general.

Timothy McVeigh had Moon in Pisces, which would ordinarily be a compassionate, caring energy. He was, in his own way, but for his own cause. The Moon opposition to Uranus can be disruptive, impatient and moody. Opposite Pluto it is willful and fanatical. With all this square the Ascendant (which means way too much of it) he was obsessed with his
cause which he would have seen as a spiritual mission (Pisces).

Another configuration, which served to distort the one above, was a T-square between Mars, Neptune and Jupiter. That means that there was a right triangle between those three planets. Two were opposite each other (Mars and Neptune) with Jupiter equidistant between them squaring both.  Jupiter is judgment, Neptune can be inspiration or illusion (delusion, too) and Mars is action. The stress of the square/opposition aspect shows that he was capable of poor delusional judgment upon which he acted. This particular pattern can indicate an "inspired" martyr, in his own mind.

Timothy McVeigh was more of an intellectual than an emotional person, and the emotional indicators that were there, were distorted. He really acted in character. But Isabel Hickey said something very interesting, albeit strange, in (I believe) her book called "Pluto or Minerva; The Choice is Yours". She said that psychic investigation showed that Pluto was a place were souls were banished who had refused redemption.
(Purgatory?) And that when Pluto aligned with Uranus (independence and freedom) every 125 years, these souls were released to try again.  Another meaning for Uranus and Pluto in conjunction is "obsession with freedom". He was against too much oppressive government. Fits like a glove.
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